• Virgin Media

    Size: L
    • 10Mbps
    • Unlimited downloads
    • Free modem, with no set up charges
    • £15.00 a month for the first 3 months, £20.00 thereafter
    • For technical support call 0906 212 1111.
    • As part of its service, Virgin Media offers:
      • Unlimited weekend UK landline calls
      • 55MB of personal web space
      • 15 email accounts
      • Free internet security
    Size: XL
    • 20Mbps
    • Unlimited downloads
    • Free modem, with no set up charges
    • £20.00 a month for the first 3 months, £30.00 thereafter
    • For technical support call 0906 212 1111.
    • As part of its service, Virgin Media offers:
      • Unlimited weekend UK landline calls
      • 55MB of personal web space
      • 15 email accounts
      • Free internet security
    Size: XXL
    • 50Mbps
    • Unlimited downloads
    • Free modem, with no set up charges
    • £33.00 a month for the first 3 months, £38.00 thereafter
    • For technical support call 0906 212 1111.
    • As part of its service, Virgin Media offers:
      • Unlimited weekend UK landline calls
      • 55MB of personal web space
      • 15 email accounts
      • Free internet security

    Provider Information

    • Virgin.net, owned by ntl, was launched in November 1996.
    • Virgin.net, Virgin Mobile, ntl and telewest merged in early 2007 to become a leading media company in the UK.
    • Virgin Media offers digital TV, broadband, mobile and home phone services to bring an unrivalled choice of entertainment and communication services.


    270 responses to “Virgin Media”

    1. Richard says:

      I have been a Virgin Broadband customer for several years (using a BT line) and have always been happy with the performance I’ve received (usually around 3Mbps). However, in November 2007 I started to get regular speeds sub 400kbps. When I performed speed tests on Tuesday via speedtester.bt.com I received results of 62 and 61kbps (tests performed 3 hours apart). I have contacted Virgin Customer Services on numerous occasions and all they can recommend is to run more speed tests or phone their tech support line at 25ppm. I’ve tried to contact the tech support line but the phone just rings and rings. I would not recommend them as an ISP. There are plenty of alternatives out there. I’m off to research some now.

    2. Thibault Klukaszewski says:

      HERE IS MY STORY! (and the mail I sent to several customer services of virgin…without any answer…)
      virgin is pretending to listen to you, but at the end, it’s just lies.several times I heard “alright, I understand your situation, I’m paying back this and this fee, is there anything else I can do?” and phoning the day after, I ALWAYS realised nothing have been paid back at all. so please, stop calling yourself “the best customer service in UK” or stop saying “where are listening to you to provide the best services”. it’s all rubbish.


      Alright, I don’t know where to start.
      let’s start from the beginning!

      We are living in Edinburgh and we bought a L size package from one of your collegues.so that’s 17 GBP(Great British Pound) a months. and he asked us to give 35 GBP on the day of the signature, as it would guarantee for them the guarantee that we take the line, and for us, it wouldn’t be anything more than using those 35 GBP to pay 2 months in advance. so didn’t have anything against that.
      so here is what he said: you agreed to take the L size package, and which payment are you choosing?” we said “we don’t want the direct debit for the moment”
      so he replied “okay, so it’ll cost you 17 GBP per months, and I’ll take 35 GBP by cash right now, which for you means that on the first month you’ll pay 0, second month you’ll pay 0 again, and on the 3rd month, you’ll pay 17-1=16 GBP and then the month after will be 17 GBP, as normal” that was his own words.

      so listening to him and specially his resume of what we would clearly have to pay (we are all students, so that probably the most important point) we clearly understood that there were NO CHARGES for installation, and that the payment by cash WON’T COST US MORE.
      then we were really interest as the price was okay for us and there were NO installation charges. then we said that we will connect through the wireless, so he told us “we have a promotion right now, and you’ll have a FREE wireless routeur!”. my flatmate said “yeah but I checked on the internet this morining and nothing was written about this free routeur.” he replied “yes, I know this isn’t written on the website, but it’s a promotion we DO have”.

      so we took the line, regarding that there were no charge for installation, payment by cash without any extra fee, and a free wireless routeur.
      after the installation, we didn’t have our free routeur, so I phoned the person who sold us the line, and he told me that when he told us about the wireless routeur fo free, he was completely confused because he thought they had this promotion, but they actually didn’t have it. so he said “alright, I’m sorry it was my mistake, just go and get the cheapest wireless routeur in a shop, tell me the price, and I’ll pay you back as a credit of the value of the routeur. that way, you’ll have a routeur you won’t have to pay, as I offered you on the day we met, sorry again for my mistake.”
      so at this point, everything was so fine for us.

      then we did few shops and found the cheapest wireless routeur for the lowest quality. 34 GBP. So I was supposed to text the person who sold us the line, the exact price for the routeur, that he ‘ll pay it back on the virgin bill.
      I went on holidays for over one month and my flatmates prefered to let the problems for myself when I’ll come back.

      So coming back what are the problems on the first bill:

      30 GBP for installation charge which was supposed to be free
      5 GBP extra on each bill for paying by cash.

      I understand those fees are normal, but we bought the internet line from virgin specially because it has been sold to us as no installation charge on no charge for payment by cash. so I wonder what’ll be the surprise of tomorrow, which “normal” fee for you are we going to discover again??
      The person who sold us the line isn’t picking up the phone, as I’m trying to tell him the price of the wireless routeur we are supposed to have paid back, and to ask him what the hell is going on with all of those fees. So I phoned last week the million of hotline that are supposed to be here to help us, I had to explain my story to about 6 people, giving my full details 6 times too, to talk with someone who told me that there is nothing he can do at his level, and I have to get in touch with the person who sold us the line, as this person is the one (or his supervisor) that can do something. but he also sent an email explaining my story to the person who sold us the line (the person who sold us the line is M******, so from now I’ll use his first name to stop using “the person who sold us the line”) and that I should phone m****** the week after, as he is not working this week.

      in between (this morning) I received another bill from virgin. this bill charges us 5 pounds more for not paying it by cash + 10 GBP for late payment of the last bill (bill that , as I explained you, was not supposed to exist).
      so, as advised, I phoned M****** about 20times during the day, letting him 2 vocal messages after the “hi it’s m****** from virgin media, please let a phone number, and I’ll get back to you…” begging him to phone me back to have the situation cleared.
      then I phoned the sales department, the customer service, the billing service… and a total of 9different service ad people, before finalyy being in touch with someone that can do something for me.
      After listening carefully the begining of my troubles, this person ( a man that I ignore the name) said “alright, so for the 30pounds for the installation charge, what I can do is I’ll credit them back on your account, is that okay for you?” that was exactly brilliant for me as it is the thing I’m looking to get for ages.
      okay problem one is successfully solved in 3 minutes, after someone who can do something is listening with attention and trying to give the best of virgin services.
      then I told him about my next problem (charges for payment by cash) and he said that he’d like to get in touch with Mickael, who apparently managed this sale in a quite incredible way… so he told me “alright, I’ll give a call to him or his supervisor, and I’ll call you back in less than 10minutes”. I agreed and waited 10 mintes…then 20…then 30…then 1 hour, then finally over one hour and a half when I decided to phone back this person to finish to solve my problem.
      But after talking to 10different people in 10 different services, I was completely confused who to ask for. so I phoned the sales department who sent me to the billing department and then I spoke to a woman, and I asked her to pass me on the phone the last person I was talking to 2hours ago, if it’s an information she has on my records. she said that she can see who I was talking to, but she didn’t want to give me his name or his number but she said she is emailing him to ask him to call me back ASAP. then my problems weren’t fixed yet so after hearing my story, she said okay “for the 2 times 5 GBP you have been charged for payment by cash instead of payment by direct debit, apparently you weren’t aware of those fee so I agree to pay you those fee back but from nom you are aware of them so you’ll have to pay them or use a direct debit”. I agreed with what she said and she had “butabout 30 GBP paid back on your virgin account because M****** told you it was free…the person you were in touch with didn’t do anything even if you told this person guarantee you he did the opposite…

      that’s all.
      I’m completely powerless regarding the energy I have to spend for something which sounds like an easy problem for me. M****** said just anything to us to make us buy the broadband from virgin, and he over passed the normal offers, offering us a fre routeur, no charge for pyament by cash and a free installation. he said things that we want him to respect, because right now we feel abused and stolen by him, so by virgin.

      after spending about 3hours on the phone, 12 pounds on credit phone (virgin phone by the way…), talking to 15people in two days, explaining 15times my problems and giving 15 times my details (name, address, client number, postcode, password, flat number…) my problems are still not solved that’s why I’m emailing now, hoping it’s going to work this time.

      to resume the situation, here are my details:
      EH**** EDINBURGH
      AREA REF 11
      ACCOUNT NUMBER *********

      here is the tricky seller: M****** 07*********

      and here are what I’m really expecting you to pay back:
      35 GBP (30 of installation charge+5 of cash payment) because the internet broadband has been clearly sold as free of installation charge and no difference between direct debit and cash payment
      10 GBP for late payment of a bill we should never have received, regarding the engagement we signed for.
      5 GBP (for the bill by cash I received this morning, same reason, no charge was supposed to be applied on)
      34 GBP for the free wireless routeur we were supposed to get paid back.
      84 GBP is the total of the complain (check on our record because 10 GBP (2times 5GBP) are “supposed” to be already paid back, so the total might be 74 GBP)

      for us it means at this very time, we’ve been told that our bill will be exactly 16 pounds (as the 3rd bill in fact, but the first bill after the 35GBP paid in advance for the first two months) and it is actually 66 GBP…huge difference for students who have been used by a M****** that sold lies.
      I don’t know if he meant to lead the sale in such a way, but the result is that he did.

      thank you for your understanding and for the time you took to read my anger, and I do hope you’ll reply to me and meet my expectations.
      my expectations are just to pay what Virgin (in the person of M******) engaged to provide us at the price we bought the broadband for.

      you can phone me on 07*********, but I’d prefer an answer by email, as I will know who exactly I’m talking to.
      thank you.

    3. Joe says:

      My internet keeps disconnecting at random times anywhere between 5 minutes to an hour. This is seriously frustrating and am on the verge of changing ISP. Virgin has an even worser customer service than Microsoft. Never though I would say that…

    4. Martha Mitchell says:

      This is the worst thing I have ever got myself into. There is no one actually listening to my pleas… If I do not receive a response from them within the next 5 working days, I will have no alternative but to contact Sir Richard Branson at his private island Necker Island, copies to BBC Watchdog, Mirror Newspapers, GMTV and Cit Adv Bureau. I have today been trying to send them a fax at their customer care centre, but midway, my fax was cut off all 6 times I tried… Don’t you just love Virgin????????? Rating: 0

    5. Brendon Higgins says:

      Just changed from 1meg ntl to 8meg virgin what a difference! ntl was consistent and reliable and averaged about 5 meg, virgin is absolute rubbish, though faster occasionally, at times when you actually want to use it it is slower than dial up. Save money and frustration. Avoid virgin broadband.

    6. Nigel Begley says:

      I’ve had Virgin M 2MB for 7 months and even at peak times I get 1.9 MB. I think the service is excellent for £10 per month.
      There have been 2 outages lasting 4 hours but I think that’s acceptable.

    7. Grahame Priest says:

      I found this forum after googling for info regarding my recent slow download speeds and timeouts. I confess that the more I read, the more I was seething that I wasn’t getting the broadband service I was paying for. Buried deep down in the posts here is a link to Virgin which actually advises why this is now being managed. http://allyours.virginmedia.com/html/internet/traffic.html

      Having now had a chance to read it, I’ll now readily admit that their traffic management policy makes sense and if I want to do any heavy downloading, I’ll have regard not to do this in the 5 peak hours they’re managing. (That may well be an issue for others, but fortunately I’ve no problem for scheduling). I wonder if some of the angst about speed we’re reading here isn’t born from the fact that Virgins policy of managing traffic at peak times of day for those very heavy users amongst us just isn’t common knowledge?

    8. Shaun Burton says:

      I agree, virgin media are way down there in the broadband league table. I’ve had all the same problems. When I was with ntl it was good, always connected and I had a constant connection. As soon as vm took over I’ve had nothing but trouble. I’m on the 8mb package, I have installed net meter and am lucky to ever get passed 2mb if it works at all. Half my shortcuts don’t load at anyone time. As soon as I can get out of this contract without penalty I’m off.

    9. Chris says:

      I signed up with virgin media.
      I canceled 2 days after ‘service’ was provided.

      Stay away from Virgin at all costs! I would rather extract my teeth by banging my head against an urinal than spend another moment with VM. I paid for 8mb, I got 0.5mb! What a joke. Even pipex (shudder), who I had the misfortune to be with for 12 months, could provide 6mb to my property.
      I had a lucky escape, that’s for sure.

      The main problems with the UK ISP market:
      no consumer protection, diabolical contracts imposed by a bunch of thieves (pretty much every ISP!), no choice, rubbish speed (where I live anyway).

      I wish that I didn’t crave fast internet, that way I wouldn’t be at the mercy of that bunch of bastards, known as ISP’s.

    10. Colin says:

      I have used what used to be Telewest broadband for a number a years without problem. I recently upgraded my package including my internet to 20meg connection. My new superfast 20mb connection gets on average around 1mb! and there is latency like you’ve never seen. If you are brave enough to speak to tech support your speed will magically speed up during the test’s and slow down a few hours later. Talking of tech support… it will cost you 25p/min to not fix your broadband and to talk to someone from India who reading off his prompts insists all 20 of your network cables must be faulty, and to turn off your modem yet another time, it can’t possibly be a fault their end. I assume they are throttling the connection speeds to remove the need to upgrade their equipment, if you normally surf the net at 3am this service might be for you.

    11. R Bennett says:

      The customer service on the technical support line is a joke. I know we all joke that all tech support do is tell you to restart your system but come on! And then to tell me that Firefox is not compatible with any Virgin broadband? And that I should download IE for Mac?! Do you speak tech at all!
      Can’t, however, fault the technician that came out… after a 10 day wait. And don’t even get me started on the d/l speeds!

    12. Jay White says:

      Only been with virgin.net since Nov. It is absolutely awful, I can’t play online games. The tech support have been ok in fairness; I asked them for the cancellations department, who have informed me because I took bundle 1 for £19.99 a month I have to pay £212 to get a mac code. I told em no way will they get 212 pounds out of me for this so callled 8mb service. My dl speeds since 23rd Dec after about 4pm have been 476k on an 8mb connection, speaks for itself. They have offered me a so called downgrade of 2mb instead of 1mb constant which I believe is no lower no higher than 2mb and evening and weekend calls for £9.99 a month. Will see if they are as good as there word, in 3-5 working days yet no e-mail to say it’s in motion. I also can’t play online games till after about 1am, that’s no good to me starting work just after 8am. My ping on bf2 tonite has been 818, flamin awful. I feel so strongly I may just pay the £212 to get out of this nightmare or be brave and just cancel the direct debit. Are they going to take all disgusted customers who make a stand against this robbery to court for the remaining payments of a service they are not providing? Avoid virgin if u can.

    13. Tina Bates says:

      Please don’t join Virgin Media, it causes nothing but heartache and frustration and they don’t have a care in the e world for their customers. I’ve cancelled my subscription for the second time with them after they begged me to go back to them following the change from Telewest. It’s as bad if not worse now and I don’t care if I’m still under contract, I will not pay them a penny more whatever they say. Please, I’ve too many reasons to list here as why not to join them, for your own sanity just DON’T!

    14. Lee says:

      My internet cuts out all the time, would switch broadband if I could but just not suitable at the moment so I’m stuck with them… Do not go with this ISP…

    15. Steve says:

      My comments are the complete reverse of the majority of those on here.

      Before take over, I had been a customer of NTL for years (through various takeovers), and over this time I had nothing but trouble with them. Dire administration. Dire Customer Service. Unreliable Broadband. In fact, the only thing that ever went for them was their price. Since becoming VirginMedia, I have been most impressed with the service and have had little course for complaint (apart from still being labelled with ntlworld.com email address!). My connection speeds have been reliable and I have never experienced any peaks or troughs.

    16. Thomas Thorp says:

      I had been with Telewest for 4 years and NTL for about 3 years before that, and I couldn’t recommend them enough, especially for broadband. I do not recall any lengthy outages, only minor ones that were corrected within about half an hour, and these were few and far between. Then, almost instantaneously after Virgin Media took over, serious problems began to happen. I don’t think I’ve had a single month without long periods of no service. This month however, it is getting ridiculous – I find myself lucky if this thing holds up for ten minutes – imagine that! What takes the biscuit is that I now have to pay them using a premium number to tell them they have a problem, and to date they have not been able to tell me what exactly is wrong. As for TV, I went over to sky the same day that I lost Sky One due to Richard Branson’s stinginess. Their replacement channel Virgin Central isn’t even a channel. It is a cut down version of Telewest’s on demand service, and navigating those on screen menus is painfully slow. These days I tell people to stay clear of Virgin Media, so I recommend you do the same.

    17. Stu says:

      I used to be with Telewest for years I never had a complaint. Now Virgin Media have taken over I have had nothing but problems. Their broadband service is slower than dialup and I’m paying for 20Mb! Looks like I need to get a BT line installed and leave Virgin Media as soon as I can, I can’t believe I have stuck with this VERY POOR service for so long. You even have to pay a premium rate number to make a complaint about their service and they don’t bother responding to you. If you are in anyway considering this company then from my personal experiences I would advise that you steer well clear!

    18. Sam Hilton says:

      I totally agree, Virgin Broadband is a disgrace and the industry ombudsman should be looking into their business practices.

    19. B says:

      In the last few months losing Virgin Media broadband connection for minutes/ hours / days – random outages. Complete DNS loss. Was with Telewest broadband for years with no problems. Helpline blamed my software even when the connection works and then doesn’t without any changes on my end – daylight robbery.

    20. Andy says:

      A few weeks ago I switched to VM and paid for 20Meg but, truly awful connection speeds during peak time (<100k). After complaining I was actually told by an engineer my node was oversubscribed and would be better off going back to my old provider. I have now switched over to Be* which seem fantastic so far. A word of warning: if like me you switch your phone/TV/BB over to VM and then want to go back due to it being crap then this can be a real pain… I nearly had to fork out £125 to reconnect to a BT line again after 1 week with VM!!

    21. Mark says:

      Do yourself a favour and steer clear of Virgin Media Broadband. I have been with them for nearly 8 years (NTL then Virgin) and my advice is to avoid them like you would the plague, terrible service, CONSTANT service interruptions. I pay for the 8meg pack and I am lucky if I ever get up to the 3.5 meg area, right now while I am writing this I am getting a measly 15kbps, yes that’s a 15k connection through my 8meg virgin superfast broadband, merely twice the speed of dialup, utterly useless. Very difficult to leave them though, they tend to hold on to your mac code for some time. They told me when we changed over from NTL that I would retain my 50meg of free webspace, then after the change over, ohh woops they made a mistake you only get 10 meg, totally useless call centre (I know quite a bit about computers) they however rarely have a clue. I have spent loads on calling them and been lied to on several occasions sometimes by people that I just cannot understand as there Indian accent is just too strong. I am frankly disgusted that you have to pay to call them, such an obvious rip-off. I will be getting xmas and new year out of the way then going over to the BT 8meg package, far superior with lots of extras plus some nice toys like the phone and a wireless router for more or less the same money.

    22. Amos says:

      This service used to be some good when it was telewest. Now it is dire. The advertised speeds are never achieved, and they have started charging 25p/min whenever you need to ring them due to the fact that the service is not working properly (it used to be free in Telewest days). It goes down pretty often (after all servie failure is now a moneymaker). Steer clear. Stick with a BT line, so you can at least choose between providers, and it is easy to switch. With Virgin it is a pain – you are too tied in.

      As it is I pay the same money as I did for Telewest but for a service that is advertised as better but performs a lot worse. Find a better provider. For your own sake.

    23. Keith says:

      Virgin cable internet since November 2007 has been great. I never had any problems with Virgin Freedom before through the BT line. Left BT due to their high charges they wanted for a fault on the line they claimed was mine and was theirs, saving money with Virgin. However I do not see why I have to pay to speak to the internet support when I can hang on for hours on 151 whilst they faff around with the tv package when it does not work. Overall the best advice – if the internet does not work – switch off the modem then count to 30 then plug it back in – if the television conks out – switch the cable box off count to 30 then plug back in. It saves a whole heap of calls to the call centre. Overall Virgin needs to give free technical assistance. I spent unnecessary money sorting out emails. The emails are stupid – they all seem to come into the main identity, so unlike NTL world which had private accounts. Virgin is too big to care, why on earth do they put me on something called blue yonder? Telewest and NTL are supposed not to exist, they are too lazy to change their server ids.

    24. Cook says:

      Have exactly the same problem. They seem to be going down the same route as the dial ups years ago. Save money by sticking too many people on the same box. So no service at busy times. As to paying a fortune for tech support just to complain!!! Maybe they are trying to fund new boxes with complain money. Worst – “We have never heard of this issue before”!!!

    25. I. T. says:

      I used to be with Telewest for many years and NEVER had a problem with their service. I was laughing at my friends who were unlucky to live in the areas not covered by Telewest. But since VirginMedia took over, I really enjoy BT 2 or 4 mbs ADSL when I visit my friends and they are laughing at me now. I’m on 20mbs broadband with VM now, but it’s slower than dial-up and not even the speed is an issue – it’s the latency, most websites simply don’t load and I get time out errors. I feel like I would love paying 100 pounds a month if I could get my Telewest back, I miss it to much, it used to be so good… How did VM manage to convert the best ISP in the world into the worst one in such a short period of time? I’ve got two accounts with former Telewest and one with NTL, at different locations, but now it’s all screwed up… I want my Telewest back!!!

    26. John Malcowitch says:

      I am on Virgin M and my internet disconnects every (almost precisely!) 5 min.

    27. Bill Anderson says:

      An abysmal service. I have been with Virgin for some years and was well out of minimum contract restrictions. In March ’07 I switched bundles to include telephone calls, stupidly unaware that this would initiate a new 12 months contract. Since May I have suffered dreadfully slow speeds and email problems. Expensive calls to Virgin (after 20 mins waiting) only achieve more frustration as they try to tell you the fault must be yours. If I log on at an unearthly hour, surprise, surprise my speed is in the mid 5MB range. But at normal times it can be as low as 0.2MB. Come March 2008 I will be parting company with Virgin. I would like not to give them any star rating but I fear leaving them blank might just mean it shows as 5 star. I will accord them 1 but they certainly have not earned it.

    28. Nusia says:

      I’m very very disappointed. I moved my home a month ago but they didn’t move my broadband. I’m fed up of calling and mailing them all the time. Why all the team don’t even care (but I still must pay them!!??). Pathetic!!!

    29. Chris Blaylock says:

      Service was great a year ago, but is now slow and unreliable. Don’t bother trying virgin if you hope to use XBox live as it constantly dies on you… MAC code here I come!

    30. Ian says:

      I have virgin, and it says I’m connected at 7.9mbps.. I have an 8mb connection. Not had any real probs, apart from I can only download 2 bbc podcasts at any time.

    31. Joe says:

      Appalling speeds, 146k last night and that’s fairly typical these days. Definitely a contention issues as it only occurs during peak periods, though support keeps trying to tell me its other factors causing my problems. I hate being treated like an idiot.

      Hardly great for online games. Sign up to Virgin if you want to throw your money away as you are unlikely to be getting fast broadband speeds. Better to stick with dial-up.

    32. S Stiles says:

      Virgin Media are absolutely awful. We’re paying for 8mb broadband, and our line can handle 4meg (according to their tech support and email). We only get between 0.2 and 0.5 meg due to a high contention ratio. It’s taken around 8 online sessions and over ten phone calls to a tech support number (35p a min, 10p connection charge) to weasel this information out of them. Basically, they’ve oversold the area and now everyone is getting a terrible speed. Paying for something new, and then having to pay again because it’s broken is absolutely disgusting. Their staff are absolutely nonchalant and downright rude. The worst, most bullying company imaginable – stay well away at all costs.

    33. Lisa Porter says:

      Virgin Media 8mb broadband sounds like a good deal for £10 pm but beware – it is complete rubbish. Every 3rd web page browsed is unobtainable and the speeds are slower than dial up for browsing. There is no consistent speed. IT support keep you are on for ages and cost you a fortune. Pointless requesting a ring back as they just don’t. Different people say different things, but it is always your own fault. Despite the fact that they are not providing me with the service I contracted to they state if I leave they will charge me £50. I’m stuck with them for a year! Any advice anyone ?

    34. Sharlene Anderson says:

      Virgin Media is so bad that no words can describe. For more information and other people’s experience of hell with VM please visit the below website, which also contain details of complain procedure.


    35. Ian Mackay says:

      Having read all of the above I am now aware that I am not at all alone in the frustration with Virgin Net, I find it impossible to send or receive any emails after a short while from the initial connection, despite may calls to virgin I have made no progress at all, I am now going to switch providers.

    36. Oliver Bennett says:

      I second these emotions. Virgin Media should be ashamed of itself. It is the poorest service I have found in a decade of ISPs. I inherited it via Telewest, which now seems like a benign old pal compared with the car-crash that is Virgin Media. Off to Sky.

    37. Nils says:

      I absolutely agree to the previous comments and there is actually nothing to add to them. Fact is that Virgin is not capable to provide even a constant 10MB service. The customer service equivalent to a paying XXX hotline is treating us like real numpties and we all know that Virgin cannot deliver their services due to its infrastructure. Even one of their engineers admitted that they cannot cope with the demand. £37 per month for a 5MB (if lucky) service is really steep for my taste. The best thing is to find an alternative, maybe overseas in France or Germany with a better service and less money.

    38. Paul Maunders says:

      I must be one of the lucky few, but Virgin Media (NTL) have always provided me with a solid, reliable and fast Internet connection. I subscribe to their 20mbps package, and I get downloads of up to 2000 KB/sec which is about what you would expect once you account for the TCP/IP overhead.

    39. Ari Saneshfar says:

      Absolutely bad service.
      Wait of 45 min at customer service line to be told that I cannot reduce my contract for min 1 year from the 3 for £30 package, when the salesperson from virgin told me at sign-up otherwise.
      I will contact the Financial Ombudsman and recommend the same to all.
      The word will go around about this dubious practice to shackle people.

    40. Ari Saneshfar says:

      Absolutely bad service.
      Wait of 45 min at customer service line to be told that I cannot reduce my contract for min 1 year from the 3 for £30 package, when the salesperson from virgin told me at sign-up otherwise.
      I will contact the Financial Ombudsman and recommend the same to all.
      The word will go around about this dubious practice to shackle people.

    41. David Seal says:

      Absolutely bad service!

      Broadband is the slowest I’ve ever had. Also they just billed me for 6 months of talk service that their server held by mistake. They don’t sort anything out over the phone, you barely ever get through the hold music and the operators do not have a clue!

      Will be leaving pronto and taking my business to SKY Broadband!

      Advise – Don’t touch them with anything, least of all a bargepole!!

      Hoped there was a minus rating!!!

    42. Daniel Lawrence-thomas says:

      I used to have telewest in my old house, but since moving house have the XL package on the internet from Virgin Media. I am disappointed in the speed throttling, and I am lucky to get 9mb/s even though I am paying for 20mb/s. This is outside of the speed throttling hours. People are wising up to Virgin Media’s poor tactics and switching services. I am a bit lazy so I haven’t changed services yet – YET that is. No probs with their phone service/tv service. It’s just the internet that concerns me. Why pay a premium price for a restricted service? I’d rather pay 45 pounds knowing I was never going to get my speed throttled.

    43. Tim Collinson says:

      Richard Branson is a money grabbing so and so (politely put). Yes Telewest weren’t great but they were a damned sight better than VM and actually a lot more helpful. I hope VM go bankrupt and are forced to sell to a better company who can do the job properly.

    44. Chris Williams says:

      Avoid at all costs. During peak time I was unable to browse web sites such as the BBC, and even had to switch to the text only version. Worse than dial-up!

      I found that it was fine during the day when people are at work… but useless at night, when I actually need to do some browsing.

      Now I have to buy myself out of the contract, which will cost me another £70. But I couldn’t stand it any longer. MAC code requested, hope it arrives within the 5 days.

    45. Jonathan says:

      Welcome to Virgin ADSL!

      If you like that “retro” dial-up style experience, then you’ve come to the right place. With Virgin, there’s no need to keep your eye on bandwidth, since we’re helpful enough to disconnect you on a regular basis!

      In fact, Virgin will automatically disconnect you every 12 minutes*, free of charge! You can set your watch by it, guaranteed, or your money back (certain conditions apply).

      We’re so confident of our service, if you sign up now, we’ll even throw in a free migration authorisation code after a month!**

      * The 12 minute auto-disconnect feature applies only to modern routers. Users of older routers may not qualify.

      ** only available by dialing our expensive premium rate number (three day wait, may or may not arrive).

    46. Miss Sharon Harris says:

      Can i please have a tech engineer to come out to check modem .The lead is faulty and needs replacing .

    47. Mark Vesty says:

      Connection speed is terrible now and fluctuates so much to a point where web pages come up with ‘cannot be found’ errors, like being on 56k! Cancelled the TV service as it is nowhere near as good as sky. Customer service, let’s just say it takes a long time to get through to someone…

    48. Jonathan says:

      Since 15th October Virgin drops our ADSL connection every 12 minutes throughout the day and night. The technical support team admits that many customers are affected by this issue, but can not/will not give an ETA on the fix. Incredibly, the “broadband status” page states “No reported problems”.

      Normally our download speed is highly variable. In the evening it is close to dial-up speeds, and much of the time it is unusable.

      If you are a prospective ADSL customer, I would advise you to avoid Virgin Media broadband. It’s too slow and unreliable. Customer “support” is charged at premium rate.

    49. Jonathan says:

      Since 15th October Virgin drops our ADSL connection every 12 minutes throughout the day and night. The technical support team admits that many customers are affected by this issue, but can not/will not give an ETA on the fix. Incredibly, the “broadband status” page (http://gps.virgin.net/service-announcements/serviceInfo?serviceId=267&type=F)
      states “No reported problems”.

      Normally our download speed is highly variable. In the evening it is close to dial-up speeds, and much of the time it is unusable.

      If you are a prospective ADSL customer, I would advise you to avoid Virgin Media broadband. It’s too slow and unreliable. Customer “support” is charged at premium rate.

    50. Glen says:

      I’ve had the same problem as Craig F and Jonathan below. Since 15 October my Virgin Media broadband has disconnected every 12 minutes. Customer service advised that this is a widespread issue but they do not know the cause and have no idea when it will be fixed.

      As of 19 October their service status web page states: “At present we are experiencing difficulties with the Virgin.net Broadband service. We are trying to resolve the problem as soon as possible and we apologise for any inconvenience caused.”

      I have requested a MAC code. (The number to call for this is 0845 045 0709.)

    51. Craig F says:

      I have exactly the same problem as Johnathan (see below). Since the 16th, my connection has been dropping every 12 minutes.
      I have called customer support 4 times around (@25p/pm) and they are utterly unhelpful.
      I was given a toll-free number to call for a service update, but it always reports that their service is fine.
      Their website too maintains that there are no problems.

      I honestly believe that Virgin is giving me the run-around, and do not take this issue seriously.

      I would strongly recommend anyone considering their service to STAY AWAY.

    52. Mark Smith says:

      I haven’t been able to connect to my broadband for several days now. I ring one (free) line on which a recorded message tells me that there are problems in virtually the entire northern half of the British Isles.
      I ring other help lines (for which I am charged). One is answered by a nice lady who tells me to turn off the power to the modem and play with the line into it – something I had already done.
      Another line tells that they “only deal with the bills.” I ask them all if they are aware of any problems in my area – NO ONE CAN TELL ME. Problem unsolved – I’ve been recommended BT so I think I’ll give them a try

    53. Philip Harrold says:

      I have moved and wanted to take my virgin broad band with me. Engineer turned up when I was out and put a cable in but not connected to my computer. I have no pin num or activation code so no broadband. Phone calls 25p a minute to virgin but no help from anyone I am now in the process of cancelling. But how do you get in touch with them. It is virgin from hell with no help never again.

    54. Richard Marsh says:

      Absolutely appalling since Virgin took over from Telewest.

      For the last couple of weeks I’ve had VERY slow connection speeds throughout the day, with my connection cutting out completely at peak times. It is simply unacceptable.

    55. Pete says:

      Ubuntu is no problem, it’s a cable modem which connects to the PC through a normal network connection. You may have to configure networking on the Ubuntu machine and I suspect Virgin support would be no help there, but if you can set it to “automatic” yourself, it should be no problem.

    56. D Fleming says:

      Can Virgin Broadband be installed on a Computer running Ubuntu Linux???

      Would I need to purchase other installations CDs????

    57. Shani Jackson says:

      im a manager at virgin media nottingham, there is so much we dont tell customers, bet u would love to know. i will post some thins tommoro now.

    58. D Stalker says:

      Absolutely dreadful customer support. 4 weeks without home connection I pleaded with support (premium rate) to fault out to BT. 31 days later BT found fault in exchange. £40+ spent on calls to them which they wont refund..saying their agents provided best support.

    59. Stuart Hughes says:

      Absolutely appalling connectivity issues. Literally disconnects you every 1-2 minutes for about 20 seconds throughout the course of the day, meaning you can’t play any online games – even simple ones such as poker or chess. Moving away from this ISP ASAP.

    60. Stuart Hughes says:

      I think this sums up the service you get with Virgin Media: 10 am – 2am, 16 hours a day constant disconnects. 9 disconnects within the space of 45 seconds. £100 wasted entering a poker tournament I can’t play in because I’m constantly cut off.

    61. Ken says:

      I installed Virgin Media’s 20mbps broadband on 3rd September. After getting disconnected throughout the day for 3 days, my speed is now only 2.8mbps as opposed to 20mbps and I am paying £29 for it!

      Guys, don’t ever use Virgin Media!

    62. Tom says:

      What can we do to fix our problems with Virgin Media’s supposed 20Mbps download speed?

      Mine was a fairly healthy 12Mbps to begin with, then recently no better than 5Mbps. This morning, it is 0.5Mbps. What the heckis going on? How can I sort this out without paying £87,000 for technical support?

    63. Waqar123 says:

      Hey guys!

      I may have a solution to the slow internet speeds from Virgin Media. I’ve been trying to work out an answer and I think I found it. I upgraded from 2MB to 20MB (XL) on Virgin Media so it should work for all XL Customers.

      Type the following link into your address bar:

      In the top left hand corner you’ll see Login. Click on it and and it’ll come up with with a username and password. Type in root, all lowercase in both boxes and press Enter.

      You’ll know you’re in when you get some links on the left hand side saying things like Status, Downstream, Upstream, etc.

      Click on the link “Operation Config.”

      When you click it, you’ll see a message saying Maximum Downstream Length and Maximum Upstream Length, etc.

      My downstream says 20480000 and above it it says Allowed. That means that I can get my 20 MB connection.

      So if you’re XL your number should say that too.

      You then need to click on Tools in the top right-hand corner and it’ll ask you to reset to defaults, click it and then check Yes, then Apply. Close down internet explorer or Mozilla and restart the internet again.

      Go onto speedtest.net or speedtest.bbmax.co.uk to check your internet speed.

      I really hope it works for you guys because it’s working for me. I was on 2 MB downloading at 225-240KB max. Now I’m download over 1.5 – 2.2MB per second!!! Definitely worth it when it’s working 🙂

      P.S I’m not a Virgin Media Technician or anything. I’m 19, so if I could work it out in a couple of hours, it’ll probably take them another 6 months or so at least. lol 🙂

    64. Suzi says:

      I am fed up with the slow speeds, considering that I supposedly have the 20mb service, it feels more like 2mb, I had no problems when I was with Telewest, what’s going on? It is soon meant to be going up to 40, I dread to think!!!!

    65. Simon Kama says:

      I would advise anyone to avoid Virgin Media Broadband. This is the worst broadband I have ever seen.

      Imagine a broadband provider that uses premium numbers for support. Meaning that they charge customers in order to get support on the top of the money they have already paid!

    66. Simon Kama says:

      I would advise anyone to avoid as better as he can this company virgin media. The worse there is no way you can reach the customer service. In order to get support, even if it their fault, you have to use the premium number in order to suck you more money from you. I have been their customer for nearly two months now and I never had my broadband upruning at least one week. They do not have technicians to fix any problem as small as it could be.

    67. Luke Owen says:

      Avoid these guys like the bubonic plague. Speed fluctuates massively. Sometimes it’s the speed I’ve paid for (2mbps) but most of the time it’s slower than the 56k dialup I had in the late 90s! 25p/min to call tech support and get it sorted – and they blame it on the router. Well, I bought a new router (not that the first one wasn’t brand new) and still – same bloody problems. I think I’m probably stuck with these guys for 12 months now. Avoid!

    68. Carlos says:

      Some of you should know that 20Mbps is not 20Mb/s download speed.

      1 Byte = 8 bits

      20Mbit/s = 2.5MBYTE/s

    69. Paul Moore says:

      I cannot put in to words just how frustrated I am with Virgin Media. The india-based customer services is, without doubt, the worst I’ve ever come across.

      To briefly sum up the last 3 weeks with Virgin (I’ve already wasted too much time on them)…

      Unbelievably poor service, even worse technical support, 5 wasted days off work, huge phone bill and as if to add insult to injury… they want 30 days notice to cancel!

      Called BT, immediately got another indian… gave out my details TWICE only to have them repeated back to me completely wrong! Unbelievable!

      So… with that in mind…

      * WANTED *

      UK only telecommunications company able to provide telephone & broadband services….

      £50 p/m reward.

    70. Barry Wright says:

      This service is terrible. When trying to do anything other than browse slowly, the connection drops every 30 seconds, comes back for 10 seconds and then drops again. Posting this will be hit and miss…


    71. Rich Platt says:

      I have been a customer with Virgin for over 7 years and they have always been excellent with great customer support.
      However, since the merger with NTL the performance has dropped dramatically, especially at night. Trying to get through on the online customer support is near impossible and takes a lot of attempts to get an advisor.

      That said, once connected they are very helpful and knowledgeable and attempt to resolve the issue as far as they can. Think it is just now a case of too many users on a system designed for less people. Time for an upgrade I think!

    72. Rob says:

      I reduced my package because it was getting too expensive, how does getting a crappier internet connection and tv package make it cost more than it was before!
      (I am currently investigating my phone charges since they cost over 25 pound now and cost 15 before (I hardly use the phone)). My Tv package has been out for 3 weeks now, they said they would send someone, they didn’t come! I phoned again but they said there computers where down and they would get back to me, THEY DIDN’T!!!! I phoned again and they said they would deduct from the bill the time the tv was down and that will be starting from that day to the week it will take for someone to come round, “But it been out for 3 weeks” I say, “but that isn’t down on our computers” they say! On top of that IF you don’t pay with direct debit they charge you an extra 5 pounds, if you pay the bill late they will charge you a 10 pound late payment charge. I always loved Telewest they where a great provider, I feel like someone has taken my perfect child away and replaced it with a a retarded baby hippo.

    73. Steven Johnson says:

      I’m a little annoyed with the capping scheme, but I’m more annoyed to the ridiculously low amount of what is allowed. I only have the 2mb service which at peak times allows me to download 350mb before I get capped down to a 1mb service. Also, I work during the day and most of my NET use is after 4pm and before 12midnight. I also use the XB360 a lot during those times.

      Telewest was a great service before Virgin took over, and to add fuel to the already growing fire, they now charge a premium rate on their Customer Service.

    74. Colin says:

      lousy service.Ithought sky was bad but….this lot lower further.

      is there such a thing as decent broadband provider.?

    75. Steven Martin says:

      A while back I started getting frustrated with my broadband since it was becoming increasingly unreliable, always dropping out, etc. I thought to myself, what the heck is happening over at blueyonder? Maybe they have taken on too many customers. Then I found out that Virgin Media had taken over (I don’t get the bills directly).

      Since Virgin took over things have deteriorated so much it’s becoming unbearable.

    76. Perigrine Rothschild says:

      Yes the Virgin BB browsing speed is considerably slower than NTL reminding me of my dial up days, webpages have ads that increase in file size and complexity by the day so the last thing we need is a throttled service.

      I think it’s already 2 late for them 2 save themselves: don’t buy shares in VM!!! Bought a dual core PC but needn’t have bothered, it’s hamstrung by this compromised system. Even when NTL were billions in debt they still delivered a good service, so VM have no excuse, what are they playing at??

    77. David says:

      Very poor since they took over from NTL.

      1. My internet cuts out (I actually get disconnected) seemingly randomly.
      2. My connection speed goes up and down all the time to the point where web browsing, playing games online and downloading files is painful.
      3. The obvious loss of Sky1 – one of my favourite TV channels.
      4. When watching TV I regularly get an info box in the middle of the screen telling me about some sort of upgrade, or maintenance or whatever, which I can’t get rid of for about 5 minutes and I can’t change channels during this (not that I can see the program anyway).
      5. Reporting problems to a £0.25/min line in India got me nowhere. Useless.

    78. Dean Betsworth says:

      I have been charged £29.50 per month since the NTL service began 15 months ago for TV and Broadband. This month I was charged £48.20. Called the not-so-hot line and was made to wait an hour to speak to a clueless fella.
      He transferred me to a customer liaison to deal with the issue following his insufficient response, waited a further 30 minutes to be told tough, my discounts had run out (without any notification whatsoever) but of course they can sort me a new improved deal from next month @ £25. I cancelled. Absolute robbery – surprised Richard Branson has his name associated with such crap. ZERO stars.

    79. Stuart Collier says:

      Steer clear of Virgin Media.

      The speeds are dial-up speed and im paying £35 a month for this !!!!!

      Just read the rest of the comments. Ive sent so many complaint emails all of which have remained unanswered.

      ** STEER CLEAR **

    80. Janet Weedon says:

      Hi – I have just got off the phone with VM and am fuming.
      I was with NTL for years so when VM took over I took advantage of the 2 for £20 offer (phone line and broadband). I telephoned them in December of last year and swapped over. It has only just come to light now that they have been charging me £32. I rang VM who said that on my account there was no record of them setting up 2 for £20, so after a lot of debate they connected me with a supervisor.
      She went on to explain to me that as I hadn’t noticed this error there is nothing I can do. I should have checked my bank statements every month. I said that I trusted your company. She went on to say “Do not trust our company”. I asked her if I could quote her saying that and she agreed. I said well if there is no proof of me requesting the 2 for £20 can you swap me over now? No, she replied, you are signed up until December and that’s it. I said that’s not acceptable. She said we can reduce your cost if you take out an extra package of the tv with us. I said no thank you very much I am with Sky and am quite happy with their service. She said well there you go then. I asked for an address to write to to send in a complaint, she said yes and tell them I said you cannot have the 2 for £20 then hung up…..

    81. Gordon Freeman says:

      Having read the other messages here, I see that many customers have worse problems than mine, but I fear I am witnessing the early stages of a downward spiral.
      I live in Essex and was a (reasonably happy) NTL customer for over 2 years. I use my broadband mainly for online gaming, and this is where my problems are becoming apparent. During gameplay my connection drops off, roughly about 4 times every 10 mins for 30 seconds at a time.
      Now, I can almost hear all you other folk saying “Huh, is that all!!.” At the moment it doesn’t really effect normal browsing, just slows it down. But the fact is that the stability of my connection is gone, and when playing online games that is UNACCEPTABLE!
      NTL had problems, but none as fundamental as this.
      When Virgin first took over I was concerned. I wondered what would happen to peer-to peer, newsgroups and bit-torrent because for years these protocols had been costing Virgin Megastores a fortune because of piracy. I find myself wondering about the Branson/broadband agenda.

    82. A Singh says:

      Dont even think of joining Virgin Media. Worst service ever. i am quitting soon. Takes them two weeks to solve five minutes job. Absolutely rubbish.

    83. Seon says:

      This company customer service is just deplorable and pathetic. I was fine with NTL, until virgin takes over, and hell broke lose.

      To any prospective client, you have been WARNED !!!!! Avoid at all cost.

    84. Nic Shaw says:

      Since Virgin have taken over, my £37 pm broadband service is often slower than dial up.

    85. Paddy Hopkirk says:

      VM’s browsing speed has dropped significantly since taking over from Telewest broadband, whom I never ever had a problem with.
      I am so fed up with the slow speed.

    86. Carl Codling says:

      If you’re not already put off be the previous comments then consider the following:

      – My ‘broadband connection’ is transferring data at a rate of 100kbps (less than most dial-up connections these days).

      – To speak to a real person on their support system I have had to pay £0.25/min! The guy told me that the speed tests I’d run at zdnet, broadbandgenie and various other testing sites were unreliable and that I should go to game5.virginmedia.com, download 2 games at the same time, record the transfer speeds and then call them back. The game5 subdomain does not seem to exist (neither do game-5, gamefive, games5, etc, etc….) and I now am unable to get through to them again.

      – What’s REALLY winding me up is the letters they’re sending through the post claiming that they are the ONLY true broadband because their service is not affected by the distance from the exchange.

      Quote from their promotional media “the fastest broadband”.


      I’m a web developer and I currently have an important project to finish for a client. If this issue prevents from meeting the deadline I may not be accepted to work on phase 2 of the project and the cost to me will run into £1000’s.

      Thanks for nothing (almost literally) Virgin!

    87. B. Mason says:

      Oh look! Other people who’ve had worse service since Virgin (Virgin’ on the disgraceful) took over. Wouldn’t you love them to spend as much on their network capacity as they do on their marketing? Funny how the status page is about 10 times longer and full of incidents (ETA: 8 hours, still broken after 24 hours for example) than under Telewest.
      WHY does the government allow these fools to mess up a good service company?
      No wonder my family moved to Sky. Me I don’t have a landline, but it’d be worth the damn £11 to BT per month on top just to be rid of Vermin, I mean Virgin…

    88. Darrell Woodley says:

      Since the 17th of July my surprisingly high (off peak 3AM), 20MB broadband hasn’t reached above 5 meg??? 1-2mg average. Are they bottlenecking the connections now? But just called and they are sending out a new modem that apparently handles the new 20mb connection. We will see….

    89. Simon Steel says:

      It’s no good. My download speed is sometimes close to dial-up, the connection drops completely every 4 to 8 hours, and it now costs 25p/min to report problems. I have spent £30 being told to essentially restart my machine in as long winded a way as possible. Let’s just leave the service and have it crumble to nothing, that’ll teach ’em!

    90. Nige May says:

      After being in receipt of an excellent broadband product for 7 years with NTL I am now totally disgusted with the service provided by Virgin Media. Ping times in online gaming are averaging 450ms!!! I used to get 15-25ms. Wild fluctuations in speed from barely adequate to total standstill. Many, many errors trying to connect to web pages, the list goes on. How VM have the cheek to say that customers will complain more due to their higher expectations heaven only knows. It will cost me £125 to get a BT line connected to my house, but I’m going to bite the bullet to give me a choice of ADSL providers and hopefully get a decent service back again. VM should be ashamed, DO NOT TOUCH THIS COMPANY!

    91. Phil Griffin says:

      Customer service was always appalling from NTL but at least they provided a broadband service that matched the advertised product.

      You paid for a 10mb connection and got 10mb (and hoped you never had to talk to customer service)! Sadly, this is now very far from true. Since Virgin Media took over and “upgraded” the service it has been simply painful to use. Web pages that will often load faster off a 56k modem, very poor online gaming performance, regular outages and, to rub salt into the wounds, a cap on usage for 33% of the day just in case by some fluke their “service” allows you to get a reasonable connection speed in the first place.

      Oh well, on the plus side at this rate they will be out of business soon!

    92. Scotty says:

      Virgin Media’s broadband services are dire – 24.99 per month for a low-end 4Mbit service and absolutely crap customer service? Who are they trying to fool?

      I called the customer service centre to complain about why I’m paying over the odds for a crap service, and I had to wait for half an hour – HALF AN HOUR!!! When I got through, an Indian “contact centre” operative spoke to me, he couldn’t understand a word I said. He just tried to palm me off to the technical department.

      Branson – your Virgin Media company is a joke and as of Monday I’m cancelling my subscription. I won’t be back. I’ll be cancelling my direct debit as well, you won’t be getting any money from me.

    93. Martin Hughes says:

      Virgin Media is far and away the world’s worst customer service company. It is not surprising that the company is up for sale again. Anyone mad enough to buy them can expect the worst. Whatever due diligence they have done on the company will not prepare them for what they find on the ground. My own experience was an install from hell.

      I should have known what to expect when the Virgin Media account generated an ntworld email address.

      My partner’s name was spelled differently on different letters / contract etc. – not the best start given the fact that email is not that flexible. The install letter did not arrive until several days after the engineer called. I therefore did not have a PIN number. The install engineer was plain rude and gave me the wrong PIN number after using his laptop to receive it from HQ.

      The serial number was wrong. It turned out the there was an error in the Customer Service manual!

      I signed up for 4 Meg but was entered up as 2 Meg on their database. I was not given the £10 installation discount for joining online – they had me down as ordering by telephone. I was advised to ring support in ‘India” and after a long time waiting they told me to ring ‘England’ who then told me to call ‘India’ … India did not have access to all my details and so we had a completely impossible conversation. They asked me for my password. Two had been given by the Virgin Media sign up did not work. Later, much later, it transpired that he should have asked for a ‘security word’ – in-fact I had given that in desperation even though it was not a ‘Password’ but they would not accept it. It later transpired (from a supervisor) that the staff I had been talking too did not know about a ‘security word’ for security reasons!

      I was continually refused access to a Manager / Supervisor.

      During one of the many calls it was revealed they I had been put down as £25 per month when it should have been £17.

      I was then told that ‘the best solution would be to go back online and go through the registration process again!’ I was told I would get two bills, TV and telephone and just a telephone. I had not ordered TV! In fact, it the became clear that the £25 charge was for TV. So I ‘may receive a £25 bill and a £25 credit’.

      At the end of all this I just kept insisting on a manager and finally, after who knows how many hours, I got one. Mr S. was OK, he was doing his best to sort through all these mistakes. He was able to increase me to 4 Meg pretty much immediately and I demanded better compensation. He finally agreed to upgrade me to 20 Meg for £25 per month. I was told that he would not be able to do this himself and that it could take up to 24 hours but promised to call me back after 24 hours to check if it had been done. I was impressed that, somewhere, there was someone at Virgin Media that understood that the customer is still king, I trusted him. I thanked him and we had a laugh.

      Some two hours later my 4 Meg died, I assumed that it was part of the 20 Meg upgrade. Sadly, 24 hours later it was still dead. Mr S. did not ring. Several days later I have nothing. I have a dead cable modem, a 4 port router I purchased to use with the service, and high blood pressure.

      It has cost me a small fortune in phone calls and a redundant cable modem but I have had enough, I can’t take any more of this. The only problem is – how do I get out of it?

      Virgin Media are the biggest joke on the planet. DOING BUSINESS WITH VIRGIN MEDIA can seriously damage your health.

    94. Iliyan Keremedchiev says:

      If i say avoid it will repeat thousands of people before me, but i guess you cannot stress enough on the word when it comes to Virgin Media. Their customer service – oh wait they have 2 of them, broadband happens to be on 0900 number (i always wanted to be charged for somebody else’s incompetence) and when i asked for complaints address they said one second and they hung up after i waited 10+ minutes on a repeating tune that tends to put you out of your mind within 3 minutes.
      I was always aware of the bad press about ntl and thought to still ignore it, but since ive had this much fun with VM i think ill stop being so naive. Avoid them at all costs. Once it goes bad, god help you.
      Oh also i had ntl in my other house where it was really fine in the beginning towards the end after VM took over my 10mb connection was about the same as 14.4 modem (thats like 5 minutes to open each page).
      Conclusively, if you fancy provider which doesnt really care what you think, and will only really hear what you got to say for a high price then this is for you. If not then find another place to sink your money in, Virgin Media in wise words of lorea is just not worth it.

    95. Kurt Munro says:

      My broadbands speed and support was PERFECT under Telewest. When Virginmedia took over my internet speeds have gone down. For around a week per month I find it hard to load any websites without having to wait for 2 minutes for them to load. This includes Google.

    96. Alex Smith says:

      am close to grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.
      overlooking previous ntl bill blunders, they were really quite good.
      virgin – lol, obvious they have no idea of what they brought – or how to maintain it…

      trust me – go anywhere BUT THERE!





    97. Poobear71 says:

      atm it takes me 30 secs to 60 secs to open google etc etc and watching a vid is pointless. ive a 2mb connection….. its been this way for over a week!! i have phoned VM and they tell me that nothing is wrong their side, it must be me. well i ran many,many checks on my comp and theres nowt wrong. yesterday i even formatted my HD just incase i missed some sort of virus but nothing has changed… using my mum’s BT connection to post this. VM is useless

    98. N. Braithwaite says:

      Full service and refund demand

      VirginMedia Broadband only Plan two
      8 Mb/s – unlimited – actual speed 0.057Mb/s (57kb/s).

      My advice is ** DO NOT USE **

      Exceedingly poor service,
      couldn’t care less about the customer, premium rate number to report problem and complaints – nasty!

      Speeds are not good at the best of times,
      expect dialup speed in evenings.

      My proof : http://www.speedtest.net/result/155623072.png

      Reconnection of ADSL modem to reset exchange has no effect. Location 300m from BT exchange.

      Long ping times and server time-out prevents access to much of the Net and speed tests especially at slow periods.

      Mornings are slow, but speeds up mid late morning and then slows down very rapidly by about 4 pm onwards until late at night.

      BT speed test rated the line at 6.5Mb/s. Actual speed on first connection was 7.9Mb/s. This was good.
      However, after two weeks they were eroded to max of 2.9Mb/s at useless times of day/night.

      The 0.057Mb/s (57kb/s) http://www.speedtest.net/result/155623072.png obtained last night indicates a serious problem with the service.

      Conclusion virgin.net are rubbish and offer a service of no or low value.

      I say **DO NOT USE**

      Action – demand a full refund and hold to contract to supply adequate service.

    99. Rafal Z says:

      I ordered broadband and tv with Virgin for £20 but they are sending me bills £31. I’ve sent a letter about that and, of course, no answer. Now I am going to cancel my agreement before the end of minimum period and will have to pay about a £250 penalty for that. NEVER MORE VIRGIN MEDIA!!!

    100. Kevin says:

      20 meg what a joke been with ntl for years no problems at all now virgin lucky if i get 1 meg most of the day first thing in the morning i get 8 meg after 4 pm not worth turning computer on i get half a meg if im lucky when i should be on 20 meg had a tec guy round did not look like he had any idea what he was doing swapped my modem over and went what a let down all the years of good service

    101. Philp Annesley says:

      I have been with NTL/Virgin Media for almost a year now. My Contract is meant to end on the First of August. When I asked to cancel my services on that date I was told that I would still have to pay for the month of August.
      What I don’t get is why should I have to pay for a month that I am not going to have services. Also why should this be if I have not signed a new contract with Virgin Media should i have to pay for this?
      I have to agree with everyone else that Virgin Media is the worst service you could go for.

    102. Switched says:

      If you have 3 for 30 why not get sky for 3 for 31 inc bt line rental ditch your virgin stuff NOW and get sky tv for £15 a month unlimited phone calls for £16 a month incl line rental and free broadband, £70 detup and activation fee sky is so much better than virgin

    103. Pete Walter says:

      I had been on cable broadband ever since it was laid in our street about 7 or 8 years ago. These were the Telewest days. Sure, there were a few outages but only a day or 2 every 6 or 9 months.
      Blueyonder came, speeds got faster, service became more reliable (not that you could fault it previously), customer service was pretty good things were great.
      Then… Virgin Media who were fine on their own as an ADSL company Virgin.net got hold of everyone and threw the whole lot together like a big stew.
      Now my so called 10Mbps connection struggles to hit 1Mbps any time after about 16:00 hrs.
      For the last week I have had to shut my cable connection down completely and run on my PAYG back-up ADSL service (from enta.net) as the Virgin Media connection grinds to a halt. Virgin Media are still pushing the 20Mbps claims and advertising heavily when they can’t even provide a fraction of the claimed service to their existing customers.
      I would suggest anyone should stay well clear of Virgin Media for a broadband connection and if possible go with one of the ADSL suppliers. Virgin Media with their Prime Rate 0870 numbers at 25p / minute. If you try and phone up about a fault, useless call centres manned by people that are extremely difficult to understand (so adding to the time spent on prime rate number) and everything else everyone has already said make Virgin Media the worst internet provider since.. well since “Virgin Media”!!!

      Don’t go there, you’ll regret it for a long time!

    104. G says:

      What’s keeping watchdog on this? Virgin Media are a disgrace. I used to like Branson, now i just think he’s no different to the other big name/big money w*nkers.

    105. Patricia Magalhaes says:

      Well… where should I start from?
      I was a happy NTL Telewest customer until Virgin Media took over. I always liked Virgin brand and all that was associated to them. When they took over the only thing that made me mad was taking Sky One but I got through that and forgot about my favourite series – Lost.
      Then I moved to a new address (less than two miles from where I lived) and Virgin took more than 1 month to get it all right and proceed with the installation. And because I didn’t have a landline at the time (I had just moved) I spent over £100 on mobile calls to them – the minimum I’ve waited was 45 minutes!
      Then they charged me for installation – which they only installed the phone line. I continued to use NTL’s equipment (TV box and modem) even after asking for new equipment. The TV box was never the same. It kept freezing, losing channels, etc. I had to reset the box every 2/3 days.
      On my new address they charged me two months in advance.
      Then I received a 12 month contract which I refused to sign since I only had 6 months left with NTL. I called customer services and a girl told me that they would be sending a 6 months contract ASAP. Surprise, surprise I never got one! When they kept sending contracts every week I called up again and I was told that they could never send a 6 month contract. Basically they told me that I was lying… but I had names…. although that didn’t help me – they were either off on that day or on another call – and no point asking for a ring back because they never did!
      Then… I received another letter with £216 cancellation fees to pay – from my previous address!!! I called up… again… and I was told that I had to pay it. I explained that I transferred the services, so I was put on hold and after 30 minutes waiting someone just hang up on me. So I called then up again (another 3 hours waiting to be answered) and finally I was told to ignore those letters, it was a mistake…
      But I kept receiving them. I got two more for the same amount, but I ignored then thinking that they could be computer generated. And now I’ve been receiving calls from a Debt Collecting company every 3 days. I called Virgin again and told me to send a letter to them… complaining… So I don’t care if they take me to court. I cancelled the services and within one month they cut me off and the technician came over to collect the TV box. Quite promptly, too! Nobody has ever mentioned that I would be charged anything for cancelling this contract, so I’m just waiting to see what happens.
      I’m amazed for the amount of problems I’ve been having with residential Virgin Media! And funny enough… I deal with Virgin at work on a daily basis and I never had any problems.
      Oh well… What else can I say?….

    106. Mike Farley says:

      I have the 20Mb package, i agree with all the comments above, ntl used to give me around 5/6Mb DL when i should have got 10Mb but at least ntl was constant at that rate. Virgin media come along and it suddenly fluctautes from 1 / 2 Mb to 16 / 17Mb. I play xbox 360 online so i need a constant flow of information Virgin media clearly don’t know how to give us that!
      The cheeky buggers are now charging 25p/min for you to speak to someone about your problems.

      Time to switch provider.

    107. Adrian Scoyne says:

      Upgraded to 10Mb service from 2Mb. Now only getting 1Mb download!!! Terrible, terrible customer service.

    108. Geejaybee says:

      The worst service of any company I have ever dealt with. Supposed 4MB cable connection runs at dial-up speeds at anytime other than early morning. Indian call centre useless and customer service in the UK appalling. I have now finally ditched all VM services, albeit after a 47 minute wait on the phone. VM should be prosecuted under the trades descriptions legislation. They have obviously been conning people into signing up knowing they cannot handle the traffic in order to boost the customer base for the private equity sell-off. Complete B*******s.
      There should be zero rating!

    109. Carol says:

      I recently moved into a new property and transferred my services with Virgin Media, as up until that point I never had had a problem. Installation into new property and was enjoying having broadband, phone and TV, until last week. Somebody in Virgin’s Media back office closed our account as there were new people moving into the property seemingly (could it have been myself who moved in a month ago?)

      Anway, called Virgin Media Customer Services who did apologise for the mistake and assured me everything would be reconnected by 48hrs at the latest. That was the Wednesday night, Friday night came – still no services. Called on Saturday morning to be told that they (as of that day) were upgrading their account systems until the 6th July and no changes made, which meant I will be without any services until 7th July as that’s the earliest I can be reconnected. When I asked how come they didn’t reconnect before this new system was implemented I was told that I have to “understand that there back office is very busy”, to which my reply was that it’s not my fault as they disconnected me in error and my reconnection should have been a priority.

      I asked for a address to send a complaint to be told I could do it over the phone which means they would take details and nothing would be done….. Virgin Media are completely useless and would not recomment them to anyone…

    110. Mr & Mrs Jensen says:

      we thought it could get no worse than ntl – WRONG !
      VM we are off SKY !!
      The final insult ? – 25p a min call for tech support !

    111. J Phelps says:

      All was going well until a few weekends back my modem stopped initializing with ADSL line. Have currently spent about £20 calling customer services (no normal rate phone number) and keep getting conflicting information. Keep being told problem is at my end despite trying 3 different modems in BT test socket. My advice would be to steer well clear of this service until they learn how to provide customer support.

    112. Daniel Cormier says:

      All I got to say is that I’ve dialed 150 just to upgrade to get the 3 for £30 deal I’ve been waiting for over 2 hours now and am disgusted!! I like the product.. hate the service!!! I wish I could do this online but the online is just for new customers!!! Grrrrr.. Should I hang up? Free XL package upgrade ends today!!!

    113. Tom Hl says:

      Well, what to say!!! I think everyone here has said it all. Virgin cut our Internet off for 4 days, not including when the internet dies each week. It’s apparently 20 mb’s now after I got it working today. Thank you! I found a way to get it working without ringing technical support again. I believe they changed something outside which messed us over big time.

      The main problem with Virgin is well… everything.
      I found this thread because I’m experiencing very, very, very slow browsing times, but downloads are very fast. WHY!!!!

      All my speed tests come back to say I’m getting between 13 meg and 19 meg (changes every few seconds which sucks for gaming!) but surfing the Internet, it’s slower then dial up.

      DON’T GO WITH VIRGIN! I’ve regreted it from the day we signed up. If it wasn’t for my flat mate who wanted the tv, Iwould have never gone with them!

      Oh blue yonder wasn’t anywhere near as bad! I’m so sad because of this…

    114. Kev Derges says:

      I just recently had virgin meida 4mb broadband installed, the servive is terrible! the people they sent to install it didnt listen to a thing i said and kust started drilling holes in thew walls. Plus after all that they said they couldnt install it and im having to wait 3 weeks for them to get it sorted. After reading these comments im cancelling the service!

    115. Mike says:

      branson must know about this and not to be doing anything to resolve it is just a grinning bearded bastard, laughing all the way to the bank with your money…how else do you think he made it other than ripping people off!! that’s about the top and bottom of it. the truth always is.

    116. Ashley Trees says:

      Virgin Media are crooks. I took out my account with NTL and now by default I find myself in the hand of Virgin Media. Sloppy service and overcharging. Oh and if you try to cancel that is a whole other world of issues and problems. They are masters at preventing you from cancelling with underhand tricks and questions. Stay away at all costs.

    117. Sue Bain says:

      Virgin Media is terrible in every way. My phone has been out of order on and off since Feb 2007. I have had 7 engineers who have all said different reasons for the problem and it still doesn’t work. I had 2 phone lines/numbers and one number they took away which I gad for 18 months, then they said I never had the number in the first place. The engineers don’t always turn up. They offered me compensation, then the next person I spoke to said there wasn’t anything in my notes to say I was entitled to compensation.
      I didn’t want to go back to BT but who else is there? TalkTalk are dreadful as well. What I have written is just a small amount of the problems I have had with Virgin.

    118. Susan Brotewood says:

      I have just had all my services cut off apart from my internet. All my bills are up to date and paid for so you can imagine the surprise I got when I had no phone or tv services. I got through to Virgin to which they told me that I had purchased 13 pay per view films in 2 days. Due to the fact that it was impossible for this to have occurred the operator agreed with me and put me through to faults. These films were supposed to have been watched 2 months ago but because we still haven’t been billed for these supposed watched films they wouldn’t tell me what these films were. They say they can’t give out details about any bills that haven’t been “generated.” If your bills are up to date and paid for how can they cut your services off when you haven’t been sent a bill and been given chance to pay for the bill. Four days later still waiting for the bill!

    119. D Williams says:

      Virgin.net were brilliant. Since merging with NTL and becoming Virgin Media the broadband service has been very slow and sometimes drops out altogether during peak times. Customer services to their credit do respond, but treat you like a simpleton inferring that the problem is at your end and not theirs.

    120. Duncan says:

      Well, what can I say, I had a small vein of hope for this service, 8MB unlimited for £17.99 sounded great compared to the rest. Now I’m stuck with a modem that sits there flashing and no connection. VM suggested taking things off the wall and messing with wires, or turning off my freeview box, so basically I won’t be able to watch it anymore. Guess what? None of that worked, and how much did I pay for that sound advice? £5…..yes…£5. Their customer service rate is 25p a minute for people who don’t take their phone service, and as far as I know, from 1st july, people who do have their service will pay the same. Want to cancel? Sure! Wait 30 days (just enough to get another £17.99 out of you) and pay £50 and you can have your line back! Good Luck if you choose this service, you’ll need it.

    121. David says:

      Telewest was superb, never had a complaint. Now well what can you say. The capping on speed if you dare to download from 4pm to midnight is bad enough, but to expect people to pay a fortune to be kept on hold for ever is the pits. I was always reading about NTL customer problems and being thankful that I had Telewest. Oh dear, Virgin, what a company !!!!!

    122. Lavaman says:

      I was a loyal ntl customer for years and was happy with the service, it always worked! I’m now in a legal battle with virgin over money they say I owe them. Thank god I didn’t give these idiots my bank details. I paid for a 10mb connection, not a 2mb. They were quick to demand money from me but couldn’t fix my problem after months of not being able to get through to there helpline. Customer service is a bad joke!
      SO I had no choice but to terminate my contract with them. I threw out my cable modem and tv boxes, phoned BT, SKY and BE broadband. I was connected the next week, and I’m extremely happy with my BE DSL and BT. Especially the fantastic customer support from both companies. Do not trust or use Virgin media!! or you will regret the day you did!

    123. Chris says:

      Like all the other folks said, the service we received from Virgin is bad bad bad bad bad… However to be fair the problems I experienced with them can actually be traced back to the NTL era, so I believe they simply took over NTL without upgrading their customer service sector.

      Problems I experienced are:
      1. Slow broadband speed and sometimes with no signal at all.
      2. Rubbish customer service including phone, email, and mail. In a good day you may be able to talk to someone (who still can’t solve your problems!) in 30mins. In a bad day… I once waited 1hr plus and they hung up the phone!!! The prob is I don’t have a phone line with them and so it cost me a fortune calling from my mobile.
      3. Overcharged me hundreds of pounds saying that I have watched dozens of movies and MV’s from the digi box. Engineers came and check, no prob with box, got full refund, but the same thing happened again next month. Imagine how frustrated I am having to receive a 3 digit broadband bill every month and spending hrs trying to reach those people to get a refund.

      Avoid Virgin Media at all costs!!!!! They may be cheaper than some network providers but don’t let that fool you!!!!

    124. Alex Edwards says:

      Virgin are useless. The installation process is painful. They have cancelled several appointments to install broadband without even telling us. Again it seems this is another company concerned only with the bottom line and not the customer – it’s becoming all too familiar.

    125. Mike A says:

      Avoid Virgin at all costs!
      When I moved address I contacted them to say I didn’t want to take their package with me due to poor internet and TV box problems. They offered half price TV and phone and 10 mega broadband for £10 per month, so I stupidly agreed. Their engineers cracked bricks and plaster and generally didn’t care. Then I found that my broadband speed was less than 2 mega and rather than discounting me they doubled my billing, in three months they took over £400 from my bank account. I sent an official complaint in copies of my bank statements and this was acknowledged but has not yet been resolved, I have received demands for equipment they took when I moved address and now I have received a debt collectors letter for an outstanding amount.

    126. Mike Russell says:

      Like over a million posters, I too have gone from a very good service to a crappy one. It happened the moment Virgin took over from Blueyonder. Now, every weekend and sometimes on weekdays, I lose my connection all day on a Sunday, sometimes Saturday too, from midday, to the evening. There’s no point phoning up some moron in another country who spouts dogma at you, from a page and wastes your time rebooting your perfectly good PC and modem. It’s clear from the pattern that these outages are not due to damage, as lamely claimed, but rather to some planned maintenance procedure that they already know about. Virgin now want you to pay premium rate to listen to this crap. They don’t even have the consideration and good grace to inform their customers, so that they can plan around the downtime. My post may be a lot more aggressive than most, but I think a lot of people out there actually are this angry with Sir Richard The Turd’s company.


    127. Irene Firth says:

      Cable and Wireless-NTL-any problems solved-Virgin-forget it! 40 mins. on Friday
      ending with a promise to put me through to Customer Services by which time my head was reeling and I was sick of repeating details. I was not put through to anyone.
      Tried again on Sat. morning-20 mins-
      an engineer would ring me within 48 hrs.
      By Wed. morning no one had been in touch.
      Wed afternoon and I actually got through
      to an engineer after a further 25minutes around the world telephone travel.
      By this time I had a sore throat from repeating my details and was sick of the sound of my own voice . I came to the part where I gave my post code-he did not deal with that area -but would put me through to a man who did-I got back to India wastedanother 25 minutes and was told she would pass my details to a supervisor who would get back to me sometime in the next THREE DAYS.
      I dont think so.
      Sorry Richard. I’m off to the bank to cancel tomorrow. I know when to give up.

    128. Phil Edney says:

      I gave notice to Ntl in Jan and switched to Sky in Feb of this year. Account was paid in full.
      Now i keep getting bills for my broadband..Why!! only they know. I spoke to about 10 different people about this and they all said i should’nt be getting the bills and that they will close the account ASAP.
      Now i have been sent a default notice which effects my Credit Rating and i am not happy..
      I have spoken to 5 or 6 different people today who all say they will get the account cleared today but after 3 hours on the phone my patience is running out.
      I have told them i want a letter to say thet i have paid in Feb and that they should’nt of sent a default notice. Can they do this? Your having a laugh, the bloke has now gone to speak to someone else about it.

      Next Step Offtell..

      Ntl Were bad Virgin are even Worse..

    129. Aidan says:

      Since virgin took over and have promised upgrading the 10Mb package to 20Mb, we’ve been getting nothing but 2Mb for weeks now.

      And with this new throttling they’ve said is only going to be for the upgraded speeds, they’re basically giving us the speed to get throttled. 3GB on a 20Mbps line is fucking ridiculous.

      Virgin media are a bunch of morons, they’re just going to lose hundreds of customers if they don’t get their heads out of their asses soon.

    130. Brian Keeley says:

      I have been with telewest broadband for years i love the broadband service. I currently use Sky for my TV service i decided i wanted a one stop shop and decided to go for the £85.00 VIP service.

      An engineer turned up on Saturday spent 5 hours screwing around looked like he did not know what he was doing. Drilled two holes in my house installed a V+ box and a Multi room box. Left to deliver a ladder to one of his colleagues. Told me he and his mates were from Scotland and they were installing all over England this weekend happened to be west London.

      He then told me that he was having a bad day and the TV service was not going to work “right this minute”. “i will call you later ” he said..Not surprised ..no phone call. no phone call on Sunday either. So i decided to call Virgin today to be told that they could only return to complete the install in 2 weeks time. No apology. No nothing

      This Service is a horror and an absolute disgrace. And is totally unacceptable in this day and time Virgin thus far have shown me a lack of integrity and a lack in care i am very disappointed.

      This has left a really bad impression on me. If you can not get a simple installation right then god help us if there are any other problems with the service I have decided to cancel the service immediately before i have even received it and requested they pick the boxes up ..lets see how long this will take . I will instruct my bank not to pay any monies to virgin and will send their accounts and customer service departments a letter cancelling the service by special delivery. Tomorrow. I will keep my TV service with Sky … what a shame

      Poor Richard if only he knew his Quality Virgin Name is going to be destroyed with this business. Badly needs to sort this customer service out. Whoever Virgin have installing and customer service need a complete overhaul an absolute disgrace.

      Its like having my windows replaced and being told ” sir we have taken your windows out but i won’t be back for 2 weeks to put your new ones in.

      Good luck Virgin
      you are going to need lots and lots of it

    131. Sven Mattys says:

      The key word for VM is “slow”: Zapping through TV channels takes for ever, the inertia of every button push is crippling, broadband download speed is a joke, and the on-hold time when you phone them is insulting—as are their clueless representatives or “technicians” sometimes. But, hey, they’ve redesigned the colours and layout of their little site and banners, and they use oh-so-today expressions like “blisteringly fast” to describe their broadband speed. So, they can’t be that bad. The other day, when I finally got through to a VM technician and asked him if there was anything they could do about my ridiculously slow browsing time, the guy had me run a little download test online which returned a few numbers that I read out over the phone to him. After a few calculations, he announced that my download speed was actually twice as fast as what I’m supposed to get with the L package and that I should look into tweaking my browser’s parameters (instead of complaining). Things were absolutely perfect before I switched to VM, but that didn’t seem to bother his sense of logic. Virgin Media is so bad, it’s not even funny.

    132. Leanne says:

      I’ve been having the same problems, for the past 7 weeks. That’s nearly two months!! We’ve called them, and earlier on with this he told me to go buy a new adapter card, because that was the problem and not them. Luckily I didn’t waste my money buying one, because I knew it wasn’t that.
      We called them last night where he told us to call another automated number which would tell us how far along with fixing it they were, and all that was said was “there is a problem in the Yorkshire area, we’re doing all we can”.

      This is completely ridiculous, they could at least give us a estimate of how long it would take.

      If this carries one we’re cancelling it, as we’ve paid for 2 months internet, and getting less than have of it.

      My connection hasn’t worked for nearly 3 days now.

    133. Craig Goslan says:

      Wait for ages on 150. You get through to an over-seas call centre where you can’t be helped and they try to book an engineer for you.

      I gave a month’s notice (as required) to cancel my TV service, and they (virgin media) cut my TV off straight away, Took 6 hours of phone calls to get it back on. Worst customer service ever.

    134. David Hemmings says:

      I have been a customer from cable&wireless days after initial teething problems, I used to rate NTL broadband service and recommend it to people, since virgin took over the service is rubbish the customer service and response to web mails worse still.

      The frustration of speaking to a desk monkeys (after a 40minute plus wait) in India reading verbatim from their 1st line support for dummies has almost been enough to make me leave.

      I think that virgin should contact Oxford dictionary with a new meaning for ‘unlimited’. I cannot work out if it is outright rate limiting across the board, limiting by port, limiting by packet type, limiting after xMB usage, QoS, packet shaping or something else, suffice to say i am extremely disappointed with the level of service and shall be looking else where if this isn’t rectified soon.

    135. Terence Brown says:

      This thread looks little like deja vu. I have been a Telewest broadband user for over a year with no problems whatsoever. Along came Virgin Media and now I have nothing but problems. I pay £37 per month and my connection drops out for about 10 minutes every hour. DNS server unreachable the same as many of the other complaints here. This has been happening for about 3 weeks now. The faults department keep telling me that it is caused by a fault in the area but can’t tell me when it will be fixed. Reading the other posts here it looks more like a fault all over the country because everyone is being told the same thing. We too are still on 10Mbs as well and are paying for the upgraded service. I will be cancelling my connection and am currently looking to get an Orange 8Mbs connection. Given that my current 10Mbs connection is running at an average of 5Mbs that will be an upgrade and only costs half the price of the current connection. If Virgin Media spent half on maintenance of what they spend on sales ( I get sales blurb from them nearly every day) then I’m sure we would have a better service.

    136. Chris Corker says:

      Since Virgin took over from Telewest there has been nothing but problems. Slow interactive TV that reboots itself at random, the cause? Virgin moving the entire TV on demand and movies onto a new database! Now my broadband is extremely slow. I pay for 2Mb but since Thursday last week I get 0.2Mb barely faster than dial up. When I ring up to complain I’m told its a Yorkshire wide problem they are trying to fix. Its now Sunday, they’ve had 4days to fix it! They can’t say when it will be back to normal.

    137. Mark Jones says:

      Virgin to cut heavy downloaders’ speeds. We pay for our services when ntl was running the show it was no problem but now Virgin has taken over they are messing every thing up like our channels on the box now on the internet. If this is for good I am not sticking around with them they can go to hell.

      I am ringing them tomorrow and demanding a discount because if I am paying £27 a month for my internet and getting capped it should be a discount because it is not classed as unlimited downloads.

      We never had this problem with ntl the internet was so much better before Virgin took over. If anyone knows somewhere I and some of my mates can go to to make a complaint please say as this is not fair on the Virgin media customers.


    138. Robert J Lee says:

      I have mixed feelings about Virgin Media, after getting their services installed as a new customer (Previously BT+Force9+Analogue TV).

      I knew and accepted that Sky 1 is gone, and that their package deals provide me with things I don’t want (it’s actually cheaper with the sports channels – :shrug:).

      But I don’t like the fact that the installation technician left my house while on-demand services weren’t working, which then took weeks to fix. I don’t like the fact that they keep me on hold for so long when I phone them up with a problem – like I couldn’t connect to my email because the connection details on their website are wrong, and I’m not going to risk their setup CD (I run Linux and in any case don’t want my system messed with).

      And I’m about to send a letter to Ofcom about the fact that they are now limiting their “Unlimited” internet service – which I didn’t know about even though they’ve technically admitted it for months.

      Having said that, I still think Virgin provides the best value Phone/TV/Internet package if you want the full works, and I’ve never had a problem with them as a phone provider, which is more than I can say for BT.

      Here’s hoping that the regulators make them sort their act out…

    139. John says:

      I am currently on the XL package. I only have the broadband.

      I am NOW paying £37 a month for there 20meg service and it is not even in my area as yet. How can they justify making me pay for something I don’t have ?

    140. Jeremy Harding says:

      I have been a broadband cable customer for a number of years. Although customer service has always been ropey the NTL technical service has been fairly good (only a few problems from time to time). Since the switchover to Virgin the broadband service has become almost unusable

      The DNS server is frequently (2-3 time per 10 minutes) unreachable for minutes on end.

      The delivery of packets on downloads starts fast but slows dramatically. After a while it restarts.

      I believe we lose connectivity fairly frequently and then get it restored. It is as though a key intermediate service is hugely overloaded and failing.

      I have yet to find an electronic means of complaining to the provider.

      In addition, I also use the Digital TV service and all weekend BBC radio 4 has been delivering no sound. My postcode is AL 3 5RT.

      I’m deeply disappointed and now considering my options.

    141. David Carder says:

      My experience of Virgin.

      I was a happy Blueyonder/NTL customer since 2002 then Branson comes along and blames everyone but himself for the reduction in services. Not only that I notified them that I intended to terminate the contract on 22 March 2007 – confirmed it in writing the following day to the address they supplied and then, despite several e-mails (and waiting on the phone for 37 minutes before calling it a day) they now have yet to confirm that the contract is terminated. I have now stopped the direct debit which seems to have focused their attention a little more. But still they will not accept that I have provided a written confirmation of termination.
      I cannot recommend Virgin to anyone and it seems that their business ethics are about the worst that I have ever come across. Sky have an almost unlimited potential target of customers but for Virgin, with only cable users who they can charge a monthly charge of over £70 for TV, slow broadband and phone, I would have expected they would have had a degree of respect for the limited number of potential cable customers. Not so – arrogance and indifference reigns supreme in Branson’s empire. I now have a new digibox and have signed up for 8 mb broadband and saved myself about £40 a month. Branson and his morons can go to hell!

    142. Stuart Tees says:

      Virgin Media have one of, if not the worst customer services/care department around. Their engineers don’t show up! They don’t call you to offer an explanation and they continue to charge you for the full package even though several channels have been removed. Very Poor! SKY here I come.

    143. Sarah says:

      Virgin really are a waste of time now. they have officially started throttling everybody’s speeds. They are going backwards instead of forwards. Don’t waste your time and money on them.


    144. Mr Nice says:

      Virgin-media told me by phone that my area is serviced by them. Well, after 2 requests (2 weeks between them) through their web form I never got any reply. So as I got no reply 2 weeks after the second web request to become a customer I phoned them again. They told me bluntly that my house number is not serviced and there is nothing they can do. They mentioned that only BT can service me….

    145. Steve Mansfield says:

      I thought NTL were bad, but they are a blessed memory compared to the shambles that is Virgin Media.

      They set up a second direct debit on my account and swiped £26 pounds for a ‘change of service’ I hadn’t ordered and that they didn’t have any form of authority for – on complaining they had the cheek to try to suggest that I had ‘forgotten’ that I had ordered the service and then, when I rejected that, also suggested that I had also ‘forgotten’ that I had then cancelled it! Do I have to give them one star? They don’t deserve that.

    146. David Miller says:

      Virgin Media have been useless since day 1. I’m on the medium package and they’ve got rid of some of my favourite channels and put them as the more expensive package. Like it’s not bad enough without Sky One, why are they messing around with all the other channels???

    147. Richard Dale says:

      The service is excellent and I’m sad to see that a few people have had a bad service. The fact is, Virgin Media have won best ISP several times and are now the number 1 provider in the UK and I’ve never had any problems. If you read up on other providers, you will see a lot more bad reviews. Look at the Watchdog report with the reviews for Orange! One of my mates has been waiting 6 weeks and counting to get his SKY broadband working! All companies will inevitably have problems from time to time – that’s life! It seams that the only people who tend to leave comments, are the ones who’ve had a bad experience. We are so quick to complain but very slow to praise!

    148. Ho-yin Leung says:

      I was with Virgin.net for about 5 months and arrange switch to Be Unlimited. I paid £50 cancellation fee (under 12 months contract) and got a MAC code for transfer, their staff told me i will need to pay my next 30 days as well before contract completely end.

      2 Months later, I found out they still charge me monthly and their explanation is he did not use their MAC code for transfer, and they have to continue the account. I even have to pay for another 30 day after I called them before it got to end!

      This is completely ridiculous! For £50 cancellation fee, the contract should end no matter whether the new ISP use their MAC to transfer or not.

      I can’t even see the formal complaint details on their web site. Don’t use any Virgin service!

    149. Dylan Morley says:

      I joined NTL a few months before it was taken over by Virgin Media. BIG mistake.

      With NTL, my broadband was working fine & connection speeds were what I would expect, even during peak hours. However, since Virgin have taken over, my connection is often completely down (Safari reports ‘You are not connected to the internet!’) or connection speeds are so bad as to render it unusable.

      My TV service has deteriorated as well. No interactive features are working……Sky movies require you to enter the PIN to watch most of the channels. However, Virgins ‘brilliant’ redesign of the TV menus means to enter the PIN you need to press red to get the interactive menu up!! So, I can’t watch any movies either!!

      I’ve got 2 engineers coming on Wednesday 2nd May afternoon, one for TV & one for broadband. At different times!

      You’d think they’d multi-train their technicians a bit……surely 1 guy should be able to fix both??! Anyway, I will reserve complete condemnation until after the engineers have been….if they don’t fix it I will ditch them.

      Not happy.

    150. Lorraine Mcnamara says:

      Virgin media gave me a connection date for 23rd April 07. The engineer did not have the connection for my computer or the box for the cables on my outside wall so said he would return in two hours to complete the job. He did not return and I have phoned constantly for a whole week but been completely fobbed off. No-one has returned any of my calls as promised and I’m left with loose wires and no internet. Virgin just blames the engineers who cannot be contacted direct. This is my mums e-mail.

    151. Rob Hawlor says:

      Have been using Telewest for past few years, hardly ever had a problem with them and now we have changed over to virgin media then everything has gone to pot!!! The TV is rubbish, yeah we all felt sorry for Richard Branson, when sky tried to bribe extra money out of him, so you would think he would make the effort to sort the broadband out, especially when we get advertising mail telling us he will up the broadband bandwidth 20 a maximum of 20 meg! Every time I try to call I just get an annoying telephonic musical score that after 20 minutes of listening to is driving me round the bend! to put it bluntly, I HATE VIRGIN MEDIA AND THEY ARE USELESS.

    152. Kathleen Walker says:

      Virgin never reply to the phone when you phone and so make it more or less impossible to reduce your service unless you do it in writing – and in this case they ignore the notice you’ve given and overcharge you in the next bill.

    153. Helen Davies says:

      I am thoroughly appalled at Virgin Media’s actions since I cancelled my direct debit. They have since taken not one but THREE further £15 monthly payments from my account despite the ending of the contract (in addition to the £50 cancellation fee) and they are refusing to give any of the money back.

    154. Lulu Banche says:

      We had ntl cable, phone & internet for years. All fine. Since going digital the television is terrible, really slow and always cutting out. Couldn’t get broadband till late in 2006 and it’s been fine but am being billed more than originally quoted. the biggest problem though, has been the billing and customer service, enough to send me around the bend! in the changeover to virgin, my December payment was not received and I have been incurring a £10 late charge every month since (I refuse to pay this charge, being charged for an itemised bill and for not having a direct debit are bad enough, thank you). I’ve rung each month and once had a credit for £30 but somehow, it didn’t register and I’ve just received the latest bill with a £40 late charge. I have wasted at least 2 afternoons each month phoning and holding on for ages, only to be passed around until I get cut off. Spending my days off like this leaves me fuming! I am now looking into getting an aerial as we have no reception for telly at all, and a freeview box. We’ll just disconnect the phone & broadband and find a better service.

      To top it off, getting all the new Virgin Media post with fancy brochures… aaarrrggghhh!!!!
      Terrible. As an american, I really struggle with the customer service in the UK but this is ridiculous. and changing providers isn’t that easy what with these contracts they put you under and having to spend your days arranging everything.

      I used to refer people to ntl as a good service, now I say STAY AWAY!

    155. Becci Forster says:

      This joke of a company have taken £26.99 from me, whilst also taking it from someone else for my broadband. When ‘someone else’ rightly asked fro a refund, V.M. put a £450 debt on my account, regardless of my monthly payments. After apparently sorting it, I get a debt recovery company chasing me for £900 three months later. How can such a bunch of morons be trusted with anyone’s money? I am furious, and am being chased for money I don’t owe even after I’ve left the company. I am going to take this as far as I can, and would advise everyone else that has been shafted to do the same.

    156. Isobel Cant says:

      I arranged for collection of my modem and cable TV box because I was moving house. The appointment was for between 8am and 12 noon. It is now 2.45 Pm and after 5 calls the only response is that the collections dept phone line is engaged, there have been no replies to emails to them and I am still waiting. Nobody knows where the staff actually are and it is impossible to speak to a manager. They could be in the pub for all anyone knows. Hardly competent management.

    157. Mrs Annette Brien says:

      I have never been a Virgin customer but I get Money demands from Virgin? this is
      incompetence on Virgins part, even after
      they promised to stop,

    158. Russell says:

      Seriously think twice before joining this service. In addition to constantly resetting I have had approximately £500 taken from my account for a modem I don’t have. Wasn’t too worried….mistakes happen. However, trying to resolve this issue is taking months and the customer service is appalling. Emails of complaint are ignored & the phone calls always end with “we”ll call you back when we have investigated further”. Not happy…

    159. Rick says:

      Absolute joke of a service.

      Have been with telewest for a number of years and I experienced very few problems with them. Since the changeover I keep losing my connection, sometimes for days on end.

      Some of the support staff are complete idiots. They don’t think for themselves and just read from scripts. I actually caught one of the guys from India doing this. He messed up by reading out the same line twice. Halfway through the sentence he realised his mistake, stopped and started saying something completely unrelated.

      They try to make me run simple tests on my pc even when I try to explain to them that I know for certain that the problem isn’t at my end. Eventually if pushed they admit that theres an outtage problem but can never tell me when it is likely to be resolved. Eventually it does get resolved but within a week or two the problems start up again

      1 star is too good for them

    160. David says:

      You can complain to OFCOM and they will be looking to consumer complaints and take action against virgin media unfairly service, don’t rely on someone else, the more people that complain, the more can be done. Here is a website for detail and number http://www.ofcom.org.uk/complain/internet/isp/other/

    161. Matt Godwin says:

      Been with NTL before they merged to become Virgin. I have found that the broadband has been very good, fast download speeds, yes there has been the ocasional downtime, but nothing is perfect.

      For me they have done a good broadband service that I can’t fault really.

    162. Tim Hughes says:

      What a load of rubbish, I have been with telewest for 6 years now, the broadband has never really lived up to what I was supposed to be getting, but lived with it. Until Mr Branson took over, now my £25 a month broadband has turned out to be slower than dial-up at times, have spent hours on the phone to them getting moved from department to different call centres in different countries, they are great at telling me there is interference on the cable but dont know when or if they will be sorting it out, I think they have just made a big boo boo and should sell up before they loss alot of money. My custom is definetly going else where. Shame really.

    163. Nidhi says:

      Good services by the technical support in India hence will give 5 stars

    164. Angela Storror says:

      Hi all, My advice would be to stay as far away from Virgin Media as possible. I have been a customer to Telewest for 7 years, there service wasn’t great but now its very poor! I dont pay by direct debit so i get charged an extra £5.00 which they refuse to justify. Also my broadband which is advertised as running at 2mb, yet sadly i don’t receive speeds like this i get 44.9k! Also their phone lines are terrible! It took me three days to contact them to pay my bill, and I incurred a £10 late charge. Avoid Virgin Media

    165. Jools Powell says:

      I’ve been with them for a couple of years and the service OK but the download speeds at peak times are useless. I have a 2mg connection but recently at peak times it drops to just about “dial up”. I have writen to them about it. However they did not read my email properly and just sent me the normal reply telling me it was most likely my equipment. I then replyed that how could they explain that it worked ok in the mornings. However the conclusion is that all the ISP’s slow down because either the have spent enough on bandwith themselves or we have arrived at saturation point because BT has been dragging its heels with the whole broadband thing and we have not got the right cables in the ground in this country.

    166. Ihab says:

      My first and only 1 week old broadband, and so far no problems. They said it could take up to 10 days to activate and was running on day 8, even their free kit managed to arrive on the same day of activation. Customer care advisers seem OK, but there has been no real test or problem yet, I hope there will not be. Nothing to complain about and therefore 5stars.

    167. Catherine Darley says:

      After using Virgin Broadband for almost a year with a dynamode router I was suddenly disconnected without any warning. I was told I had to download firmware to reconnected. I am unable to bring my computer near the modem. I tried the number the engineer left me but after trying for 15 minutes I could not through. I then phoned Dynamode direct and was helped immediately. There are two questions I would like to have answered: first, why was there a problem with the router after using it for almost a year without complaints? Second, why did Virgin not use their e-mail to let me know there was a problem, instead if simply disconnecting without any warning? Furthermore I wish I could speak with your helpline without having to deal with severe language problems on the part of your operator.

    168. Keith Mayoh says:

      I have been with Ntl for years and I have moved house with them twice. However since having to start a new 12 month contract with them after moving a second time, I noticed on their site that their advertising broadband only at Standard monthly prices currently up to 2Mb is £9, up to 4 Mb is £16, up to 20Mb is £28. I demanded over the phone that they reduce my cost seeing as I had just started another contract with them and they refused outright. Anybody else in the same situation bombard them now!!

    169. Cat says:

      If anyone here has problems where the modem disconnects randomly and you have to keep rebooting it to get it working – this MAY solve your problems:

      First, while the internet IS working (otherwise you won’t be able to connect) go on to internet explorer and type which will take you to the modem’s page.

      Check what the downstream frequency is. It should be 331000000. If it isn’t, go down to the Starting Frequency box and type in 0 (zero), then click on the blue button underneath to restart the modem. Reload the page when the modem has finished restarting, and the downstream frequency should then be correct. It seems to be working for me so far, so I hope it helps you.

    170. I Hem says:

      Well I agree with every post here almost – virgin media have dropped the ball big time – useless support, customer relations are clueless and they throttle my broadband speed every night during peek hours and when I contact them they blatantly lie and tell me it’s not throttled and that when they test it, it shows the full amount. But for some reason between 5pm and 10pm I only get 1 meg connection, yet anytime outside of 5pm-10pm I get a stable 4.6 meg connection. This company is a farce – and I lost my internet over Xmas for well over a month while the engineers “investigated” what was wrong. It took 5 engineers and numerous phone calls to sort it out. I am defo changing to sky broadband. I have been with ex ntl now virgin for 6 years now and never had any issues with them till virgin took over and been having issues every month since. Stay clear of them, 9 out of 10 times you will end up losing against them and their ways.

    171. dan says:

      I have been with Virgin Media/Telewest for about a year and a half. The first year was great until I moved address – then everything went downhill after I had to sign another 12 month contract. I got dial-up speed and can no longer use my Xbox on Xbox live. I would have cancelled but was told (after a very expensive phone call) it was a ‘temporary glitch and should sort itself out’. I originally signed up for the 2 for £20 TV and Broadband at my old address but Virgin added another £3.50 to the monthly bill. After another unhelpful call, they said it was only a 12 month offer. I have even lost all connection for several days and when I called them they said there was a problem with my network card. After no fault was found with my PC, I borrowed a laptop and confirmed my suspicions that the broadband was to blame! I am sick to death of Virgin – they blatantly lie to you whilst paying a premium rate charge (unless you’re forced into telephone subscription) for them to do that! which adds insult to injury. I say stay well away and Virgin hang your head in shame!

    172. darrell says:

      Virgin Freedom – Media – formally ntl freedom.

      The switch over is the biggest pain in the neck ever.
      I have tried to obtain my mac code to either switch providers or update on line not successful; phoned approx 12 times on hold up to 1 hour. V-Media says not their fault, ntl freedom’s fault which no longer runs, can’t get hold of anyone. I received letter service to upgrade or switch providers phone 0800 052 4035 before 29th Feb, system does not work, been told to phone 08700 151515. Option to talk about current package – on hold over 1 hour, no joy; option to upgrade – 15 minutes, finally some one from virgin media sales. To upgrade they would do it over the phone but to get the mac code they said ntl freedom are responsible, but then transfered to 08700151515 and again on hold until I finally had enough of their on hold music and hanged up. On hold approx about 80 minutes.

      Virgin Media will not get any of my customer in the future again, poor consumer relations and very poor man management service. No person will pass you on to the right service to obtain mac code or email address or cancellation department. Finally after 3 weeks was given local address of Virgin Media consumer department. A very large phone bill but still no mac code to switch providers. Unhappy with Virgin Media – yes!.
      To contact V-Media have to phone 0845 or 0870 numbers which are approx from 3p per minute up to 6p per minute. It cost me a small fortune and still no joy. Again one very high profit company which has grown to big and has no or very poor customer service.

    173. Y Speckner says:

      I am sick and tired of Virgin Media. Ever since they have taken over from Telewest, the service has gone down and it is virtually impossible to get a response from them. This morning I received a letter, signed by a Trevor Elliot, that they have been making some improvements to the way we look after bills and that they have noticed that I haven’t been charged enough. This is a sick joke! They took over from Telewest and the charges never changed, so how can I possibly not pay the correct amount? What they are really telling me is that they have increased their charges and that they are going to help themselves when the next bill is issued to my money and that I can’t do anything about it as I foolishly allowed them to take the money from my account via Direct Debit. The letter they sent me was not dated and did not show an address so I will now write to them at the contact address on the last invoice and I will tell them that I have cancelled my Direct Debit agreement as I consider their letter charging me an unspecified increase as a breach of the Direct Debit Agreement.

    174. Chris says:

      Telewest was great, never a problem in 18 months. Since virgin took over… immediately and ever since its been awful. At least one problem a week. Even when it works its slower at 4mb than telewest was at 1mb. Avoid virgin like the plague!! I haven’t cancelled yet as I plan to move soon, but will never go near Virgin again! Oh and they charge for customer service now too. So I suppose the problems with their service help them raise even more money.

    175. Richard says:

      As I write I’m waiting for someone to talk to on virgin media services. The automated service asks me if I want to cancel my phone line press a number, then a bloke says I need Movers dept even though tried to explain I don’t want to transfer line; when I eventually speak to some one with all my details he then puts me through to someone and then I’m now back to automated service asking me what I want to do. I’m now back where I started and now been on phone for 30 mins… All I want to do is cancel my line. I’m sure it’s a ploy to keep move on line so premiums charge bumps up!

    176. richard says:

      I was previously with ntl and was forced to change over to Virgin. The switch was made as awkward as possible, needless to say the Virgin service could not be made to work at all without several calls to their premium rate support line and I was without any service at all for some time. I was told that ntl is a different company and it appears they do not want ntl customers. Since then the service has been very poor, it often runs very slowly and is subject to horrible congestion which I never experienced with ntl. At peak periods it runs very slowly indeed, this is because they do not have adequate server capacity for the number of customers they have in my opinion. I have complained but all I get is a long winded letter telling me it is my fault and, yes, I should call the premium rate help line again so they can make me pay to be told the same thing. What a bunch of shysters. Unfortunately I am locked into a contract for 12 months, if you are considering Virgin be warned. I give no rating at all for the current service, it is rubbish.

    177. deadbydayinblack says:

      Last September the internet started to go a bit wonky… but other times like after 10 at night it would be fine. Not wanting to blame Virgin I did all the usual stuff changing routers, changing computers to make sure it was not my hardware… no joy. Speed on to three days ago when the internet was at best 2k a sec and nonexistent for most for the time. By now I decided it HAD to be Virgin’s fault. 1/2 an hour on the phone to some bloke in India I assume from his lack of understanding of where Scotland actually is; I have to phone up the 10p a min line to get any joy. After 25 mins explaining that all the hardware had been double checked on other computers and the line/modem had to be at fault, he was INSISTANT that it HAD TO BE MY ROUTER… HAD TO BE… NO OTHER OPTION. I stuck by my guns and got an engineer out… and thankfully he knew his stuff and changed the modem and installed a signal conditioning filter and its superb again. Moral of the story: stick by your guns and get the buggers out. Don’t be fobbed off with people on the phone telling you its your fault. Interstingly I got a an email from Virgin saying that they would cap heavy users a few weeks before all this started. I personally think they have over loaded the servers and the old modems (mine was an original modem ntl gave me 10 years ago) can’t handle it… just a thought.
      In summary… Virgin’s customer support is abysmal, ages to get connected to some one who does not speak English; very well only to have to phone an expensive customer support line (ok they say they will refund if the fault is theirs but it still is on your mind when you originally phone true?). So it’s two stars… the engineer guy who came out and sorted it all was a god send so he brings it up 1.5 stars.

    178. Hedger says:

      Virgin Media have been a huge disappointment – and mainly because of lousy customer service. When I was stupid enough to sign up to their service, Virgin assured me that I ‘didn’t have to do anything’ with regard to my previous supplier – and that they would ‘sort everything out’. Ha ha ha. A complete and utter lie. Virgin took over my phone line, and my old provider is still sending me bills. Virgin now say that they can’t do anything – because of the ‘Data Protection Act’. Isn’t it interesting that the ‘Data Protection Act’ wasn’t an issue when they made their hollow promises in order to get me to sign up? I now have a demand from a Debt Collection Agency for six months ‘line rental’ for a service I no longer have. THIS IS ALL BECAUSE VIRGIN MEDIA LIED TO ME WHEN THEY SAID THEY WOULD ‘SORT EVERYTHING OUT’.

      It’s proving to be impossible to get any sort of ‘service’ from Virgin – they don’t know what it is. I will have to end up taking them to Court over this.
      I know that the vast majority of ISP’s are just as bad – it’s sadly endemic within the ‘communications’ industry. No one seems to understand what ‘communications’ actually means! Or ‘Customer Service’ for that matter. I can only recommend AVOIDING Virgin Media at all costs. They will promise you the earth to get you to sign up (oh, and the initial contact staff are VERY friendly!) and deceive you at every opportunity. The rest of the staff don’t have a clue as to what’s going on and quite frankly don’t know their arse from their elbow. I can only assume they employ people who use the majority of their brain power on involuntary bodily functions such as breathing. VIRGIN MEDIA ARE USELESS.

      (I wanted to give Virgin Media NO STARS AT ALL but unfortunately this system doesn’t allow it. HOW ABOUT MINUS 5?)

    179. s.white says:

      Most of you are lucky, I only get 160kp to 168kp and that’s all day!

    180. Alan Chaplin says:

      I have been with virgin for four years and have had connection problems quite often. This time it is shocking with the e-mails being unobtainable for 2 days. Great if you are running a business. Come on Virgin! You told me it would be up & running in 12 hours – that was 24 hours ago.

    181. GH says:

      Most appalling rude customer service I have ever experienced, and if you ask for a supervisor they are just the same!!!! I’d change providers NOW if I wasn’t fearful of what a hash they would make of it and of course that would be all my fault…

    182. john robert jones says:

      I have been with virgin.net for 12 months and I can honestly say that if this was a business/school/hospital run by me I would have resigned 11 months ago. At least five times the connection has failed and the CD comes in to play, but, the last time was disgusting. The system went down and it cost me moneywise, I spoke to FOUR different supposed engineers and ended up fixing the problem of connection myself! I have sent at least six emails and a letter but have the same plastic response – We are very sorry to hear of your problems but we are doing all we can to make sure you will enjoy our connection etc.

    183. Zed says:

      As an ex-NTL customer, my 2Mbit connection was still running fine… until the beginning of this month when download speeds suddenly dropped through the floor. Now I barely get above 100kbits, and that’s with long long drop-outs that unhitch web sites and mail connections alike.

      Tech support ran through all sorts of stuff about my cable modem, was my machine full of viruses, was someone hacking my (non-existent) wireless… all the usual it must be your fault stuff – but since I’ve proved that my end’s fine they’ve simply refused to talk.

      STEER CLEAR PEOPLE!! All I want out of virgin media now is a refund. ZERO stars if it was possible.

    184. p allen says:

      completely hopeless.. no connectivity for 5 days now after 6pm. when there is some it takes pages 3 or 4 attempts to load and up to 5 minutes to change a page. All since the ho on demand service started. Complaints will be made to ofcom and office of fair trading.

      i have typed all this and STILL the page hasn’t loaded…. I can’t vote a minus.. this weekend it would be minus 10.. better on 6k dialup.

    185. harvey colven says:

      i usedto be with blueyonder/telewest it was excellent. whenever there was a problem they fixed it immediately, had good free customer service with people that knew about computers and werent just reading it off of a screen. since it becoming virgin the browsing has slowed down to slower than 56k, my xbox live disconnects. i have spoken to thier not so helpful customer services who suggested i upgrade to a faster connection (absolutely no use to me if my 4mb connection wont even load a page) they suggested my computer was at fault and spyware was causing it, have run spybot,adaware and trend home doctor, all say i have no spyware or virus’s. can anyone recommend a good provider as i have had enough of virgin’s dont give two hoots attitude

    186. Alex G says:

      3 Words about Virgin Media: Avoid Avoid Avoid… Overpriced, slow, unreliable, useless tech support.

    187. Alan says:

      VM is virtually useless, always disconnecting and so very slow, I was with NTL in the early days and had no problem but when RB took over it went to pot.

    188. Alex Steedman says:

      Very curious. Sky has been mentioned in these reviews of Virgin Media a total of 21 times by my count. In the review of Sky Broadband Virgin is mentioned just once.

      I’ve been using Virgin Media broadband cable for nearly 5 years (since Telewest) with hardly a glitch. The connection is very fast and reliable with no download limit. I’ve upgraded to 20Mb broadband and I’m looking forward to 50Mb.

      A friend has Sky Broadband. He’s not particularly impressed with it.

      Incidentally the V+ Box is excellent. Recording 2 channels whilst watching a 3rd. It’s amazing how often this is useful.

    189. Andy says:

      We’ve been with Virgin for years, first of all on dial-up, then a 2 meg BB ADSL, then 8 meg ADSL with few problems. They recently ‘upgraded their network ‘(this improved our speed and stopped the evening slowdown, so thanks for that), but now we have a new problem – several times every evening we cannot connect AT ALL. But if we reset the modem we can connect as normal. This happens only in the evenings. Virgin tech help are clueless.

    190. Jambo says:

      My original broadband was with cable & wireless, which became NTL, and then eventually Virgin Media. As soon as VM took over my service has been awful. Slow broadband speeds, lost connections (resulting in turning my set top box on off all the time!). Also half my cable TV channels freeze all the time, and 1 year down the line &amp; 5 new cable boxes and they still have fixed the problem! AVOID VM LIKE THE PLAGUE!

    191. NN says:

      Have been a loyal Virgin Net customer since the good old DIal Up days. Have had relatively painless Broadband service up until 10 days ago and now suddenly I discover that the Technical Support and non existent Customer service at Virgin is AWFUL!

      Have had NO broadband for 10 days and after initially being promised a feedback within 5 working days, I have neither the feedback nor the service. Invariably wait upto an hour to connect to thier customer support only to be abruptly be patronised by a smug technical support individual who tells you to go away and wait.

      I might be unique in this experience but after reading some posts here, I am not. I am stuck with these guys and am looking to get out ASAP!

    192. Jono Hudson says:

      Been with Virgin since dial up days. Then they became Virgin Media and it all went downhill. I got an email from them in Jan which told me that they were supposedly boosting my broadband in Feb. My heart sank. Ever since the so called boost, and as expected, my connection has been dreadful to non-existent. No help at all from Virgin. They have tried to blame everyone and everything rather than accept the fact that they are just very bad. They have had me replacing RAM cards; replacing ADSL filters; removing and reloading drivers over and over; they even had me unscrewing the phone socket box from the wall! They tried to blame BT’s phone line and exchange, you name it. Once when I rang them I waited on hold for 2hours and 34 minutes before someone picked up the phone and when they did, it was just some clueless guy who had no idea either about how to deal with the problem, or how to speak politely and clearly. Last night I was calling from 4.30pm to 10.30pm (6 hours). Didn’t manage to speak to anyone. I feel like tearing my hair out! I have written to them by letter and email, and just got standard replies "We’re sorry you are having some problems… We suggest you contact our customer support line on 0845 454 2222"… Ha! That’s a joke. So they can charge me 4p a minute for half an hour until someone deigns to pick up the phone and then does sweet FA to help. I would advise anyone who has problems with Virgin Media to write to BBC TV Watchdog. It would be great to see that grinning balloon bothering toss-pot Branson in the chair being grilled about his company’s appalling service. Anyway, I am still on hold waiting to be answered (again) by their customer support team. I will post back and let you know what load of drivel they advise me this time…

    193. CC says:

      I have been with NTL since I can remember then it was taken over by VM. I am on cable broadband. When I was on 512Kb, 600Kb, 1Mbit, 3Mbit it was fine then after the 10Mbit upgrade things went down hill. In the mornings things were ok but in the evenings I could be down to 1 or 2Mbit whilst on 10Mbit. On 20mbit my average was around 10 to 13Mbit in the evenings going down to between 1 and 2Mbit on worst days.

      Good news though as my connection speed drops have just been fixed. Yes, after 2 years and 1 month I am now getting 19.7mbit on my 20Mbit connection ALL the time.

      What did I do? You need to speak to the people who can help. I won’t put that here but you will reach the correct person/s if you make an online official complaint to Virgin from their website or make a complaint via the ISPA. You need to do regular speedtests as evidence, contact the ISPA and make a complaint (naturally I had 2 years worth of evidence!). Look into CISAS too.

      Ask for a reduction in the price you are paying. Quote info from the website, e.g. Cable has no loss in speed so why am I not getting what I pay for!

      Provide options for compensation like free until fixed etc etc. The ISPA complaint form means that VM have 5 working days to reply to you. If after this time they do not reply, you need tom make a second online complaint to the ISPA and then they take it further by appointing an independent party. This way you will get a response. Good Luck.

    194. Gavin Brookes says:

      Useless at fixing or addressing broadband faults, I’ve had a problem on my line for over 3 month and phone them weekly and sometimes daily to report I have lost internet connection again and all I get is there’s nothing we can do after 3 month I’ve been promised a £5 refund, yipee! but that doesn’t stop the fault!!!! Going somewhere else as soon as my contract ends!!!

    195. Jim says:

      When I lived in the City Centre my Virgin connection was brilliant, however the second you move away from the city centre exchanges the quality of your connection drops dramatically. Technical Support is abysmal and no help at all.

    196. nick says:

      I’m paying VM £75 a month for phone tv and 20meg unlimited broadband, so why am I limited between 3-10.30pm to under 5 meg. They said it was traffic management but why do the advertise unlimited broadband when it’s not. I also keep losing connection every 5 minutes or so. I called them and they said everything was ok there end. My end has been the same for 2 years so why has it only started happening the last 2 weeks. VM customer support are useless. I called them last night and the man said he couldn’t help because their computers where down and said they would call me back in the morning. Still haven’t had a call yet its 1206pm now. I’ll wait a little longer to see if they call.

    197. James says:

      I suddenly noticed a dramatic decline in my Virgin Broadband speed some weeks ago, even though nothing had changed in my PC setup, nor my router setup, so I supposed that it was a temporary issue with the ISP. I finally had enough of my BB speed, which used to be 80Kb, down to 30Kb (yes, it really was that slow), and I decided to try another ISP. I contacted Virgin for a MAC number, which I received 48hrs later. However, this request from Virgin had a dramatic effect on my BB speed! It suddenly shot up (relatively speaking) from 30Kb to 100kb, which for me was fast! Assuming this was now my new speed, I decided to stick with Virgin. You can probably guess what’s coming . . . after two weeks of this new faster speed, I’m now back to 30Kb. It seems that Virgin have a policy of boosting the performance for those who request a MAC number, just to keep you hanging on, and changing your mind about changing your ISP. When will ISPs stop playing these games with us, and just admit that they are controlling our speeds at their will, and it has nothing to do with anything else? They are simply running out of available bandwidth, and they can’t afford to upgrade their infrastructure. Some ISPs are worse than others, but Virgin seem to be the worse of the bunch.

    198. Robert says:

      I’ve been with virgin for about 2 years and lately been having problems of disconnecting randomly then I have to wait ages just to be disconnected again, then they upgraded the speed to 10mb it was ok, then again I keep getting the same problem. I feel like smashing up the modem. Lol

    199. Ian McGillivray says:

      My VM 20mb Broadband has been off for 3 days since 25/7/09. It went off for a day or two about 3 weeks ago, and a month before that it went off for a day or so. It just came back on after 3 days while I was on holiday. I phoned them and they went through there usual complete bullshit diagnostics and were convinced that everything there end is fine. I’m so close to cancelling my broadband with VM, there cs is based in India. They refused to send an engineer as there is no problem with the connection, and I need to go to a pc repair shop. If so why did it come back on all of a sudden, if there is something wrong with my pc/laptop/360 why does it just stop connecting then comes back on all of a sudden. I’ve missed 3 days off Boadband connection in a day and age when you expect a honest ISP. I think I should go to Watchdog.

    200. Phil says:

      I was a Telewest customer and only had a single outage in years with them. Since it became VM I now have complete loss of service far more frequently and all the time constant interrupted connection, up and down like a yo-yo rebooting the modem to get service back. It’s not my idea of fun or good service for that matter. Very poor on the whole.

    201. eraldo says:

      I have finally did it, am moving everything to sky. Virgin Media is a poor excuse for robbing you in broad daylight. They change your tv package without request and charge you, when setanta went they did not give me any refund back, they just kept on charging. But the 20 megabite broadband I pay £37 a month for is the worst. If connected, I get a miserable 1.7meg , but most of the time it’is down. Cuts off whilst I am on msn to my family in Italy and gets capped, not because of any illegal download, but because my 2 boys play their Xbox on line. Thank you virgin media for stealing from me. Oh and though I am still not up to speed with sky, at least I don’t have interrupted connection.

    202. Frosty says:

      I have been with Virgin/Telewest now for over 6 – 7 years, while it was Telewest I never had a problem with my cable ever. Now its with Virgin I have nothing but troubles and have done so for the last year or so I play a lot of online gaming and to do so need to be able to rely on a stable connection it is of no use to me when it disconnects 10-15 times an hour (I kid you not). I have phoned the call centre only to be greeted by someone who can not understand my English and seems to be reading from a script. I know about my PC and often take my pc apart and rebuild it as well as benchmarking the components inside, there is nothing wrong with my PC, it’s there side but they will not admit it. One time I phoned them up to ask why I couldn’t connect to several sites presuming it was a DNS issue… It took me more than an hour to explain to the Technician on the phone what a DNS was before he replied there was nothing he could do.

      Virgin media have turned into thieves and to the guy that says we have to respect them when we are on the phone that is not true, I too have worked in many call centres and understand that people shouting at me is not going to fix the issue but when there not even attempting to provide you with customer service but are far to willing to take your bill as well as late payment fees then surely I’m entitled to be fudged off?

      Stay away from Virgin Media if you like stable internet and good customer service.

    203. NeverWorkedin IT says:

      Poor. Very poor. Works fine some of the time, then slows to nothing, literally. Speed tests give up on it. At least dial-up was consistent.

    204. Disgruntled says:

      All i can say is lol to those people on here who think its nothing but sob stories from people not being able to get ma TORRENTZ or PRONZ. esp that ken guy, sounds like a VM call center felcher trying to justify himself wasting oxygen when someone worthwhile could be using it.

      VM have responded on thier help and support forum they ARE traffic shaping, not just torrents/pron, but eveything, from IE updates,to independant games vendors like bigfish, from World of warcraft updater to rapidshare file hosting.

      Oh btw Ken watchdog? nope, OFCOM and OFT work a lot better esp when you can claim back ALL expenses (subscription) through an ADR, hope you liked your job,get that CV ready.

    205. Gravel (Mr) says:

      For 3 years I had a nice quick Virgin broadband (plan 3 the cheapest option). As of Oct 2009 it has slowed to a crawl. Downloads were clipping along at approx 130K, now they’re in the 20-30K region, can’t watch BBC iPlayer or streaming media. In the end I got so miffed I upgraded (pah!) to a new faster computer and router still with the same package. I’ve had all the customer service nonsense and lame excuses but all the new equipment has resulted in not one bit of a speed increase, just an empty pocket. I hate Virgin. I pay for a service which I no longer fully receive.

    206. Mikey_w3 says:

      The info above is out of date. Virgin now offer 10MB/s as their lowest speed. They are very bad at customer support, with many customers finding themselves going round in circles with each help desk person starting from scratch rather than looking at fault history – very frustrating. Many gamers also report problems with Virgin when pressed stating that they provide a basic ‘domestic’ internet service designed for browsing the web only and not for home networking, peer to peer applications or xbox, ps3 gaming etc.

    207. Pageee says:

      I currently subscribe to 20Mb broadband from Virgin. Up until about spring last year (2009) the service was reasonable. However, I have experienced severe problems since then; In the afternoons the actual bandwidth attained is only about 100Kb! Virgin has admitted there are ‘contention’ problems in my area (South West) and that the problem will be resolved by the end of Feb (2010). It has taken quite a lot of effort to get them to admit to this (complaint letters etc). Let’s see if they are as good as their word…

    208. Andy says:

      I would not bother with virgin broadband, the pings are all over the place for gaming, download speed is carrying up to 70%, pretty useless if you play fps games, by the time you spot somebody you are dead.

    209. Jonathon Hansson says:

      Virgin are a disgrace. Had the same problems for 6 months, get offered £10 comp every time from a call centre in India. Avoid them.

    210. callum says:

      Virgin were great to start with. 1.2mbps constant speeds. BUT not for long, within weeks I was getting intermittent connectivity and less than 10% of my connection speed on average. When I complained they are RUDE and very amateur in their technical knowledge. 99% Indian call centers. Needless to say I’m locked into a contract and just get charged extortionate call rates and given abuse when I call or mail to get it fixed. On a par with my parents ISP Toucan both a total disgrace. Use at your own risk.

    211. zaneyboy says:

      Currently pinching an unsecured wireless network in the street which is a nice stable connection I have to say (would love to know who there ISP is 😉 as guess what my vm 10mb ain’t working… upgrade to 10 meg about 3 months ago, was pretty reasonable at first around 5meg speeds. Around the last month my connection keeps dropping off which is driving me insane, nearly smashed my pc up twice with frustration (keep it cool son) done all the vm reset to no avail, when I upgraded they have tied me into a 12 month contract which I wasn’t made aware of until I rang up to complain the other day which made me even more angry as my prev 12 month was nearly up… All vm stand for is legalised fraudsters which tie you into contracts when you even breath down the phone to them… Why aren’t they on watchdog… Please avoid for your sanity if nothing else.

    212. Mike says:

      I’ve had virgin media since October 09. I’ve always had problems with it. It’ll disconnect several times a day and often it’s slower than dial-up, and I pay for the fastest package. I would not recommend virgin media to anyone. The customer support is disgraceful. I am ending my contract with them and NEVER using them again.

    213. C Cross says:

      I have been with telewest/virgin many years. I have just purchased a new computer used the security that comes with the computer no problems. Then my wife said we could have the Virgin security. I have loaded that what a mistake. It is now taking me a hour to get on to internet every time it says explorer not responding. No information any where I am reluctant to call Virgin as I know in the past that you get no where. I think I may have to go back to the security I had before.

    214. mathew says:

      Utterly sick of the continual nonsense that virgin have been giving me over the last five weeks.Transferred connection from our old house (after 8 or so years with them/telewest). Connectivity is so poor that it often takes two hours to watch a fifty minute programme, now they are saying we will have to cough up £180 to cancel account. They have turned into a bunch of scammers. Never again will I use them once out of contract.

    215. Alex says:

      Have been an NTL then Virgin customer for about 5 years now. I must say that their service was quite acceptable when I used to live in Norwich, they were basically giving me what I was paying for. Then I moved to London in Aug 2009 and the problems started… First I would just have low speeds, then everything worked fine for a a couple of months and suddenly a few months ago my speed went from bad to worse starting at 4pm and lasting up to 12pm. Since then I can’t play any online games, streaming video doesn’t work either… I am now trying to get compensation for those months of really crappy internet.

      My advice to anyone thinking of joining Virgin media – DON’T. Things may be alright at the beginning, but YOU WILL get problems.

    216. mike says:

      Yes I concur VM are pants, they are highly efficient at taking their monthly fee but rubbish at giving a descent service in return. Broadband connectivity and traffic management is rubbish from what it used to be, call centres in Mumbia??..India…treat you like like some blithering IT idiot and say the system is working fine, etc etc.
      I also use Mobile Vodafone dongle and that system is much better (it’s a 3G network) not as good as early days with Telewest but it proves that the VM network is not stable. Vodfone takes about 4 seconds to respond, assemble and send all data packages back to me while VM take about 60 seconds minimum but usually120 second.
      Wish I had Dicky Branson’s e-mail address!!

    217. Ross Stewart says:

      When I first started using Virgin Media it was perfectly fine, but now it is terrible and am positive it isn’t my computer because I am also having problems with Xbox Live.

    218. Lisyah says:

      Virgin media is absolutely useless. We’ve been experiencing slow connection for the past 6 months now. A representative of Virgin Media called me in February and told me that internet connection will be fixed in the next 6 weeks. And guess what? No they didn’t. There is change but not a good one. It gets slower!!! I am cancelling my contract with them because they don’t keep their end of the bargain. Avoid Virgin at all cost. Not worth it. Seriously not worth it.

    219. Nathan W says:

      Seems I’m not the only one then… Strange there’s about 20 people here with the exact same issue I’m having, I was with VM at my previous address for 2 years and tbh it was amazing, perfect. Nothing wrong in those 2 years once, but just got them back last week, powered up the router, was online pretty much all day, then at about 8pm it started DC’ing every 10-20 minutes and has done now since then, except during the day when I wake up to about 8-9pm it starts again. Really strange, rang them and they said it was fine on their end.. I cant weigh it up.

    220. Nick Veit says:

      SW London, Cable Broadband almost unusable for weeks. Have been customer for years and technical so know the ropes.
      At first they denied fault saying upload speed is not supported and if I didn’t test for lost packets and 400ms ping times I won’t know any better.
      Eventually they accepted the problem and agreed an area issue with wildly fluctuating power levels on the upstream. Ticket 1153690 raised then closed wrongly. Promised fix in a few weeks 26/4/10 then delayed to 29/4/10 now delayed to 10/5/10. No assistance provided re-prioritising this and no explanation.
      Most customers accept bad service as they either do not realise or don’t do anything about it. So Virgin continues to take their money, refund a few pounds to the few like me for the loss of service and spend too little of resourcing to fix things properly. Unacceptable and not the first time.
      Previously I have actually had several conversations with the IBM outsource guys behind the scenes. Incorrect closure of tickets is common and I’ve encountered it several times personally. Network guys to not work at peak evening times so don’t necessarily test properly when under load.
      And stating that alternative suppliers will be slower is a plain lie. I am less than 3 miles from the exchange and when I test ADSL with several neighbours their ping times and general performance is better than Virgin Cable. Such a blanket unqualified statement is misrepresentation. I might be true on a national scale but not in London.
      Virgin directors need to be aware that procedures are not being followed and that some of its customers are sufficiently upset and cheated that they intend to cause a public stink… Do your job and deliver what you promise.

    221. Stephen says:

      We joined Virgin Media last February. Initially it was just for the broadband (20mb) and phone but we added the television package later on in July. This has to be one of the worst mistakes we could have ever made.

      For the fret few months or so, the service was exemplary and no problems at all. There was an unexpected outage in March 2009 but we were compensated with an appropriate amount. After ordering the TV, and being placed on another 12 month contract, the entire service quality has degraded to levels of horrendousness that I have never seen before.

      The modem regularly disconnects itself and requires a forceful reboot in order to get it working again. Of course, VM will not do anything about this as they ‘don’t think’ it has anything to do with them and is most likely ‘a fault caused on your end’. Not only that, the speed of the broadband can sometimes fluctuate so badly that playing online games or streaming video can become impossible. Both tasks require a constant, stable connection and VM rarely provide this. Plus, the TV box frequently stops working for extended perids of time and of course, that isn’t caused by them either.

      However, the biggest problem of them all has to be the atrocious customer services. In fact, they shouldn’t be called that as they do nothing to help the customers. All of our services went off over the new year for one week straight. We had to spend hours, on a mobile phone, trying to sort it out and eventually, they admitted it was a fault in the area and they were working on it. I could have told them that and saved hours of wasted time but alas, they would not listen. They kept promising that service would be resumed the same day as the phone call but it never was. One of their agents hung up on me, another could barely speak English so I hung up on her out of frustration and the entire process of receiving help from CS is a thoroughly long and tedious procedure. In the end, we were promised a £30 reduction on the next bill (£10 for each service) but the actual compensation amount was only £10. I told them this was not acceptable, they would not listen so I had to pay the bill to stop service being suspended.

      Just recently, we paid our bill one day late due to unforeseen circumstances. We’ve never paid late before yet we are hit with two lots of late payment fees (your guess is as good as mine) and told to pay it the following week or be disconnected.

      I never thought I would say this but VM have to be one of the worst ISPs in this country. I can only thank the Gods that our contract is up in May because we will be leaving this farce of a company. I advise others to do the same.

    222. Jamie says:

      Yep I’ve got the 10Mb connection and am being dropped once every 2 hours at times. VM send technicians down who always check things out and say there’s no detectable problems, although they know I’m getting dropped a lot they say it’s working at the moment and that it might be my wireless router, I know this is BS! I am going to get out of contract because they themselves are not keeping up their side of the contract and breaking there own terms and conditions by not providing the service they have sold me. Advise do the same.

    223. Paul P says:

      After having Virgin Media since 2003(when it was Telewest Broadband), I have switched all my services to BT after months of billing incompetence and general very poor service from Virgin. The last straw was being cut off on 1st April despite having paid the bill. After I rang to cancel, their Retentions Department rang me about 10 times to try to get me to stay. I refused all offers and am glad to be rid of them. Not that I’m sure it’s over yet, because despite a grovelling letter from them apologising for failing me as a customer and confirming my requested disconnection, I have still received another bill. They’re not getting another penny out of me, so that’s that. 1 star given, only because there are no minus ratings.

    224. Mike says:

      I pay £40 a month for 50Mb broadband. At this moment in time I’m getting 2Mb. For gaming it’s ridiculous with pings shooting up to 1000ms every minute. NEVER EVER get virgin media.

    225. Darren says:

      Put simply… if you need a steady and constant broadband connection, avoid Virgin. They cannot meet the demand of their paying public at peak times (i.e. when we all get home from work), gaming pings are random and often unplayable. If you look around the web you will see many unhappy customers, and some damning insider comments from Virgin employees. Unless it’s your only option….. don’t go near Virgin, it will make you life a misery.

    226. adrian close says:

      after fighting for my business virgin now regularly cut off my broadband and phone because i go over my credit limit in unbilled call charges. i then have to fight hard to get my service back within a few hours (normally it takes 24hours) after paying up… most of the customer service staff are useless, arrogant and rude… their payment company does not keep accurate information, and the customer cannot reliably keep track of their bill. vm are thieves. pure and simple.they are also liars. when one makes an agreement with them, they break any promises they make. their national sales team lie to the customer and attempt to steal and close accounts from local reps..they agree DD terms then, after you have bounced their DD because you were not expecting it, they cancel it and charge you for making payment using other methods. they also then tell you that a first DD payment comes out according to their regional schedules(!?). 1 star because i am unable to be honest here because of the rating site script.

    227. Paul P says:

      Virgin Media are a terrible company, I have recently left them after ongoing problems with billing errors and overcharging. They must have called me a dozen times to try to dissuade me from leaving, but I was having none of it. I’m glad to be back with BT, and I will NEVER use them again – I had been a customer since 2002, when it was Telewest. Virgin even admitted that they had failed me as a customer in a grovelling letter sent after I disconnected from them. My Dad was thinking of switching to Virgin, I soon talked him out of it.

    228. John says:

      We have been with Virgin media for four months. The only thing we are happy about is the Vbox. The internet connection…..Well ! As soon as the guys had left , we turned our computer on and tried to connect to the internet, we could not believe it, it was instantly slower. After a couple of days we called the help line and told them our problem, only to hear your computer is at fault. Since then our connection has got slower and slower despite a second phone call. I wish we had stayed where we were. We’ve been through all the proposed booster excercises to no avail. Thanks a lot Virgin! We’ve been told it will cost us £135 to get out of the contract. Oh well – roll on next Feb. when we’ll definitely change to a better provider.

    229. Andy Watson says:

      I switched to Virgin from Sky for a total package including TV (V+) phone and broadband about 6-months ago. I’m on my thrid TV box, second cable from the main road and the broadband still drops out every day! It’s a pile of crap! I’m going back to Sky ASAP.

    230. David Clark says:

      If you call customer service at Virgin media, they answer almost immediately and are polite and helpful. If you call Sky, they do not answer because they are too busy pretending to be VM customers planting negative reviews on forums like this. I have used VM/NTL/cable media etc for over ten years and found them to be excellent.

    231. Susannah de Fere says:

      Wow – well I wish I’d got what your reviewer Dave clearly has. I’ve been utterly traumatised by Virgin – alleviated only by three members of staff who appeared to approximate human beings. In the space of two months, offline for more than a third of that time. Via the telephone, it is offensive to spend money listening to an exhaustive Virgin pay list and nope, I’m not going to change to a Virgin phone line and a Virgin TV connection – if they all went down at the same time I’d be done for. One of the things I was told was that the fibre optics had got too hot in the warm weather – err, doesn’t that defy the laws of physics? Another, that if I used the internet to assist me in my working life, then I should be paying for a business connection. Err, don’t we all use the internet for just that purpose, at least for some of that time? I advertise with Virgin, all my friends and clients know my Virgin address and if it weren’t for that I’d change like a flash. But to whom? It would appear to me Virgin took over a monopoly of the UKs cabling system by stealth and I seriously wonder how the government could have allowed it… but then the government … I’m giving Virgin one star. And that’s for the one individual who agreed with me I had been caste into an insane place and did his very best to unravel the madness.

    232. NothappywithVM says:

      @David Clark, you must be one of the lucky ones then. I don’t trawl websites looking for web pages to plant messages of hate for VM. I do it, because I’m frustrated at a lack of proper support from anyone from their Indian call centres, to their support forums and even their technical departments here. I’m looking to move from VM, because for the 5 months their service has been pretty rubbish. Been a customer of theirs for about 5-6 years now and never experienced anything like I have this year. Be moving as soon as my contracts up. The speeds I have been getting recently would be good copper lines. I recommend a contract with a company that’s cheaper. VM have oversubscribed their network. Leading to high latency and high load. This will bite them in the ass mark my words.

    233. Dominic Adamson says:

      I have Virgin Media 50Mb Broadband. We signed up as soon as this new service became available and there were a few hiccups but that is to be expected with such a new service. We’ve been with them for nearly a year now and connection speed never drops below 45Mbps. We live in South Manchester. I really can’t fault Virgin Media.

    234. Sas says:

      I have just tried to leave Virgin media to change to another provider and have been told as well as one month’s notice I shall be charged £156 cancellation charge!! This seems to be because I am apparently on a 12 month contract! Explained I have never agreed to any contract but they say I did when I was on to them changing some tv channel options last month. I have written to customer concerns at head office. Anyone else had this problem and how did you manage to avoid paying this ridiculous charge?

    235. Rich says:

      Virgin Media are a disgrace. My internet connection in Manchester has been down for nearly a week now and after speaking to countless people who say there’s no problem with their network, finally someone told me that there was a fault but it could take another two weeks to fix. Meanwhile they’re still happily taking money from me for a service I can’t use. A couple of days outage I could just about tolerate (though even that is pushing it), but three weeks is beyond ridiculous. Apparently they are ‘waiting for a part to be delivered’!!!!!!! All this from one of the biggest telecoms companies in the UK.

      Incidentally this fault is affecting probably hundreds if not thousands of users across 4 postcode areas in the North West. I’ve contacted as many places as I can think of to let them know including newspapers and Watchdog. Virgin Media are thieves and should be prosecuted. Do yourself a favour and avoid Virgin Media at all costs.

    236. unhappy customer says:

      I have been with virgin for about 2 years – broadband only… it was fine up until now. I am now getting interrupted broadband every 10 mins, I spoke to the call centre full of incoherent and incompetent Asian staff who read from manuals attempting to reboot a perfectly healthy laptop blaming the problem on non existent faults apart from virgin media.. I am going to cancel my service and go with a more reputable provider. AVOID VIRGIN MEDIA LIKE THE PLAGUE not worth your time or money.

    237. Virgin Media says:

      Customer Service, total rubbish. Long wait for an answer, Nice India Guy, with good English understanding, but could not understand him, just too much of an Indian accent. Talked to me like I was completely thick, and insisted on going thought ever step. I only wanted to know the Router to Modem setting. Total waste of time. Then had the cheek to cut me off, after repeatedly explaining I could not understand him, I have no problem with Indians, but I do not speak there language, they need much better spoken English. Use plus net, much better.

    238. AndyM says:

      Well we have virgin business broadband and it is total rubbish. It seemed fine until a few months ago, when it suddenly seemed to slow up. We called and asked what speed we were supposed to be getting for 30 pounds a month, they said 4mbytes. We get mostly 1.3 or similar. A techie came, changed the modem, now its slower. Night times it is mostly unusable and has just taken 26 minutes to download AVG free from Download.com. Speed test just said 1.2mbytes. They called today to sell us 20 mbyte connection for 50 pounds, but could not guarantee any minimum speed. Best they keep it, we are going to change.

    239. nikita holt says:

      I joined virgin about a month ago… I have broadband and phone with them… my internet is forever loosing connection… I really want out of this package but I’m not sure how too?… any suggestions as they are by far the worst company I have ever been with.

    240. Jim Colesby says:

      This connection is complete BS. I get about a tenth of what I’m paying for, and the stupid servers drop half of the packets that are sent! I’m paying for 12Mbps and I get 1.2. I’m sure the Swedish, who are extremely lucky in having such excellent quality lines and providers, have no such issues, but over here in Britain our connection is poor. We’re 3/4 of the way through 2010 – I expect the technology to show that!

    241. Gary Thomas says:

      Moved over to VM from BT all was well & speeds were good with the BB up until recently. I run a desktop over cat5, laptop wii & ps3 wireless. TV is fine but the 20Meg we pay for drops to 3Meg & on the odd occasion I have been lucky enough to get 10Meg the connection drops out… Arrrgh.

      Have so far made 8 calls to help line, every time it’s the same palava of turn off the modem & router- turn them back on this goes on for 3 or 4 times or it’s your computer that’s at fault (what all 2 of them along with the ps3 & wii… don’t think so) this goes on until the Asian call centre staff speak so rapidly they become unintelligible, some just hang up & one even said I had incorrect attitude for continually stating I couldn’t understand what he was saying due to the heavy Indian accent… letter of complaint sent to Virgin.

      At last on Monday this week one of the call centre staff said "I will book an engineer to come out, modem is faulty." The engineer arrived yesterday, after 2 hours & 5 different modems & numerous calls to his team leader/control I get told "yeh we have a faulty batch of modems that haven’t been removed off the security listing & they connect to the network but on activation on the account they lock out, so I’ve been told to leave this last one plugged in & if it hasn’t connected & locked on by the morning you are to call the service help line again."

      That’s some good customer care from your line manager then, I now have no internet connection as opposed to the 3Meg I did have albeit sporadic…. I was gobsmacked with the reply.. yes they just aren’t interested when we or customers call them. Fantastic.. I get up this morning 06:30 & the modem has locked on (ready light is static), reboot desktop & try the internet 17mins before home page fully loaded & then even longer to load any other page, gave up & came to work where I am now posting this review/complaint.
      Shocking customer care
      Shocking call centre approach
      Shocking advice from managers to engineers
      Shocking BB service.

      Today’s call is going to VM’s accounts dept asking for remuneration due to poor internet & I will be off to a new ISP when contract is up. 2 stars because the engineer that came out did try his best.

    242. Paul Hayes says:

      After having VM install today 16/09/2010, considering the dist cab is outside the house and only a 20 mtr run. I switched on the bb, speed test and surprise surprise nearly 10meg!! Result I thought, but then as the clock struck 7pm, down to just over 2meg, proper crap. Blagged by customer services prior to the install. Then hung up on 3 times by the Indians!! So then to sum up, no better than the rest, and defo NOT 20 meg. PLEASE read reviews b4 deciding!

    243. Mr C says:

      I have had VM previously and had no probs until 4 years after I bought my initial package. I moved and decided to get VM again all was fine for 3 months then every day from 5PM + I would get less than 0.5mb speed (I am still getting this now!!) Virgin claim everything is OK their end. Anyway I shouted at Mr Singh and he claimed to give me a £10 discount and a visit from Mr Engineer tomorrow – watch this space!

    244. Carole Miles says:

      Just getting to hate virgin media! I lose connection to the internet each time my computer powers down. Complete loss of DNS I have to go in and reset each time. Its fine if I completely shut down and re boot.

      BT are fixing fibre optic in my area as I type so cannot wait. I am sick to my back teeth of poor service. When I rang up they told me to reset my DNS which I did and it worked fine, he said there that’s it now, but what they failed to say was you will have to reset DNS each time, like 6/7 times a day. POOR I have been with ntl/Virgin for over 10 years and I feel that they just don’t care anymore. They even have a fit it service now, £69.99, perhaps these things that are going wrong all the time are caused by them so they can FIX IT!!!

    245. Virgin says:

      Phoned Virgin to complain about slow broadband and threatened to go to Sky. After speaking to two Indians gave up and dialled 151. English girl very helpful. Surprise surprise now have much faster broadband and reduction in monthly fee.

    246. Gareth Williams says:

      Absolute rubbish! Been a customer for a good 10 years. Our broadband was pretty quick at first but recently where now having problems with our 20 meg package. Our connection is on and off it drops like every 10 to 20 mins. Every time an engineer comes round their eager to quickly go home so they can finish work nice and early.

      Virgin Media are incompetent and sloppy and I hope your reading this you will be getting a complaint letter from us very soon!

    247. Doug Eyles says:

      Virgin Media customer service are appalling. Father-in-law died 2 years ago and I made a number of attempts to change the service to my mother-in-law, including bank account name. The account was originally with NTL and I believe it did not involve passwords. They were quite unsympathetic to the circumstances but eventually changed the name. But apparently only the Bank details (same account number but from Mr. H to Mrs H.). Correspondence received in Feb was addressed to Mr. H, offering different services. My mother-in-law is now partially blind and my wife deals with things on her behalf. So we requested changes (on-line), reduce TV from XL to L, increase phone to XL, go to paperless bills using my wife’s Tiscali email. They seem to be incapable of dealing with this insisting we need a password, and then sending my mother-in-law a big pile of forms saying that there would be a charge to put everything in her name and fixing her into a fixed term contract. A complete farce of a company causing much stress and annoyance. Does Richard Branson know of his company’s incompetence.

    248. Joe says:

      I live right on the edge of my exchanges service area, as such with other providers (IE those that use the BT line) I am told that I can get a maximum of 2mbs, however in practice I get at maximum 400kbs down and about 100 kbs up. This is combined with constant connection failures.

      On my Virgin 10mbs line however I get a consistent 7mbs down, 400kbs up, with occasional temporary 9.6mbs down spikes. And thus far no connection drops or other problems.

      Pretty class in my opinion. Immensely superior to everything else I have tried.

    249. colin says:

      They are rubbish. Do not bother to change from your present provider as you will be extremely p*ssed off. It is like we are back on dial up connection.

    250. Andy says:

      reading through everyones bad experiences lets me know that its not just us. everything was running fine until we upgraded to a new faster computer and thought we’d upgrade to the 20mb too, really spoil ourselves. we’ve spent more time talking to india than our own family but at least our family doesn’t hang up. its a joke to see their latest adverts on tv. how can VM get away with advertising a product that is clearly ‘faulty’ and ‘not fit for purpose’. VM sort your broadband out, everyone has had enough. You cant get a better recommendation than word of mouth, i for one wont recommend you to anyone.

    251. Allen says:

      I didn’t want to waste more time and effort on the problems I have had with Virgin Media but thought that my story was worthy of sharing. I have been a very contented Broadband customer of Virgin Media’s predecessors – Telewest and before that Cable London. So when VM offered me the opportunity to upgrade my subscription to include a digital TV service, I thought why not. I now know why not. Since August, when I was issued with a new, upgraded “smartcard”, I have been charged for on demand pay per view services that I have neither ever purchased or would want to purchase. Peculiarly, the subscription that I had was meant to include the ability to view on demand music videos included in the monthly subscription but still, my bill was showing charges for repeated viewings of music videos that matched the tastes of a much younger viewer. I was also being charged for pay per view on demand services during a period when my family and I can prove that we were not in the UK. It has reached the stage where despite returning the set top box and “smartcard”, according to the information I was able to obtain about my account, charges were still being levived as the representative of the company I spoke with today (8 Nov 2010) explained that pay per view services were still being purchased. How I am doing that without a set top box is quite astonishing. I have therefore resorted to seeking recompense for the incorrect charges through the Small Claims Courts.

    252. Bound and gagged says:

      I moved house with 3months left on contract, to transfer it I had to take out another 12 month contract or pay for 3months of Internet I couldn’t use. So thats how you keep your customers, thanks virgin.

      • Victor says:

        The Virgin Media customer services are the real nightmare.

        They can’t get my name right on the contract, still they manage to get the money. Even after 5 phone calls and two face to face meetings, no change.

        I have 3 passwords with them, one for customer service, one for online, one for internet. Still I have spent dozens of hours trying to access my virgin media online account.

        Calling their phone number is another great adventure. On the website they have no phone number, contact form or chat in the Contact Us section, they have a FAQ ! Unbelievable! Also part of the text seems to be the coding part of the websites, no more English, no more sense.

        If you don’t find the right answer in the Contact Us FAQ page they tell you that a Forum is waiting for you …

        Now I’m trying to quit their business. should’t be a problem even if they forced me to sign for 2 years because they still don’t have my name right.

        With the 2 year contract is another long story, the USwitch recommended me Virgin as the only internet provider with one year term for contract . The Virgin agent (called Deepak) was having another version so… please advice if you can what to do: breaking contract and/or make an official complaining?

        PS: I don’t have yet a phone to use my Virgin land line still I have calls on it, not much (one pound) but is very interesting ….

    253. Chris Fagg says:

      Please fix faulty metal street telecoms box at junction of Rona Road NW3 and Mansfield Road NW3. Door currently held closed with flimsy plastic tape.

    254. Dave says:

      We have had nothing but terrible service from virgin. We moved house a month ago and we’re still waiting for them to work out how to transfer the service. In the meantime we have no internet. Their call centre is possibly the most useless I’ve encoutered. They say the’ll call you but they don’t. Nothing is being done and it’s extremely frustrating.
      It also gets me that you have to call an expensive number if you want to speak to any of these jokers.
      Go with another provider if you are thinnking about virgin.

    255. debra lawrence says:

      my sister has virgin media and pays to watch movies on demand costing her allmost 4quid a movie . you can own a dvd for that price. im disgusted they can get away with charging these stupid prices im glad i dont have them

    256. Ashraf says:

      The worst customer service you could ever imagine.
      Great product, when it works. No issues with the broadband itself. The problems I had was with the hub they provided. It stopped working after a week and you can only use the ones they provide. Two engineers and more than 9 hours on the phone to the worst support team in history and they acknowledge the problem but have no solution, other than send me a new hub, which can only be done after another engineer visit(2-3 weeks time).
      But they cant book an engineer untill I pay the bill for the last four months. I’ve had no service for the last 4 months !!!
      Now after 4 months of no service, Virgin have blocked my connection utill I pay for the four months of non- service.
      I really am a fan of other services e.g. Virgin Atlantic but Virgin media have the worst call centre/call handling/ customer service department I have ever come across.

    257. Ian Gettings says:

      Virgin customer service is a contradiction in terms. They consistently lie to you and say they have to send details to their finance department which takes anything from between 5 to 10 working days, I asked for a refund from money that was illegitimately taken out of my account. After three weeks with no progress, I went to HSBC, who incredibly paid me my money back then took it to Virgin who never contested the claim. Incredible service from the bank – terrible from Virgin. I am dreading trying to move my internet service to a new address.

    258. Dean says:

      Moved my broadband, TV package and Phone from SKY to Virgin. After just two weeks I am going to cancel Virgin. Anyone considering Virgin should stay well clear. My Tivo box developed a fault within 10 days, my broadband is very up and down in terms of its speed despite being fibre optic! The deciding factor was a fault on my phone line, 1 hour and 40 minutes spent on the phone to the WORST customer service / help line I have ever had the disadvantage of speaking with (OVERSEAS). They told me the fault on my line would not be looked in to by an engineer for over two weeks and couldn’t understand why I was not happy with this. The Package all looked so promising to start with, sadly it does not live up to what is meant to be. When I spoke with Virgin’s so called escalated complaints department in the UK she couldn’t give a damn and was more than happy to pass me through to the cancellations team. Hardly the best way to run a business, so my £90 a month is going back to SKY. Please save yourself the hassle and DO NOT be taken in by the promise of great TV, Broadband etc. Virgin Media in my opinion is the most unprofessional company operating in the UK.

    259. Darren says:

      The WORST service I’ve ever had money stolen off me for! Had VM since October (when they messed up the original installation date) and have had nothing but problems with them!
      NO to very little Broadband. I should have “30meg” speed but my average speed is and has always been 1.5meg!
      Then my Tivo box, phone line and BB all went off at the same time due to a “fault in my area” there has been a fault in my area since day 1 apparently! No way are they getting another penny from me.
      As mentioned by everyone on here too… Customer Service is non existent with these jokers. Of the 50 + times I’ve had to ring up I’ve only spoken to one English speaking person AND that was after 45mins on the phone with somebody else. On the plus side their push button robot service at the start of each call is a good work out for your thumbs, 10 minute work out each time!

    260. Matilde Cervantsz says:

      I got 0 too with my mobile cell phone but my house works fine

    261. Mick West says:

      After a year of uselessness with Talktalk – I tried to go over to Virgin. I got quoted 3 different prices (all expensive) – but a promise of a good broadband speed – (totally unfounded actually).
      They eventually sent a BT engineer to install a new phone line (?) – this was not requested ever and not wanted – and on checking was told this is normal procedure. By this time I had experienced enough of the great Virgin system – now with Plusnet – so far so good service wise – (except they have twice “accidentally” overcharged me).

    262. Darryl says:

      Who else could you possibly use for broadband in the UK, nobody can match Virgin for this service. Trust me this is the only reason I stick with them.

      I would give them a five star rating for their broadband service, just a shame their customer service sucks.

    263. Ex Virgin says:

      I`ve been with Virgin Media for 5 years..until now. My ADSL runs great during the day at 5.7mb but every night dropped to 1mb or worse. After speaking to clueless Indian Call Centre advisers, I just wanted out and to get my MAC code. Spoke to a UK Adviser and he tried to tell me it would be 30 days + before i could get my MAC code!!! plus a disconnection fee of £24. I corrected the Adviser that by law he should send the MAC code within 5 days. The guy was rude and unhelpful, so I ended the call with aa curt goodbye. Not trusting this chap, I e-mailed the CEO office and related the call…within 2 hours, I had a call back from Customer Complaints apologising and telling me the disconnection fee would be dropped. The Adviser also alerted me that my services had been put down for disconnection in SIX DAYS! The nasty little adviser from earlier had done this in spite, even though he had told me the disconnection would be in 30 days per notice being passed to them. I also got my MAC code e-mailed to me that night, which has now been sent to BT Unlimited Broadband to complete the order. So, if Virgin are giving you a hard time with trying to migrate from their awful service, contact the CEO office…you have to go to the top to get away from the lies and false charges.

    264. jordan Tenn says:

      broadband is slow help please

    265. Jordan Tenn says:

      Anyone help me please broadband is very slow any suggestions?

    266. EBUG says:

      I too am getting consistent slow down to old school modem speeds between the times of 5pm-10pm. This has been going on for 2 years, I’ve now had enough. I’ll be moving as soon as I get my act in gear! Thought I’d add to the forum just to show this problem still exists within the community.

    267. Jeff says:

      I am an avid gamer who used to put up with around 8mbps download speed and very low upload with BT. Switched over to Virgin Media supposedly getting around 60mbps down and 3mbps up. I would like to know how a 60mbps connection has more stutter and more lag than an 8mbps connection and why even just a website page in a browser takes longer to load. Thinking about paying for more download and upload speed by switching to Virgin? Don’t. Stick with what you’re on or find someone else.

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