• What is Broadband?

    What is Broadband?

    Broadband is defined as a high bandwidth connection to the Internet. Broadband is easier and faster to use than the traditional telephone and modem as information can be sent and downloaded much quicker.

    Broadband can be provided over your phone line, via cable or via satellite. It involves large volumes of information being carried at high speeds to your PC. This allows websites, text, graphics, music and videos to be experienced in real time. Broadband, therefore, has many features that can be taken advantage of in the home or office:

    • The connection to the Internet is always on, allowing for constant Internet access and no need to dial up.
    • The phone line is unaffected; this means that you can make telephone calls whilst the Internet is on.
    • Normally, you pay a standard monthly fee for unlimited internet access, and you are not charged for the time you spend on the Internet. There are certain broadband products now that also offer pay as you go access.
    • Websites, music and videos can be downloaded at a fast rate.
    • You can take advantage of instant messaging and online high speed interactive games.
    • You can receive uninterrupted real time services, such as Internet radio, streaming video and voice-over-ip, phone calls.

    Broadband can make using the Internet in the home much easier, faster and more efficient. Most businesses also take advantage of broadband to help in running the company. Working from home is now much more feasible thanks to the high speeds that broadband has to offer.