• UK Online

    • 2Mbps (40 times faster than a dial-up connection)
    • Unlimited downloads
    • £25 connection fee
    • Cost of Wireless Router £49.99
    • £14.99 a month
    • Call 0800 053 2222 for 24 hour technical support.
    • As part of its service, UK Online offers:
      • 10 email addresses
      • Free spam email protection
      • 24 hour technical support
      • Personal web space
      • Free parental control
    • 8Mbps (160 times faster than a dial-up connection)
    • Unlimited downloads
    • £25 connection fee
    • Cost of Wireless Router £49.99
    • £19.99 a month
    • Call 0800 053 2222 for 24 hour technical support.
    • As part of its service, UK Online offers:
      • 10 email addresses
      • Free spam email protection
      • 24 hour technical support
      • Personal web space
      • Free parental control
    • 16Mbps (320 times faster than a dial-up connection)
    • Unlimited downloads
    • £25 connection fee
    • Cost of Wireless Router for £49.99
    • £24.99 a month
    • Call 0800 053 2222 for 24 hour technical support.
    • As part of its service, UK Online offers:
      • 10 email addresses
      • Free spam email protection
      • 24 hour technical support
      • Personal web space
      • Free parental control

    Provider Information

    • UK Online is an Internet service provider offering a range of dial-up and broadband services across the UK.
    • The company was founded in 1994.
    • They use Local Loop Unbundling (LLU) to provide top speeds of 22Mbps, this is available to more than 4.4 million homes in the UK.


    20 responses to “UK Online”

    1. Kevin Schmidtbauer says:

      I’m UKOnline customer here in UK for about two years. Honestly I have never had any problems with this ISP. I’m using this broadband connection at work. I phoned their Customer services several times to get some help, my DD failed for some reasons, so they disabled my account, but after my call they re-enabled it very fast and without any problems. Jake mentioned UKOnline install their own equipment, so Jake… A LOT of the companies all over the world do the same. This is nothing strange, same is in Germany where I’m come from, the same in other European countries. As you probably know the infrastructure of such a companies like UkOnline and other ISP is quite huge, it’s not a several computers connected to the network, so sometimes equipment can go down and needs to be replaced. That kind of problems, when solved needs to be tested for some time to prevent the same problems in the future. Go to BT broadband, then you’ll see how nice is to be BT broadband user.

    2. Joan Lyster says:

      Been with ukonline for 2 years now , had a few niggling problems to begin with for the first couple of weeks, and some loss of service on and off for about a week when they were upgrading exchange.
      But all has been ok since , £9.99 pm for 1gb download speed. I actually get about 860kb down and 180 kb up, which is reasonable. Customer services slow to answer and not too knowledgeable, but i hear they’ve improved.

    3. Fed Up says:

      I’ve cancelled my contract with UKonline and have been trying to get my BT line cleared. So far it’s taken 19 days, and so many phone calls to so-called customer ‘support’. I wonder if the lines will ever be cleared. My opinion is do not use this company, they don’t value their customers.

    4. Fraulein Lilith says:

      Been with them for over a year, and the countless problems are exactly as already named above by others:
      1) constant disconnections (Once for a total of 3 months with a few days in between, when the internet magically came back just to disappear again.). Connection usually disappears at least every two hours, so forget your downloads.
      2)crappy customer service – on hold for nearly an hour every time. Sometimes I got the impression, that the person I was talking to was severely hungover and certainly uninterested in anything I had to say or ask.
      3) always try to convince you to buy their equipment instead of using yours and that it is your fault, that connection is disappearing.
      4) took at least a month to get connected in the beginning.
      My advice – stay away unless you have nerves of steel.

    5. David Coldwell says:

      I was unfortunate enough to have to call UKOnline support today on behalf of a customer. What a dreadful experience, they insisted that I must call BT to report a line problem and -of course- BT said that only the ISP could report faults on BT Wholesale contracts.

      Steer clear of them, life is too short.

    6. David Geldart says:

      1) I was lied to when I subscribed, and my 2mb service took 3 months to get going.
      2) Customer service line never gets answered before 30minutes of ringing.
      3) Service Status recorded message reports all correct and OK, when I eventually get through (40mins) a techie tells me they have a major incident, (for 3 days) preventing large numbers of people accessing the internet. ( i work from home so this is s noghtmare scenario)
      4) Customer service is so swamped that there calls are forwarded to the tech support.
      5) A request for a MAC code to transfer seems to go through some long drawn out ghastly procedure no doubt designed to hang on to you and your money as long as possible.
      6) Do yourself a favour look elswhere
      7) Oh and if your a gamer, the easynet infrastructure drops packets all over the place so your games gonna lag something awful.

      I’m off to virgin ( customer service seems high there, we’ll see)

      I don’t want a lot, just maybe a bit of honesty and integrity, but you won’t find it at uk online, I’ve stuck it for 2 years but enough is enough.

    7. Michael Mcd says:

      “Unhappy Customer” says use UKOnline’s 0800 number but doesn’t tell us what it is. Does anyone else have this info ? Could be very useful.

    8. Jubed Ahmed says:

      I have had UKOnline for well over a year and after a small problem on the inital connection it was fine. That is till a few days ago when the dsl dissapeared, 3 days passed before it was working again and the only way I could contact tech support was via email. Having said that, before this problem the tech support have been fairly ok. Better than my old provider.

    9. Unhappy Customer says:

      Only use them if you are in central London, otherwise forget about them.

      If you have an activation given to you and the line did not come, just leave them immediately…! If you actually take the effort of calling their customer service to have it sorted out, then you will be taken in for a long ride. I moved into a new home in July 2006, two month later Sept 2006, still no service. Called their customer service, order processing, customer care numbers numerous times, more than 15 times, kept pushing back the date. Each department tells you a different story. I even knew all the names of the people working in the customer care department; Jamie, Kelly, Katie, Stuart…

      I am in the process of switching to another provider. By the way, any users who have to call them, save your phone bills. They have a 0800 number, it is not published anywhere but get hold of it – it will save you all the money, you should not be paying your phone bills to talk to these losers!

    10. Oswald Kelso says:

      I have used ukonline for nearly two years and the service for me has been fantastic. I am a heavy user and have only had a few hours down time during that period. The reliability and speed has been very good, so much so that I have held of getting a cheaper “bundle” from other providers.The phone support was poor in respect of waiting time but has improved over the last year. They also gave me a discount as my exchange does not support 2meg though I have to pay for it.

    11. David Murphy says:

      I used ukonline for 5 months no problem, then just like others, I could not get a dsl connection for days on end. Calling ukonline was a waste of time, they blamed BT, my modem, the weather-anything but their lousy, pathetic service. Luckily, they altered their contract from unlimited and I got out fast.

      You have been warned.

    12. Diana H says:

      I have been using UKOnline 8mbps service for over a year with no probs whatsoever. I live in London, not sure if that has any relevance.

    13. Jake Brumby says:

      I had a very poor experience with UKOnline.

      They connected my line after 10 days waiting. The service worked for 7 days and then it broke. I called them on their expensive 0870 telephone number. I was on hold for 71 minutes before I hung up. I tried again the next day and spoke to someone after 30 minutes on hold. They said the fault was with my equipment. I told them it was not and that I had checked all possibilities.

      Eventually, they realised the fault was with their equipment. Everybody in my local exchange that used UKOnline had been cut-off. It took them 12 days to fix the problem. I spent a fortune calling them on their 0870 number. They broke many promises that it would be fixed ‘tomorrow’.

      A big problem with UKOnline is that they install their own equipment in the local exchange, whereas most providers use the equipment that BT already have there.

      I strongly discourage you from using UKOnline if service is of any importance to you.

    14. Matthew Brierley says:

      A lot of hate for UK Online then? I’ve been with them for 2 years – I joined them after my previous ISP (Tiscali… eughhhh) restricted my speed to that of carrier pigeons because of heavy downloading. I’ve never had a single obvious problem with them. The internet seems to disappear for an hour or so every few months, but I’m not sure if it isn’t my router just playing up. I’m planning to move house and I’m seeing if they can provide a decent speed there as well.

    15. Minnie says:

      When it works it is OK; I get the £9.99/month service which works all right mostly. BUT if you have to phone them it’s a total nightmare. The following points from my experience:
      – Call them first thing in the morning when they open if you can; just before 8am I got through immediately. Call at 9.30 and you will be on hold for 40 minutes listening to the same 15 or so bars of Beethoven piano concerto again and again and again and again, unless they have changed it (enough to drive anyone insane).
      – The guys in Belfast (Bear with me) will talk for ages but may not be able to sort your issues out. Insist they give you a ticket ID and transfer you to a member of the Tier 3 senior support team in Shepton Mallet, they are the ones who should be able to help you. Insist!
      – I was eventually given a customer services no. 0800 053 3223, not sure if it still works.
      – They will say in the Belfast office they cannot call you back BUT I did get one phone call back when I had got really angry with them, so it must be possible. Insist!!
      – Their Code of Practice, for your information, states: "We aim to reply to complaints via email within 48 hours and complaints by letter within 10 working days. Of course you are more than welcome to email us on customer.services@ukonline.net or give us a call on 0800 053 2222." Good luck. It took me a month, endless waiting on the phone with that bloody music, and a Recorded Delivery letter to sort out my problems; and I lost 2 years’ worth of work emails in the process. I only stay with them because it is cheap when it is working…

    16. Piotr says:

      Been with them for around 6 months after Pipex. Good sales people and most of their tech support people execept one who obviously did not speak English as a first language – honestly I have no wish to be discriminatory but if they cannot understand me (Queen’s English) or I them then they should damn well not be on a telephone to customers.
      Connection has been very reliable and on the Pro 8 service download speeds are excellent. Email though seems problematic and often requires repeat attempts to get connected – hell my old Australian ISP is quicker! They do not provide access to Newsgroups.
      All in all a reasonable service particularly as the support phone line is free 0800. Will stick with them for the contract year but have to say that I will read the reviews and shop around again after that

    17. tom says:

      As a UK online customer for over 12mths, my findings are as follows: firstly the service – it does as it says on the tin. No I’m not an employee, I’m connected via their LLU from my local exchange, I get over 90% of the advertised speeds (on 8mb pro package) 24/7, they do not throttle, port block p2p, fast path too if you are a online gamer. No connection fee, but there is a mandatory router purchase of £49.99, plus apart from the occasional bt line fault it never drops out etc. 99.95 reliable

    18. Dave says:

      Word of warning for upgraders who are already with UK Online. I upgraded from a 2Mbps to 8Mbps service recently as 2Mbps seemed to be getting slower. I now average around 100kbps, about 1.25% of the advertised up to speed. I tried to back out using the 10 day cooling off period rules but was told that those rules only applied to new customers and not to existing ones signing new contracts. Not sure of the legalities of that, but UK Online have been so obstructive and awkward in this that I’ve decided not to even bother with the MAC code mullarkey and have ditched them for Virgin Media, who even at peak times are giving me 15Mbps on their 20Mbps deal, with the full 20 at other times. Goodbye UK Online and good riddance.

    19. Steve says:

      I live in Shenley – Milton Keynes and have been a customer for over 4 years I pay for the fast speed and my router connects at 117638kbps downstream and my upstream is 764kbps a very fast and reliable service through a LLU only 1 day in four years I couldn’t connect!

    20. Piotr says:

      Well I have stayed with them up to now but there has recently been a fall off in speed and particularly after 5pm up to midnight when iPlayer and youtube video is hopeless. Now seriously looking to change. One other annoyance was an outage for a period of days which they claimed was not their problem and had me re-enter all my router settings when nothing had changed at my end – support may be a free call but they aren’t up to much and not a native English speaker which makes the experience less than wonderful. Used to be good but no more.

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