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    Wanadoo are now merged with Orange. See the orange page for more information of their services.


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    1. Anthony Scurr says:

      This is an excellent service, which I use from my own home in Tyne & Wear. My website on this public facility, known as Employment Opportunities at Newcastle office address in a safe environment, is temporarily inaccessible, to send an email message to RIBA (Royal Institute of British Architects at
      Leeds), involving their correct website, and the response in my box is unknown. I can’t understand what has happened,
      wanadoo asks me to re-register, again! Using a simple password I’ve had for 3 years (musician).

    2. Mrs Averil Turner says:

      I have been without broadband for three weeks. First I was told it was the router so I got a new one. I still had no broadband, so I contacted BT who have spent three weeks trying to mend a fault. Eventually they renewed everything that they could but the engineer said that for some reason Wanadoo wasn’t talking to BT. My son and I spent considerable time on the phone to the very unhelpful Indian helpline who we couldn’t understand – language problem (theirs, not ours). We didn’t ask the right questions so could not be answered. I was asked what my monthly rental was and because it was £17.99 was told they could not help me. I purchased a new computer and even then the expert couldn’t get a connection. At last BT gave me a new connection and we were able to access the internet again. Now I have had the bill for another month’s rental, which I feel I shouldn’t pay.
      I asked for a MAC number ten days ago so that I could change to another server – everything is set up but cannot go into operation until I have the magic number. Allowing for Christmas, I feel I should have it now. My son and I were both told that the phone charge was 15ppm but we find that it is 50 ppm. As the helpline was particularly unhelpful and passed me on from one phone to another, repeating the useless mantra at every point, I would like all the calls to be credited.

    3. Lax Shah says:

      Since Wanadoo has been changed into Orange, service is so rubbish. My internet connection is slow, worst than dial-up. Customer service rubbish. Helpline are not effective at all, and to cancel the broadband I’m having a nightmare with them. Please stay away from them.

    4. Chris Avis says:

      I’ve been trying to get connected now for 12 weeks, with no luck. Every time we call we get told the same lies and broken promises. We decided to cancell the agreement,as thay had been unable to supply what they were contacted to supply ie; broadband connection. They now refuse to supply our MAC number as they say the contract is not cancelled. Has any one else had the same experience?

    5. Ashley Warburton says:

      Since Wanadoo have changed over to Orange my Broadband connection has gone down 3 times. The 3rd and final time this happened it had been down for a month and a half. I had been calling every other day as they suggested to find out whether they knew why this had hapened and whether they were any closer to fixing it. They kept babbling on about line tests and having no results back. Then they said their engineers were on it and it would be sorted any day. It is very difficult to understand them and I’m not sure the country that their customer care line is based (India I think).

      As per earlier comments I found their customer care non existant. It was exactly like talking to a robot. Only I probably would have had better luck speaking to a robot. They are all reading from scripts and will not deviate from them at all, no matter how angry I got with them. I also felt like I was doing their job for them.

      When I finally managed to speak to a supervisor I was given a free couple of months to an Anytime dial up account, however, they gave me a Pay-as-go phone number to connect to resulting in £46 worth of Internet phone charges until I got my bill through and called them for a refund, which is by far an easy process.

      With no Broadband for over 1 and a half months I called to cancel the Broadband service (This was also a living nightmare) with the view to keeping the complimentary Anytime account until I could set up another Broadband provider. When I called and canceled Broadband they cut off my Anytime account instead and wanted £14.99 to set it back up again, which they said they would give back a month later. Guess what? I told them to stick it and make sure that all services I had with them were truly canceled. I am still trying to get back the money that they owe me.

      Orange are the worst provider that I have ever come across and urge anyone wanting Broadband to stay well away from them.

    6. Orangeproblems. Co. Uk says:


      Need I say anymore?!

    7. Peter Bennett says:

      For the last few weeks my mails to Australia and a hospital in Perth, Australia have been delayed by some days.

      The recipient is very ill and relies upon contact from me and her family.

      I have been a satisfied customer of freeserve for many many years. This is most disturbing at this time.

      PLEASE ADVISE WHAT IS WRONG. If this service continues I may have to seek an alternative Broadband.

      Kindly advise your customers of problems rather than leave us in the dark.

      Peter Bennett

    8. Sarah Melrose says:

      I had wanadoo when it used to be freeserve, now its orange! initially i had a few problems when they changed freeserve over to wanadoo, but since then i have had no problems for the last 2 years and have never had to ring up for any problems so i can’t comment on their customers service skills. But i haven’t had the need to!

    9. Martyn Holland says:

      I agree, would definitely not recommend Wanadoo/Orange/whoever the hell they are. In the last couple of months my broadband connection has gone down three times. The first time was becasue they were ‘upgrading’ the line or something like that. The second they offered no explanation, they informed me they were carrying out a line test and to call back in 24 hours (more about phoning them in a minute), it actually came back on within 24 hours but no idea what happened. The third time was last night and the phoneline had a message saying they were experiencing major outage across the country. Do not know if it will be back on when I return from work.

      That is not really the end of the world for me as I am not dependent on having the internet. However, the worst part of their service is by far the customer care. The first time I experienced problems I was informed that since I signed up after January I was considered a new customer and so was not eligible for free customer care (despite having been an Orange customer for many years, surely there should be some comparibility between the two sets of customers?). So I had to phone a 0905 number, charged at 50p a minute (maximum call length 20 minutes, that’s nice!). You are then put through to a call centre in India where they often have difficulty understanding you (I was talking fast to speed up this expensive call) and frankly it is like talking to robots. I like to have a bit of personal touch with my customer service, especially if I am paying 50p a minute, not an automaton reading from a script. And then, as has been mentioned before, you are often asked to call them back, on the 50p per minute number, and you will be put through to another person and it all begins again! Terrible!

      And I have to say I have always been very impressed with Orange so not sure why their high level of customer care has not filtered through to the broadband side of things.

    10. Amit Pathak says:

      I wouldn’t recommend Wanadoo (now Orange) to anyone who’s seriously dependent on Broadband for connectivity.

      To start with they asked me to wait 14 days to activate my connection. I thought it’ll get activated sooner. But 14 days is their sacrosanct rule….no earlier. When I couldn’t get it up thereafter, they started figuring out what was wrong.

      Let me tell you, their Support Staff are zilch with zero creativity to solve your problem. All the time they’ll ask you to repeat the same steps again and again…each time a new person answering your phone.

      I finally figured myself that the problem was with their Hardware…which they apologised and replaced. If I have to do their thinking then what are they paid for?

      Next when I changed address, I’d to go through similar hell.

      Finally, my service is down since past 14 days and they have no clue when it’ll start. Their Support staff, as always, is completely blank offering flat pre-selected responses which offer no solution. Each time I call, they’ll ask YOU to call back after 48 hours. This has been going for past 14 days with no sign of solution.

      I’ll never recommend Wanadoo to anyone.

    11. Jubed Ahmed says:

      Hi, I had wanadoo in the good old days when it was Freeserve. With Freeserve I had no problems at all, a great connection, very little downtime.

      Then Wannadoo took over and my contact changed, my line changed and I was paying way more than it was worth for the speed. My line was also problematic and the customer support personnel were USELESS. It seemed like most of those I spoke to barely knew what the internet was.

      After I changed to a new provider, they even continued to charge me for 3 months! Ringing customer support was of little help, and several hours on the phone later, they eventually decided to give my money back.

      Thankfully there are better providers out there, but gone are the good days with freeserve.

    12. Frederick David Phipps says:

      This is to inform you that as from 8am 21st August, 2006 I will revert to B.T. telephone from Talk Talk (Car Phone Warehouse) rubbish.

    13. Richard Simpson says:

      I’ve had enough of orange customer support staff. They can’t speak English, they repeat every question with a question and I’ve lost patience with them. I would like another internet provider but when i tried to sign up to talk talk I found them as bad. They promise you free broadband but cant connect you for months. They are con artists too.

    14. Yousuf . H. Shemat says:


    15. rory says:

      wanadoo are rubbish i heard from someone that knows loads about pc’s that wanadoo put virus’s on you’r pc so my grandma had wanadoo and it was rubish i have bt total broadband and it’s exellent i never have any problems i have signal strength exellent nearly everywhear and where i use my pc it has the most walls from the hub and signal strength is still exellent. so go with bt total broadband today

    16. luke says:

      well I’m using wanadoo right now, i get it free but the connection is terrible I’m downloading something right now and it downloads like 100-200 kbs

    17. Denise says:

      Trying to accesss my emails, keeps coming up a glitch in the system – the glitch is ORANGE!!!!!

    18. Mrs C. Lovell says:

      Orange need to get customer support staff that can speak and understand English. I’m looking for a new provider.

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