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    1. Mat Blackshaw says:

      NO STARS. The most appalling (lack of) service I have ever encountered, plus extremely dishonest business practices. Avoid Tiscali at all costs.

      I received no connection whatsoever for 2 months while with Tiscali, however still paid them for the service they were not providing. I called them frequently, was lied to, fobbed off and had false appointments made which they did not stick to. Unsurprisingly I cancelled and changed to Plusnet a few months ago, no problems with them so far.

      Anyway… now I keep getting letters demanding money which I don’t owe. Firstly from Tiscali – so I phoned them, they apologised, said the account was cleared and the matter settled. Now getting more of the same letters, from their debt collection companies, threatening to take me to court, send the bailiffs round, etc. Unbelievable.
      I’ve just spent my evening having to write letters of complaint threatening legal action, what fun. Tiscali will make trouble for you.

    2. Richard Skaife says:

      I found Tiscali very poor. Speed variations were huge (I was running at less than 150kbps download speed for nearly a month) and had the runaround with customer service who insisted it was the line which was limited to 512kbps – even though I was running regularly at over 3 Mbps before the drop in speed. I changed to another ISP and wish I had never touched Tiscali. A VERY negative rating!

    3. Nick Cocchiarella says:

      Wow, so many of you guys are having such a problem with Tiscali, trust me, I am having loads of problems. Since I have signed up to Tiscali UK, 4 years ago, I though I was going to get a fantastic service, but I got nothing in return, I requested my mac code loads of times! no, I haven’t got it. I can’t download torrents after 6PM everyday, even in the P2P times it’s very slow! Without the peer 2 peer I get 800kb/s but that’s not what I am supposed to be getting with 8meg line? Around 1024 + I am supposed to be getting! Any help on this?

    4. Kenneth Hilton says:

      Do not go near Tiscali. We joined them several years ago, when they first started and were trying to gain customers. The service was originally excellent, although we were paying £24.99 a month for 5Mgbps. The service has deteriorated over the years. Last year I discovered that while we were paying £24.99pm for 5Mgbps, Tiscali were offering 8Mgbps for £17.99!! It took me over six months to get transferred to this cheaper service. It was always ‘being actioned’, but nothing ever happened. Then we started having difficulty logging on to Tiscali. The connection kept timing out. Even if we did manage to connect it only lasted for about five to ten minutes, then we were disconnected. Again we kept having to try and log back on again. With the same results. We contacted their Support team, who told us to re-instal everything. We did this FIVE times before they admitted that the servers were not able to cope with the volume, but they were upgrading them.
      The same thing happened a few months later, and we went through the same process. It has now happened again and for the last two months we either cannot connect, or when we do we are cut off. Even when we are connected we are obtaining speeds varying from 58Kbps to 915Kbps. Do Tiscali care? Of course not! It is always promises, promises.
      The situation is now so bad in our area that most of the Tiscale users are banding together to take action against Tiscali. Our legal advisers tell us to make arrangements to find another service provider and then give tell Tiscali that you are cancelling the service. At the same time CANCEL the direct debit with your bank or credit card holder. Tiscali have no legal grounds for trying to obtain any additional monies. It is Tiscali who has broken the contract, not the user.

    5. Jibs says:

      I have just joined tiscali and I don’t know what to think, my speed is MEANT to be 8mb but only get up to 4mb and I can’t use the internet on my ps3 because it is a usb modem! We went for tiscali because of homechoice was good for us but tiscali bought homechoice. Homechoice was the best, never had a problem. We had TV, broadband and phone really cheap and great service. I rate homechoice 5, tiscali not so sure right now. I’ll rate it 1 as the others did…

    6. James Vickers says:

      Avoid Tiscali like the plague.

      I was previously a Plusnet customer, and for all of their quirks, I got greedy and I decided to ditch my BT line and Plusnet broadband for a cheaper provider.

      Well trust me, you get what you pay for.

      Since day 1, my broadband dropped from a nice 7.5Mbps to about 0.3Mbps, and this I now know, is purely because they have far too many people contending for the capacity that have on their centrals from BT.

      So, not a big problem huh? You’re gonna get slow speeds at peak periods, that’s all – well no it’s not….

      Trying to get a problem resolved, that itself is the biggest problem with them. I never knew of the well published problems with their speeds, my own fault, I should have researched Tiscali better before joining them, but since logging my first fault with them on 13th August, it took until last night to get someone from Tiscali to actually tell me what the problem with my connection was.

      The best of this is, the guy on 2nd Line support said “Cancel! There is nothing we can do for you about your slow speeds,” and “We do not have enough capacity between your exchange and the Tiscali servers.”

      Prior to this I made calls every evening, trying to get someone to call me back. They have 5 call centres, and any actual fault can’t be handled by the (non)receptionists that man 1st line support. They promise “we will call you back in 2 hours” – they can’t, the smallest window they can provide is 4-6 hours!

      I ended up ringing up billing, and complaining to them. They contacted tech support, and finally got something done – oh wait, no they didn’t! Tech support rang back and asked “What is the problem you are experiencing” – HOLD ON A MINUTE I’ve told you every night for the last few weeks you moron!

      In the end, I’ve cancelled my direct debit, and requested my MAC code. I’ve further got Tiscali to agree to re-reimburse me for my payments, and I have written the head office, and upon their reply, I will forward my letter to the ombudsman at Ofcom.

      Don’t go with Tiscali, they just aren’t worth it….

    7. Lesley Elsey says:

      Customer service give you the run around. Escalations must be recorded as resolved as soon as they put the phone down on you. Emails are recorded as resolved if they bother to reply (saying that they can’t at this time give you any information) Their stats will look great, meanwhile customer is left trapped angry and frustrated. Ring back you need to start all over again, costing a fortune.
      No rating

    8. Chris Flattley says:

      Stay away from Tiscali. It has to be THE worst provider out there.

      They changed my package AND set up Tiscali Talk without my authority. They listened to all my conversations and said they could not find one where I said that I never wanted the talk package.

      The advisor conveniently “forgot” to note this down when I 1st called. I kept a record of all my calls. When I confronted them with a date of the call they told me that I never called that day and that I was a liar.

      I cancelled my DD and got a MAC code and am now with a different provider.

      My new provider gives me 10+Mbps for £10 a month.

      Tiscali gave me 2Mbps for £14.99

      Good riddance Tiscali.

    9. Steve Freathy says:

      I sincerely hope that the so-called customer service and so-called support people never let slip in a bar that they work for Tiscali in my company. The next thing that would happen is a short and very violent non-verbal communication. Absolutely useless – I was told they could transfer service and they can’t. I’m paying for the contract to be cancelled because I can’t muster a civil word to these people. Who the F*&k do they think they are? Tossers.

    10. Dom Dutton says:

      Yeah i understand. I had the same problem,but after months of getting it sorted i finally managed to sign up with another ISP. But guess what?? They are far worse by miles.. AVOID THE BULLSHIT THAT TALK TALK give you. Tiscali rock in comparison. Believe me.

    11. Dom says:

      Tiscali is terrible, mainly because of their “fair usage policy”. This basically means you pay for something like 2mb broadband but you better not use it otherwise they’ll get mad and slow your internet down. As far as I am aware I’ve not been told I’ve been put on the fair usage policy, but in the daytime my download speed from http (websites) is around 20kb/s at night its around 200kb/s. Stay away from Tiscali.

    12. Jay says:

      Tiscali are the most disgraceful ISP I’ve ever seen in my entire life, I urge anyone who’s thinking about getting internet off them NOT TO, they are absolutely terrible, a list of my problems:

      Constant Disconnecting
      Non Existent Tech Support
      Terrible Customer Service
      Over Charging
      Bills not arriving for 2 quarters
      Horrific Download speed (on 2mb I was getting 12kb/sec) and I know it isn’t where I live ‘cos my next door neighbour gets a decent speed..
      Doesn’t like online games .. I could go on for a long time but I’m getting annoyed just thinking about it..

      They’ve annoyed me lately because I’ve been downloading a lot of things and I’ve really started to feel the download speeds. Changing within the week, I’d like to see them try and keep me cos they’ll get an absolute ear full off me..

      I give it minus 5 stars!!!

    13. Geoff Fuller says:

      Tiscali are the most incompetent company it has been my misfortune to deal with. After telling Tiscali I was moving to a new address, with a new telephone number, which they confirmed by email, they are trying to still charge me for service at my old address and because I won’t pay they have put me on a black list.
      Do not touch Tiscali with a barge pole!
      Geoff Fuller

    14. R L says:

      If you want good service and an easy-to-get-out-of contract… then don’t try Tiscali. I’ve received poor service for months, and have tried cancelling on numerous occasions via their 0870 number calls lasting 30+ minutes… and even after cancellation they have charged me for 2 months of “usage” after their disconnection date and have the gall to ask me to write in or call back after another 48 hours to ask for a refund whilst I was talking on the phone to them!

    15. Geoff Webb says:

      Thanks to this site for pointing us in the direction of that ‘magic number’ 0207 087 2000 and the customer complaints line. In short, we cancelled our broadband service with Tiscali on 19/3 – 3 months on, and countless telephone calls to various departments, all assuring us the service was cancelled, they kept billing us via direct debit. When we cancelled the direct debit, we started to get red demands in the post. Today, having found this number, we were just in time to stop our unpaid bills for services we weren’t receiving being passed to a debt collection agency, and all the frustration that would have caused in connection with our credit file. I have never experienced such an incompetent or rude company as Tiscali (one operator even disconnected my call). Thankfully the customer complaints department were quick and efficient to sort things out, and even apologised. They have sorted our a refund – although this will – we’re told – take 10 days to come through! However, no compensation for the wasted hours on their premium call line all because incompetent operators in the amusingly named ‘customer care team’ couldn’t sort out basic issues. I wouldn’t touch Tiscali with a barge pole.

    16. Chris Williams says:

      I’ve complained on this about the lack of gaming services provided, but I’ve accepted that now, so I’ve left my clan of M8’s on Black Hawk Down, and I’m unhappy about that. Now I’ve done that I’m restricted to doing other stuff online, and say there is a movie I want to watch, or even watch my OWN videos on youtube, I have to wait about 5 mins for it to buffer. For the films it’s not too bad, but I’m pretty much getting thrown off at peak times just becuase our 2MB wont support it.

      My friend who got like A* in computing sciences at uni asked me to do a few tests in command prompt and it came back with sent:4 received:0 lost:4.

      Now he thinks the problewm is that Tiscali are not willing to pay BT the extra cost of another line, so they have squashed all services into one, so there is nothing wrong at your end, it’s all at their end, and no one is allowed to have any space because all customers again are crammed into one line.

    17. Steven Willis says:

      I’m with tiscali broadband and desperate to get rid of them. So just one question. All the people saying “I used to be with tiscali they are the worst in the world” they should have some idea what the mac code is. So why don’t they just give it to the rest of us to save us the hassle.

    18. Joe Murphy says:

      Stay away. My 8Meg unlimited connection was good until just after my cooloff period, then the fun began. 45 -50kbits/s downloads and frozen torrents – including perfectly legit linux isos. How annoying!

      I too am counting the days until I part company with this band of robbers. I have been burnt and I should have read more before joining – do yourself a favour and overlook Tiscali.
      Rating as a 1 because there is nothing lower to select.

    19. Chris Williams says:

      Basically-tiscali are rubbish.

      If I was asked if someone should join tiscali, I’d say no! go to virgin, or somone else!.

      My reasons for this are…that they cap our internet at peak hours…don’t allow any type of online gameplay (involving a disk) and they are frankly abusing their rights.

      It is their job as an ISP to flipping host this stuff, and if their service is too bad to host the things people do in their day to day lives…..they should not even be a ISP!

    20. Chris says:

      tiscali is actually bullshit, it claims not to know what is wrong…it offered ideas to help us, they worked for about a day max, my advice would not to fucking go with this shit service provider, id be happyer on dial up xD


    21. Marc says:

      I’ve been with Tiscali since about 2003 and if I’m honest I’ve had a good connection from then up until about Christmas last year, since then i get booted at peak hours all the time, cannot connect to xfire or the various online games i play until about midnight, and the helpdesk like most others have said is worthless. Not only is it in India which IMO is reason enough to ignore it but they lie just to get you off the phone, only IPS I’ve ever had so nothing yet to compare it with but I would say that if you plan to use your internet in peak hours you would be better off on dial up than with Tiscali broadband.

    22. Christopher Rowe says:

      All I want to do is talk to a proper customer service person as letters don’t work. All I want to do is call someone in the UK that I can make my point to all I wanted was hassle free moving house well that’s a joke. Tiscali told me it would be quicker if I had a new telephone no. so I did . When I told them the new no. and when I wanted it on (that was 2 weeks before I was due to move) they told me that the line could not be checked till the no. became active.

      14 days later I sent moving house email …. ha…. rang ten days later to find out what was happening and was told they never received email (lie). So I went through it all on phone and got told it would take 10-15 days to reconnect me (very angry) another 10 days called up to check and the told me it had been connected to the old telephone no. (very very angry ) told another 10-15 days told them not my fault I want it on before then I had bills to pay on net and could only do it on there.

      More time passed and another 10 days checked again connected wrong no .. so I clear this up and finally get the right no. on after chasing BT myself rang Tiscali and told them BT had enabled the line all they had to do was to push the right buttons their end .. told it would be on next day but that was not good enough I had to paddy final 2 hours later it was on …. I wasted 10 hours of my life that I can’t get back and all I want is for some one to call me to say sorry and make me an offer for my time sorting out there cock ups.

    23. C. Maruniak says:

      Tiscali is terrible.
      Their Indian help service is useless.
      We call you back in 48 h or we will call you back before 10 pm….
      They don’t give a damn about their customers, I am very unhappy, my internet keeps disconnecting… try to contact them and hear the same story over and over…
      I TRIED EVERYTHING, NEW MODEM, NEW FILTERS, NEW CABLES, EVEN NEW PC , no difference… no connection!

      Don t go for Tiscali – useless services – Hope their cancellation system works!

    24. Darren Fisher says:

      Do not go with tiscali!!! peer to peer, torrents are at a crawl through peek times. The speed of my line regularly drops below 50Kbps during these peek times. They also have a contention ratio of 50-100:1 which is really appalling! Sharing your internet connection with up to another 99 people! That will make it go to a crawl!!!!!

    25. Damien says:

      Tiscali are total rubbish, they cut your connection from 6pm till 11pm. I cannot even connect to my online games i want to play so I’ve requested the mac code from them and now I’m changing service providers I’m going with ADSL24 which have no bad comments on there forums what so ever so i suggest to you all that’s having trouble with them to keep bugging them for your mac code and eventually they should give it you mind you when they give it you you will only have 30 days to use the mac code with another service provider so if you don’t use it within them days your stuck with Tiscali.

    26. Stephen Kavanagh says:

      All the people having problems with Tiscali broadband ring or email Dominick Negus he is the head of complaints. I got his number by hounding Tiscalis PR women Jody Haskayne on 020770872115. Dominicks email is Dominick.Negus@uk.tiscali.com. Keep pestering them both and you will get your problem solved. I
      did, but it took 4 months.

    27. Andy says:

      Just thought I’d throw my two cents worth in about Tiscali. Ive been with them nearly a year now and I cant wait to leave them.
      The download speeds are a joke and at worst, slower than a dial up in my experience, if you want to download at say, 6 o’clock pm dont bother as sometimes it gets that slow it is basicaly 0kb/s. Also they throttle the bandwidth to online gaming sites between 7-10pm so I cant access poker sites and join my friends until after 10pm, a complete joke youll probably agree.
      Roll on May then I can finally switch to another ISP and not have to wait 10 minutes to download 1 song from Limewire, if im lucky enough to be able to connect to it that is!!!

    28. James Walker says:

      what can I say? This company is a disgrace. I signed up with tiscali and like others on this forum I got very good download s on my peer to peer program. then came the dreaded fup E-mails. I got 2 in all advising me that if I do not stop heavy downloading I would be put on a list and would be capped. After this I stopped downloading during peak hours. This, unfortunately wasn`t enough and I am lucky to download at 30 kps outside of peak hours and this was just after I had upgraded to is 8 MB! What a joke !

      I wrote to them concerning this and they replied telling me they would write within three days and its been a week now and I haven`t heard from them yet

      The thing that has annoyed me most is the fact that they said that they would cap me only during peak hours which I didn`t mind as in principle I do agree with this policy but they do not have the right to cap me 24 hours a day seven days a week- unlimited should mean unlimited!

      It would be good to hear from anyone who has managed to overcome this capping during peer to peer downloading I have tried Peerguardian but it doesn`t seem to work.

      Conversely I would prefer to go to another service provider who do not try to trick their customers and to be treat like a human being
      anybody out there know of one?

      Avoid this company like the plagu!

      James Walker

    29. Timothy Pudney says:

      This is an update to an earlier post about a month and a half ago about me complaining about my slow speeds during the evening.

      I have now had a definitive answer from tiscali why this is happening. The reason is because the exchange i`m on uses ip stream which basically means that i`m sharing my line with everybody else in the town. This was told to me by the so called technical support line. I was promised by them that within 10 days my exchange was going to be swapped over to data stream. Which means that people using tisacali would be using tiscali`s own equipment therefore giving everyone the proper speeds when surfing.

      I was told that they were in the process of swapping ALL and i repeat ALL customers over to this and had done quite a few thousand so far. I rang them up 14 days after i had been told this good news as i was still getting slow speeds in the evening. I was then told that they would not be putting there own equipment in my exchange. I challenged them to why they lied to me and their response was basically so what we dont really care.

      I then asked them is there any way of them resolving my problem with the speeds i was getting and I QUOTE” no we cannot help you” so much for technical support.

      Thankfully i don`t have much time left on my 12 month contract and i can then find a provider that can do the job and provide the service.

      The reason for me putting this up here is to warn anyone who is thinking of using tiscali DONT!!!! All they want is your money. My advice is to anyone who reads this is to do some homework and find out which providers have there own equipment in your exchange and go with them otherwise you will be sharing your line with everyone else and your speeds will drop in the evenings.

      I have rated tiscali 1 but that is too high.

    30. Conor Mckillion says:

      Oh God here we go this is a long rant,

      well I got Tiscali when I was 15 in Sept 2004 my dad uses it for emails and basically I was give the freedom to to what I wanted with it, everything we well until about the start of 2007after I had upgraded to Tiscali Max.

      Basically I never really used torrents to download stuff maybe the odd film but since I was without Sky Sports I joined a torrent site for WWE programming so me and my dad could still watch it, On it I had to upload as much as I downloaded I thought fair enough thats ok, so everyweek I downloaded about 1.5GB of Data and once a month a 1GB file thats about 7 GB a month maybe an extra GB for other stuff, I dont use P2p and then the other day I got a letter about the FUP (which wasnt shown to me when we joined over 2 years ago, I think they just made it up to scam people) .

      Anyway now at peak times my torrent client wont work at off peak times I get 17kbs a sec download and about 1kb upload if im lucky, this is beginning to really piss me off, I can understand not using torrents during peak times but off peak mine are just as bad, off and on peak I cant load sites, it takes about 3mins for google to load, I phoned them up to ask about download and bandwithd capping and throtteling some Indian guy and I didnt even know what he was saying so I hung up, so now I came across this forum and thought I would share my feelings im now moving from Tiscali as I cant get on msn, download or upload torrents play games or send data to a muic website im on, basically Tiscali is for novice internet users who want to check their email once a week I would avoid it at all costs and never recommend it to anyone its the most stubborn piece of crap ive ever come across.

      p.s They told me I had been sent 2 emails regarding my heavy usage it would help if i could access the email “service” they provide.

      Rating : 1 because there is no 0

    31. Had Enough says:

      Tiscali, first month good, after that when locked into contract, they throttle and traffic shape you to criminally low speeds, see their forums. their contracts are misleading and if you dare to cancel your direct debit as a result, they send in the debt collectors, they need to be taken to court via a collective action as such a poor service should not be rewarded by our money, legal extortion at the moment.

    32. Mirsad Trcic says:

      signed up for tiscali last January,waited a month for a modem then when it arrived i couldnt conect to the internet.phoned them up and told them id cancel it but was told i couldnt cos 14 days coolin period expired.i said hows that when i had to wait a month just to get a package.anyway once conected i downloaded 4 songs one day and the next day got email warning me about FUP.OK so i stoped using p2p during peak hours but when tried to use it after 11pm couldnt conect.so i gave it up but last week i went to youtube site and after few minutes my speed droped and everything just froze.even when usin msn to chat to my friends its a nightmare,phoned them up [in India]asked why they blocking me from using certain sites such as p2p and was told,NO WE DONT COS WE DONT HAVE SOFTWARE FOR P2P.sent many emails,no reply.phoned up again and told them they hacking in to my computer which they denied.im doing internet banking and now im even scared to do that.advice to those who leave tiscali but still being billed-CANCEL YOUR DD with them and then sit and wait.theres no question they are breaking a law but the most important of all is is anybody gonna do anything about it.

    33. John Mckay says:

      Ordered Tiscali 1MB for gaming, but I can’t play online games because it doesnt run much faster than a 56K for much of the day! Also, P2P programs now no longer work, they just don’t connect at all. AVOID!!!

      Also, their tech support do not help you, and will deliberately repeat the same things over and over again, until saying ‘your problem has been fixed, please call back tomorrow if you experience another fault’ WITHOUT THEM ACTUALLY DOING ANYTHING. Pointless… slow, and unhelpful. *

    34. Tiscali says:

      You people really need some patience.
      Tiscali are a business.
      If you believe that people deliberatley set out to make your life a hell for no reason at all then you’re either paranoid as hell or a bit of a dick.
      Things go wrong. I doubt it is in Tiscali’s interest to p*** you off.
      Not to forget that Tiscali were voted #1 for customer service by USwitch.com.
      But whatever. If they tell you that you cant have 2mb or something… then the chances are you can’t and they are doing you a favour. Not your fault. Not their fault.
      Get over it.

    35. Rupert Murdoch says:

      OMG This sucks. Buy from me (SKY)

      btw Israel rulz.

    36. Timothy Pudney says:

      i have been with tiscali since may 06.just before xmas i noticed that some sites were slow to open up.i started checking my speed and every evening it was dropping by huge amounts.after 11pm the speed would go back up to the proper speed.at one point i was getting less than dial up speed and i am on the 1mb service.i have been in constant touch with their tech support ,which although have been ringing back to see if my speeds are ok,i personally don`t think they have a clue or really want to do anything about it.i have had the bt engineers out and they say my line is ok.i have another engineer coming out this week to do another check.i have come to the conclusion that tiscali are cutting back on the bandwidth at the exchange.i am not a heavy user which has been confirmed by tiscali so i see no reason why they should cut the speeds to almost unusable.the sooner i get out from the tiscali serevice the better.this is bang out of order and somewhere somehow they must be breaking their contract with me.i will be letting everyone i know not to go to tiscali.

    37. Massimo Brillante says:

      I will block the direct debit as soonas I am connected with telewest…

      they try to pursuit me.. I prefer to go to jail rather than be stealed money from this crap company avoid it !!!!!!

    38. Alex Gowers says:

      FAIR USE POLICY!!!!!!

      FUP within 1 week of connection. But they have finally sent me a letter even tho i’m not out of my 12 month contract asking me to leave and that i can have my MAC address.

      If you are still in contract just phone them and say you have recieved the final FUP waring letter and migrate, tiscali are crap crap crap.

      P2P is bloked tho i’ve found ways round all their limits with clever port changes etc but connection has got steadily worse to the point where it can be days before I can connect outside of peak hours which is SURELY AGAINST THE LAW.

      If you’re looking for unlimited broadband try elsewhere cos it’s false advertising on their part, I’m told the limit is 15-30 gig a month seemingly regardless of peak times.

      I’m switching ASAP but am still looking for a better ISP so I don’t fall into the same trap again.

    39. J. Karsan says:

      TISCALI are bastards
      Dont go with them
      They mess u about…at your expense!

    40. Gary says:

      I connected with Tiscali about 7 months
      ago. Started off with a 2mb connection
      for 17.99, then 2 months later 8mb came out for same price and 2mb went down to 14.99. They told me, there is no need to
      switch to the 14.99 2mb service because
      in 3 weeks, I would automatically be
      upgraded to 8mb. 3 months later, still
      no auto upgrade, but was still paying 17.99. I therefore switched to the 2mb
      14.99 service, after paying extra every
      months for nothing. I telephoned Tiscali,
      who told me that I would be emailed when
      the 8mb service was available and
      then I could upgrade. In November they
      emailed me telling me that 8mb was
      available as un upgrade. I therefore
      in January telephoned them and asked
      for the upgrade, they admitted that I had
      been emailed in November and that they
      would upgrade me in 10 days. A few days
      later I got an email saying that 8mb is not
      available on my line, only 2mb. I therefore
      went to the Tiscali site and entered my
      mates telephone number and address
      down the road and asked to subsribe
      to the 8mb service, the online availability
      checking software informed me that 8mb
      is available and it would be ok to join!
      I give up. A total waste of time. Liars? Yes.
      Contradictors? Yes.

    41. John Mike says:




    42. Stuart Oliver says:

      Tiscali was ok at 1Mb till last August till they did “some work” at the local tele exchange. From then on I was only able to recieve a download speed of 256ishKb. After numerous phone calls and long waits with promises and excuses, I have just switched to BT broadband and now receive a speed of 4.7Mb/s average. The third world call centre is very polite but usesless. Get your act together tiscali. £14.99 a month for little over dial up speeds is a rip off.

    43. Dan Canham says:

      Tiscali technical support don’t answer my technical questions. When emailing tiscali on anything non technical I get ‘this is techical support so we don’t answer’. So don’t expect an email from tiscali except your bill and adverts. Wating for a MAC adress to move (lots of phoning, lots of waiting).

    44. David Bage says:

      Oops, I rated Tiscali mistakenly with 3 stars! Sorry everyone, that should have been 1 (there is no 0 stars option available)

    45. David Bage says:

      Tiscali are without doubt thhe poorest excuse for a service provider I have ever encountered… Here’s my story. (and letter that I sent to them – twice now)

      27th October 2006 – Filled out a request to have the connection moved to a new address. Received an automated email that this would take 5 – 10 working days.

      15th November 2006
      Called at 10:30am – Rep took personal details then “transferred” me which had me cut off
      Called at 11:07 – Rep took details, I informed them that on Oct 27 2006 I request a change of service address but still nothing and the service is STILL at the old address. Tiscali cease & reprovide email states 5 – 10 working days. Am being transferred to different number now, and have once again been cut off.
      Called broadband technical support department speak to Manish. He has taken my old details and new details. Put on hold while they perform a line test on the new address. I have stated that unless they do something about it quickly as their own email states 10 days MAX (has been ongoing since Oct 27th I will be going somewhere else and they can forget about their money. Have been told the service available on 22nd). To clarify this further. Manish informs me that there is a note on my account from a BT engineer that the service will be switched on October 22nd. I asked why I was not informed about this and was told that there were problems with their (and I quote) “email department”.

      23rd November 2006
      Called at 15:03 – Rep took personal details then was placed on hold AFTER I informed him that I STILL did not have an internet connection. He reiterated all the old address / new address details then proceeded to tell me that an order had NOT been placed!

      Tiscali have repeatidly failed to provide me with a service that I have paid for and I consider them to have breached their contract. I am cancelling my “service” (used in the loosest sense of the term) with immediate effect as you have failed to provide me with the service that I have paid for! They have been given ample time to perform the action I requested back on the 27th October 2006. I am sick and tired of being fobbed of with excuses from their call centre staff who have cut me off on several occasions and have now apparently lied to me re the email from the BT engineer! The call centre staff do not care about customers, they will lie to them and try to get them off the phone with a seemingly endless arsenal of excuses as to why they are unable to deliver! The new address is now switching to NTL and shall not have BT line.

      08450 774488 – Tiscali’s cancellation line.

      24th November 2006 – Emailed letter of complaint to Tiscali using their complaints form according to article 18(b) of their Terms & Conditions

      below are some points in Tiscali’s own Terms and Conditions. Maybe helpful should you be looking for a way out?

      17.2.2 at anytime if you move to a new address to which we cannot provide the broadband service. In such case you must contact us in advance by telephone (please see “Contacting us”) and produce written proof of your new address;

      17.2.4 at anytime if we suspend your use of the broadband service under this contract and such suspension has continued for more than 28 days.

      19. Events outside of the our reasonable control
      We will not be liable to you for any failure to deliver the broadband service or for any breach of contract, where the failure or breach is due to a reason outside of our reasonable control.

    46. Nichola Fair says:

      TISCALI are utterly crap.
      I ordered it in the middle of october, its now nearly the end of November and we’ve been told week after week that the modem will arrive in 3/5/10 days. It’s still not arrived.

      Their customer service is appalling, A COMPLETE WASTE OF TIME.

      Tiscali are completly unprofessional, total liers and i now i want to swith to BT-But how long will it take Tiscali to understand that our patience was lost far too long ago and that we now want to cancel everything?

    47. Steven Millard says:

      Looking for a cheaper and unlimited package because I can’t get a faster speed, so I’ve been trying to join Tiscali from Orange using a MAC code, which Orange and Ofcom say is valid, but Tiscali say is invalid. Apparently, they can’t process new codes which have been around fo months by now. It’s almost as if they are stalling and denying me the chance to change ISP/LSP. Tiscali have changed their tune from not being able to process a MAC because it’s an invalid code, to that their system is outdated and that new codes given by BT Wholesale are valid and the fault lies with Tscali’s software, online and internal. Tiscali are breaching Ofcom’s code of practice and denying consumers the opportunity of switching ISP using a new MAC.
      Mind you, having read these reviews, maybe I’ll walk away and think myself lucky.

    48. Millie Roy says:

      I’ve been with Tiscali just over 6 months now paying £14.99 a month after being with that useless OneTel for several years. I’ve rarely had any issues so far except for one evening when I couldn’t get on and couldn’t get through to their customer services/technical support. When I did eventually get through I had a little rant about keeping people on hold for so long and they saying the lines were too busy and being cut off. If the whole system is down, leave a message so callers don’t keep ringing back every few minutes wondering if it’s just a problem with their individual connection! Never had any FUP warnings since I’ve joined and found the setup process really easy and hassle-free. I hope I don’t experience what some of you guys have as I haven’t the calmest of tempers…

    49. Tallan Sisson says:

      I am currently with tiscali (after much patience) now they would love for me to say “this is perfect broadband provider 10/10 a+++ ” but unlucky for them i dont lie in public.

      As far as i am concerned they have 3 problems:
      1) Their stupid FUP this is in the terms of you agreement but as usual it is in the fine fine fine print this states from 6 pm – 11 pm you cannot overload your connections with downloads lucky for me i do work at them times so it doesnt affect me as much but still on a week end that is taking thes piss.
      2) Their techinical surpport is usally some indain name name ali o0r something weird like that who u cannot understand or dont know anything about computers who work for abour £2.00 a hour so as usual you have to figure it out yourself.
      3) Finally getting your line switch if you are moving home in there term this take 5-10 days if you are using a new number but to my surpise :O it took a whole month and when i phone up they said they were restarting the contract from day one so after treating to take them to court and go to the papers and letting our village know because our village all use tiscale they agree to not restart my contract and give me my moneyback which is good.

      But let us not forget there are other bad companies – another one would be AOL – so to sum my point up if you feel like you are getting robbed go to you local solicitors and find out how to take action and never back down.

    50. Nicola Hagley says:

      DONT SIGN UP!!!!!
      Tiscali is a scam!! They mislead you into thinking you’re getting something that you don’t. It took almost a month to receive my modem after many lengthy phonecalls to find out what the delay was only to be lied to and told it was a problem with bt(which it wasn’t)
      Four days after activating my modem i received an email stating that i should not be downloading between 6pm-11pm!! I purchased what i thought was 8mg unlimited downloads?
      Unlimited yes but restricted to the times people who work are either at work or in bed! What alot of good.
      I have since received another email warning me that if i continue to download during the peak times i will capped, i thought i was being capped already, the pages take forever to load (thats if they decide to) and i can’t view things i can on my mums aol. My mums old dial up was quicker than our 8mg! I have tried to cancel with Tiscali but was told that I only have 14 days to cancel from the date you register with them, what a joke, 14 days after signing up I was still waiting to receive my modem, oh and you can only cancel if you haven’t activated your account so what good is that to anyone. I am seeking legal action as to what I can do to get away from Tiscali asap!
      They deserve 0 stars

    51. John Row2land says:

      those dam disconections drive you mad i am looking for another supplier now

    52. Scott Russell says:

      tiscali are the worst server ever tyring to play online games is a joke diconnected no download and all other aspects please do not bother with the hastle peeps just dont need this these days especially if you do university and u need to search for information

    53. Mike says:

      NEVER EVER EVER get tiscali! They cut your connection if they class you as a “heavy” user! Like downloading mp3s, games, videos etc – using the bleeding internet in other words!!!
      People saying it good value may want to re-evaluate as there are much better and faster deals around from people like Sky and Cable… If you don’t use torrents etc, it maybe liveable with… but I don’t know a single person that does not download “large files”, even windows updates are big.

      Contract is up with them soon so I’ll be speaking to Cable and their 8Mbps service most definitely!!!

    54. Daryl Fox says:

      stay well clear tiscali are rubbish slow speeds, terible service move house took a month to switch my broadband over

    55. Ryan says:

      I have Tiscali and theres always problems with our internet , you sign a 1 year contract for nothing their service is non existent and their internet always slow and most of the time cant access any websites, is there a way we can take legal action against them and have them closed or contract broken? If there is any lawyers reading this plz let me know.

    56. Orbital says:

      Dont do it, tiscali are shit only got uk call centers for sales, there technical support monkey dont know anything. All they care about is taking your money, they mislead lead you into a contract, there FUP is a joke, they even told me the modems they send out are rubbish and advised me to buy a router!!!. i think im going to change my number and see if that will get my line released

    57. Roger Brandsworth says:

      i signed up for tisclai 6mnths ago and for the 1st month it was fine …. then all hell broke loose .
      my download speeds plummetted and whenever contacting tiscali i got lies for 4 weeks … then the “fair usage” policy was explained to me .
      Why was this not explained before they took my cash ???
      tiscali should be avoided like the plague and i am currently taking legal action against them .

    58. Delise Tattum says:

      The Customer service at Tiscali is awful. I have not been able to access my online billing for over a month. I have reported it by phone a number of times (have gone through all the procedures that they recommended) and was told it would be fixed. I have made endless calls (for which I have had to pay and have been kept waiting for ages on most occasions) as well as have had endless email correspondence but still cannot access my bill. I have now given up on Tiscali and have just cancelled my subscription and will now be looking for a provider that can give me a decent service. This was not the first time I have had problems with them. I really don’t think they even deserve 1 star but I couldn’t submit without it.

    59. Marve says:

      I’ve read all the comments, the contents of which come as no surprise. In the end, it all depends on what you want to do on the Internet. Right now I’m getting 1mb for £12.99 and I’m very happy.

      BTW: Steve, here’s the link to Tiscali’s Fair Usage Policy:

    60. Audrey says:

      Tiscali was the worst company that I have dealt with. I do not even think that they deserves a 1 start rating!!!

      In late March, I had ordered the Tiscali package and called back a day later wanting to load the Dell promotion – was told to cancel my account with them first (and will only take 10-15 days at most) before they can load the promotion deal.

      Today is 27 June and I have been left battling with different teams over three months:

      – 0870 & 0845 within Tiscali support team & cancellation team who repeats your question 4 times back to you and only to find out they are not able to help and you have to talk to someone else…

      – formal complaint team: that get you to call back to their incompetent teams again….

      BT was not able to help as Tiscali was still holding my line even after all those time….. no other place to go…. maybe moving the house??

      If I could give a negative star – I certainly would, it was stressful and costly to deal with Tiscali as a company. I was thinking to come back….. I will think a million times before I do.

    61. Tony Collins says:

      Tiscali shit broadband services and slow speeds the truth about isp broadband crap customer services,
      there cap gaming traffic and p2p at peak times now and pipex are going to be just the same soon with tiscali taking over them..


    62. Debbie G says:

      Tiscali were OK when I first joined 4 years ago but now I think they should be closed down, they are not even worthy of the title internet and telephone provider, they are a complete joke. I am sick of trying to make contact with them with ongoing problems, when you do hear from them its just a pack of lies and what they tell you is standard script. If anyone knows of a way to speak to a human who actually knows what they are talking about, please do let me know. I can’t even get through to someone to get my MAC number now, and I know by law they should provide that within 5 days.

    63. SUE says:

      I have never known such a bad company, it would be faster walking to the moon than trying to contact the so called Customer Service (what a joke). I’ve been trying to contact them for days with a problem, stay away! They don’t even deserve 1 star.

    64. D Williams says:

      Lol, exactly the same comments as Mrs Johnstone below. We migrated away in October 2007 and are enjoying our internet with Nildram. Since then we have been billed and had money taken by Tiscali each month. Cancelled the direct debit on their advice and now have debt collection threatened. Endless promises of refund, no cheque. Small Claims Courts via moneyclaim.gov.uk is our next port of call. DON’T EVER USE TISCALI.

    65. JOhn Thomas says:

      Tiscali are THIEVES. If you cancel an account with them and the direct debit – they just re-enable the Direct Debit and take your money again. The bank WILL let them do this – its in the DD small print. They man their cancellation phone line with a dead pigeon – it’s never answered.

    66. Thomas says:

      Had them for over two years now and I can honestly say they are rubbish. I am currently on the 8 Mb deal and I checked the speed and actually get under 2; can’t wait until the contract runs out in a few months time. About 50, 1 star ratings can’t be wrong: bad ratings, bad service, and they don’t listen… Just do what the person below me said and AVOID AVOID AVOID…

    67. Lawrence says:

      Avoid them like the plague! They lie. My moving home reprovision sat in some in-tray in Deli waiting for two months before someone in the cancellation team in the UK submitted the request. This was after I had threatened cancellation. It works for tiscali because they get to keep you on the phone for ages and they get paid from the 0845 lines anyway. They were charging me full price despite only providing 25% of performance.
      They epitomise what is wrong with the bulk of half-baked orgnisations in the UK, where the words CUSTOMER and SATISFACTION can not be used in the same sentence. The sooner organisations like this fold up, the better. The public will not be bombarded with seemingly good providers that are only too eager to take your money and not deliver. I haven’t experienced the direct debit after cancellation thing yet but I don’t doubt that they pull such robberies.
      P.S. Unfortunately, this site does not allow a negative rating! That’s what Tiscali deserves.

    68. Kayla says:

      I’ve worked in Tiscali Sales dept for eight months and have had a pristine service from the company for a full five months. No complaints at all; service has been perfect even through server crashes in the area. Tiscali may have had lots of bad reviews, but you really have to think – out of over a million customers, what’s the ratio of happy customers to unhappy customers? Count me towards the happy ones.

    69. CASSANDRA says:

      There is not enough webspace to put into words how I feel about the service Tiscali does not give you. It is only the inconvenience of changing email addresses etc that stop me from cancelling the 2 accounts I have with them. All I will say is STAY AWAY FROM THEM they are USELESS. The technical helpdesk is run by pre-programmed robots who do not listen to what you are saying and the billing department will suspend your account at the drop of a hat and take days to reinstate your service. And they never say sorry when it is their mistake. The technical support team (2nd level) are extremely rude and arrogant and I really hate the way you have to go over the same ground when you phone them (at 10p a minute) to find out why they have not replied to your query. AVOID TISCALI LIKE THE PLAGUE. THEY ARE TOTAL C**P! My blood is boiling just thinking about the fact that such an incompetent outfit can call themselves an ISP.

    70. jack mcgee says:

      agree with all complaints i signed up for broadband and phone package
      still on a d s l for nearly a year with the old modem i received 5 years ago
      everytime i contact them i get an e mail reff upgrading my package
      latest e mail says they cant find my name or package details
      if this is so how can they send a bill every month
      really getting brassed off
      perhaps we should all send watchdog an e mail

    71. Barney says:

      Dear Sir
      It is with no regret that I write to ask you to inform me in writing of the earliest date that I can terminate my contract with you that will not incur me any form of “early closure penalties”.

      This is due in the main to an appalling level of customer service, your seeming unwillingness or inability to communicate with your customers, and that in order to do anything I have no option to make frequent time consuming long distance calls to India.

      When calling initially to set up the account I voiced concern’s to your staff that some consumer reports on your service levels were not complementary due to the difficulties people had in contacting you as your operations were run from India, but was assured that this was “not an issue any longer” as UK operations were now established in Manchester, thereby negating this issue.

      Subsequently this turns out not to be the case, as far as I am able to establish only the sales call centre is in the UK, every thing else is done via the telephone to India, an expense not bourn my the company but by the customer, and is in my opinion totally unacceptable, insofar as when the system fails,(something it does frequently), I am left with option but to pay you, (I incur the cost of the call), to tell you that something I’m paying you for isn’t working!

      Even such a simple thing as sending you an email is made impossible without again incurring costs. Your system demands a second email address, if you don’t have one you can’t send an email, and in order to get one once again you expect the customer to spend time money and effort calling you to obtain one.

      I feel that your whole enterprise is not about providing a “fair” service for a “reasonable” cost, but one of intentionally providing a “poor” level of service, done in order to “maximise” company profits by making money from a constant stream of customer’s telephone calls, paid by them to you.

      Yours Faithfully,


      Account Number ***************.

      Nuf Said!!!!!

    72. Graham says:

      Cancelled my a/c 14 months ago and they have still not refunded money they owe to me.

      Can’t get in touch easily. They don’t give a monkey’s.

      Can’t advise not getting involved with these scumbags strongly enough.

    73. op says:

      Rubbish. It took 3 weeks to actually activate my broadband, claiming bt still has the line flagged. Hello bt, is my line still under you powers? BT – not for the last 3 weeks it hasn’t been. My connection has been down since Sunday, I ring India and speak to someone who can’t speak coherent English.

    74. Maxine Durling says:

      had them had to go to off com to get the phone lin on two months later still no broadband got fed up talking to them and went to BT for phone still cant get on to the enternet (have to borrow other peoples) and they are charging me £70 cause I broke my contract Idon’t think so.
      Have tried to contact Managing Directors and they are just egnoring my letters. Next Step to take time off work and Camp on there door step at Stevenage any one want to join me

    75. AVIE says:


      I have been through Consumer advisory service, they passed me to TYrading Standard, they couldn’t get ther either, and I have had it with them – PLEASE JOIN ME in emailing/wreiting to the tabloid newspapers.

      They offered to try to contact Tiscali for me, and I have given them the high level complaints dept., which I have relentlessly tried to get through to, with no success.

      Please ignore the one-star rating I have given them, it was the only way I could post the reply. I’d rate them at around MINUS 7billion trillion!!!

    76. Adrian says:

      I had been a Tiscali customer for over 2 years and had no problems at all, up until the moment i decided to leave. It is near impossible to terminate your contract with them. After ringing them i received a letter on 16/05/2008 telling me that the transfer would take place on the 28/05/2008 which was the date my new conection would begin. I rang and spoke to Ricki at the london office and asked when i would make my final payment and she told me early June 6th or 7th, so on the 20/06/2008 i cancelled the direct debit. Since then i have received letters asking me to fill in and return direct debit mandates for an account which has been fully paid and terminated. I have even received a request for an outstanding balance to be paid on the 21/08/08. I rang them and told them no way and up till now i have not heard another thing from them. My advise to anyone wishing to change internet suppliers is A:- Make sure you are aware of the date of your final payment and B:- CANCEL YOUR DIRECT DEBIT AT THE LOCAL BRANCH OF YOUR BANK AND GET WRITTEN PROOF THAT THEY HAVE. No direct debit no money then you have the controlling hand!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    77. Stuart Douglas says:

      Avoid Tiscali at all costs. Their speeds are too slow for IPlayer, Youtube, Filesharing. You get no where with complaints, and they lock you into a 12 month contract. Choose someone else.

    78. Darren says:

      Don’t go near this company if you want them to provide you with a decent broadband service and a decent level of customer service. I have been with Tiscali as my broadband provider for three years and no problems. All the problems begin when you move house. I moved house early in August and informed Tiscali of this (4th August), they put the order in to move the broadband and it would be 10-15 days. It is now over a month since the order and still no broadband (6 Sept). I have now spent many hours on the phone to their inept call centre staff, many of whom speak very poor english and cannot understand you trying to resolve the matter but everytime you call you get a different story, and as some other posts suggest Tiscali customer services do lie to their customers just to get you off the phone. When you ask to be put through to a supervisor they just cut you off, this has happened three times now. They say that someone from their technical or provisions department will call you back but no-one ever does….worst still they claim to have records that they did call you! I have now been told that my case has been transferred to a UK department that I cannot contact myself and must just wait…for how long nobody can tell me. I have absolutely no faith in Tiscali to provide the broadband service, they are just completely inept and whilst all this is going on I am still paying for the non-existant broadband service. You are assured of a refund by their customer service once all this is resolved, but I cannot begin to imagine how long that would take at the moment.

      I don’t really want to give any stars at all as they are hopeless but you need to put one to get the post up

    79. Emma says:

      The worst ISP with the worst customer service you could imagine. If I described all their bad points it would take you all day to read it. Today I spent an hour (costing me £6) on the phone to their customer care (more like don’t care) team, just to get one simple question answered. I had to speak with four people because the first three put me on hold and each time I was put on hold the phone cut off. Don’t even consider getting an account with them.

    80. Darren Richards says:

      To all who have been had by tiscali we all need to sue the pants off them they have messed my phone line up completly and now i cant recieve broadband or a phone line from any provider due to the fact there a bunch of dum ass`s and to cap it all off there gunna charge me for broadband that i aint had since day 1!!! they gave me a reconditioned bt number wich worked fine at my place but when i phoned to check why its been 2 weeks and not received any broadband equipment they wouldent discuss anything with me cause it had its old owners details still attached and that only the names on the system could look into or cancel that account .after 4 weeks of trying to sort over the phone i maneged to trick a member of staff in to saying the details and after much reserch and sleuthing ive maneged to find and viset the address to find they havent lived there in 3 years talked to resadents who pointed me in the right direction and contact the couple through an estate agents wich sold the house for them /now as far as i know they have or will cancel and i can leave this nightmare behind ,i dont think its gunna be that easy thats why i call on all tiscali customers that have had simmaler or worse situations who have sat and waited on hold for hours at a time only to be told someone else can help or theres nothing they can do..go to trading standerds go to communications and internet services adudication scheme(020 7520 3827)phone watchdog on the bbc, do what you can to scew them over as much as they have done to you……..together we can defeat this ps i dont give them any stars,gave em 1 just so this could get posted….

    81. audrey W says:

      One day in June I came across tiscali on a website and foolishly signed up. We are now into October and I am still nor have been connected. The support do not know and gives the same old excuses and just pass the problem on. I have tried to get out even before the 10 day cooling of period when you first join, only to be told I have had not gone live. I say never ever get involved with tiscali. I have just warned them that I am going to get a summons and take legal action to get out of the contract, I have tried but they will not give me my mac code. They have taken the monthly debit from my bank, and have not given me any refund. Really really bad.

    82. ben manning says:

      6 WEEKS ago I called tiscali regarding a setting on my computer which was subsequently solved. During the phone call I was sold another year of tiscali broadband having been a customer since last year – during the call I was told I had automatically renewed – I would be sent confirmation and a FREE WIRELESS ROUTER, within 5 days – that was 6 weeks ago! Since then I have spent £30 on phone calls and have twice been told I was being sent a router – the only reason I renewed – only to receive NOTHING. I am sure if I stopped my direct debit tiscali would be very quick to condemn me but how can you condone service that signs people up under false pretenses? The REASON I SIGNED UP WAS THE free wireless router. ONE THAT DOES NOT EXIST. This is a disgrace to a loyal long term customer, I feel tricked and conned. Leaves me with no option but to cancel on principle both as I haven’t received my router or confirmation and also because of the pounds and pounds spent on phone calls to tiscali.

    83. Mick says:

      If anyone is taking legal action against tiscali can you please get in contact with me. I want to join you! This is no joke.


    84. fatty says:

      I chose Tiscali despite knowing their terrible reputation because they are cheapest and I am skint. I was fully aware before arranging to get Tiscali broadband+phone that they do unpleasant things with traffic shaping and that they have a history of billing and customer service problems. I signed up with Tiscali when I moved into a new flat. It all went as described. My father had bad experience with non-provision of service and erroneous billing so I was expecting the worst but actually it turned out fine.

      The supplied (Tiscali-specific) Siemens SE587 router is very poor so I’m using my own, a D-Link which I’d always considered to be a real piece of crap but it’s better than the Siemens :-0 I live about 300 yards from the exchange so the unthrottled speed down is excellent, the full 8 Mb. Upload speed is very poor indeed, I haven’t measured it properly but I guess it’s around 0.25 Mb.

      I was expecting heavy throttling of torrents at peak times and all weekend and that’s OK with me, I have a Linksys NSLU2 NAS running Debian and rtorrent which draws less power than a light bulb and which can just sit in the corner of the room running 24/7 with the torrent client on a simple scheduler. Finished torrents drop into a network share, I could no longer care less about watching speeds/progress unless it all actually stops.

      What surprised me is that BBC iPlayer is very heavily throttled at peak times. I assume this really pisses off a lot of people who want to watch streaming flash or use the iplayer p2p manager. Fortunately there are workarounds. If this issue affects you then consider using get_iplayer http://linuxcentre.net/getiplayer/. It’s a perl script, you can run it in Windows too, and you can simply download your programs without DRM in the H264 format that was intended for the iPhone. This is much higher quality than the basic streaming flash and even with Tiscali throttling you can get it at maybe 70 or 80 KB/s so it’s not too long to wait (most progs are between 170 and 220 MB) and then you can watch without stuttering or interruption. There is also iplayer Downloader http://po-ru.com/projects/iplayer-downloader/ which has a Windows client and may be easier for many people.

      I’d say Tiscali offer an exceptional package for the price. I get a phone line, an ADSL-2 modem/wireless router/switch and 8 Mb broadband for £15 a month. For that money any expectation of unshaped, unthrottled traffic at busy times, or low contention ratios, is just unrealistic. If I could afford another £20 or £25 a month I’d choose an ISP that does no traffic shaping and that offers me a clearly stated 300GB cap or similar but for £15 a month I’m happy with what I get. My calls to the Tiscali customer service (in India I believe) have been handled with good manners and everyone I’ve spoken to has been helpful and competent.

      I think Tiscali is a good service for people who aren’t too demanding (i.e. not using p2p 24/7 and don’t need ultra low latency for gaming) and also for people who understand and can accept/deal with/workaround the limitations of this kind of pile it high sell it cheap product.

      I’ll rate it at 4 stars because it’s C H E A P! was switched on within 4 working days, the router arrived on time, the ADSL started working on time, everything works and they haven’t screwed with my billing 🙂 They lose one star for throttling iplayer streams as well as the iplayer p2p client.

    85. valerie rankin says:

      I’m trying to help a friend who has literally been made ill through the lack of communication in trying to have money that Tiscali owes her, and has THE NERVE TO SAY THAT SHE OWES THEM MONEY!!!!! Can anyone help with the Managing Director’s Name and contact number or email please?

      This Company really has to be taken to task, they are just acting totally illegally, and positively out of hand. Thank you.

    86. Heather says:


      I HATE TISCALI. we have spent HOURS talking to them after our broadband simply stopped working. at forst we just wanted them to fix it but we them realised we needed to cancel it. As many others have said it is nigh on impossible to cancel your accoutn with them. so we cancelled our direct debit. so they cut our phone lines. After finally believing we had cancelled it they keep sending us bill after bill and ringing us. A man even said today on the phone that I did not have the decency to inform tiscali i was cancelling my account. Decency???? DECENCY??????? Hypocracy MUCH.
      They don’t even deserve one star, they deserve MINUS stars -99999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999 TRILLION stars.

    87. Chris Sadowski says:


      After leaving me without a working phone line for two months (though I could get broadband), I finally did what I’d threatened them with and switched back to BT.

      Needless to say, it didn’t go entirely smoothly – Tiscali cut off my broadband ten days BEFORE the switchover date and BT had problems getting all the details they needed. I made sure I cancelled my standing order, as I really didn’t trust them after the lies I’d been told.

      That’s when the demands for money began – both by letter and phone. Apparently, because I didn’t cancel by letter, I was still liable. No matter that they weren’t actually supplying me with anything by this time and had totally failed to fulfill their contract. Eventually I said they should either give me the legislative base of their claim or I would regard their letters as harassment. That’s when the letters from the debt collection agency began. I told them that the only way they’d get a penny out of me was with a court order, so the next letter came with a solicitor’s letter too. Again, I’ve told them to take me to court and that in the mean time, any further correspondence from Tiscali or any agent acting on behalf of Tiscali (remember that last bit!) would be construed as harassment.

      I really want to explain all this to a judge, but I think Tiscali is just waving the stick and won’t actually dare bring it to court.

      It’s just a shame they can’t spend half as much energy on customer service as they do on customer intimidation.

    88. Lew says:

      Tiscali has got so bad that I can’t even send e-mails to friends who are using Tiscali e-mail. Here is an example of the mail delivery I get:

      A message that you sent could not be delivered to one or more of its
      recipients. This is a permanent error. The following address(es) failed:

      nnnn@tiscali.co.uk SMTP error from remote mail server after MAIL FROM: SIZE=5043: host mx4.uk.tiscali.com []: 550 mail not accepted from blacklisted IP address [] (I have changed some details to avoid being spammed). Judging by the technical and business performance of Tiscali, I would not reccommend them to anyone.

      If anyone wants to write to Tiscali, their registered office is at:
      W1F 8HT
      UK Company No. 03408171

    89. cher says:

      Tiscali have been ok for me, when i wanted to cancel my account i simply called them and cancelled it. My advice for anyone they are chasing for money, (or any other company for that matter)especially if its NOT owed to them, is to tell them that you have complained to Ofcom about them, tell them you do NOT want them to call again and they are breaking the law if they do, its illegal for anyone to call you demanding money, especially in a menacing manner.
      If this doesnt work, inform them that you have contacted the Trading Standards, AND the Financial Ombudsman. As i said i have had no bad dealings with Tiscali, but have with other companies.
      All the same, it is illegal for any person/company to DEMAND money via the telephone, that puts you, or anyone else in a state of alarm.
      Hope this helps.

    90. chris morris says:

      I consider Tiscali to be one of the worse broadband providers that is in operation. Once they hook you, they ignore your needs, they cap your broadband downloads, and they refuse to give you the same speeds that they offer to new potential customers, often offered at lower prices to what you’re paying. When you leave, they can be very difficult. I am very sorry to give such a scathing review, but the fact is that Tiscali really does need to be more customer friendly, especially to its current customers, instead of treating them like dirt on the street.
      I am now with O2 and think that the reviews are correct, they really are the best. They always are in operation, they don’t cap downloads, and their customer service is friendly and courteous. I have no regrets in swapping.

    91. dsa says:

      Finally my year contract is up with them. have already sorted out a new isp. whats annoying me at the moment tho is that the cancellation lines are only open mon-fri between 9-5 or something like that. i sent them an email last night saying i am cancelling and funny enough i get a reply straight away. normally i gotta wait 2 days. And when i do switch over I am gonna have the joys of smashing my crappy speedtouch router to pieces!!! thats goona make my year! They are nothing but trouble, complete waste of space. DO NOT GO WITH THEM!!!!

    92. Martin Scarfe says:

      From December 2006 I had no connection with Tiscali. I tried to cancel my contract with them. It is virtually impossible to contact them. Their cancellation line does not answer – I spent hours trying to get through. I had to notify them by post about the cancellation. However even though I notified them, they kept charging line rental for months after. I couldn’t cancel it as I had paid by credit card – so every moth I had to get visa to refund me the payment and stop it; the only way out was to destroy my credit card. Now Tiscali send me threatening letters to take me to court for £44.97 which they claim I owe them – if anything they owe me money. I will go to court if necessary as a matter of principle. Avoid Tiscali at all costs.

    93. Mary Lynne says:

      My experience echoes that of Martin Scarfe. It is almost impossible to get any sense out of them when you do get through on the phone, and they don’t seem to read letters sent to them either.
      Oh they reply, eventually, but they totally fail to address a single point made to them.
      My account was cancelled in August 2008 and as of this date I am still getting increasingly unpleasant letters threatening to take me to court over £91 that I don’t owe.
      Bring it on I say, there’ll be a counter-suit for personal distress and loss of earnings due to stress and depression brought on by their antics.
      Avoid Tiscali, once you’re in you can’t get out.

    94. Carol says:

      Tiscali are ignorant criminals! Taking money from my current account as per contract,and then continuing to take money from it when the account was cancelled,MAC code sent to my new ISP and new service started.Not only that,taking the same amount from my credit card every month.We are chasing a refund of over £440 and will go to small claims court for it. TISCALI DO NOT WORK! Cheats and liars. NO STARS AT ALL.I’m only giving one star to post this.

    95. John O says:

      Tiscali offer an absolutely dire service – if that’s what you can call it. I should have read the warning signs earlier when I spent over two hours on the phone to an overseas call centre following the so-called set up of my broadband connection which wasn’t.

      Despite me telling the woman on the end of the phone that I am an IT professional she still insisted that I checked the router was plugged in and that it was on. She then told me that the router wasn’t communicating with the computer despite me telling her that I can access the web interface and that it says that there is no connection – They’d claimed I was connected when I clearly wasn’t.

      After sorting that out the service was reasonable and as such I took my account with me to my new address. All was fine and I was enjoying 8MBit speeds… till the honeymoon period was over, anyway. Now it’s frequent disconnections, speeds that are barely 1MBit during peak times (used to be up around the 6MBit mark which was why I kept my contract with them), appalling download speeds and ZERO access to torrents for half the day. I know some people use them for dubious purposes, but what about the rest of us that want to download several GB Linux distros? Utter crap.

      Steer well clear, I’m in the process of going elsewhere and I suggest others do too.

    96. Yvonne says:

      Oh my god what a crap service!!! I’ve just been reading allthe comments left by others!!- please plesae please- can we all send copies of our letters to OFCOM and watchdog now i’m goingto!! all the problems I’ve had recently others have had too! problems blamed on BT line, poor overseas customer services, advisors promising you service will be back on- but surprise surprise no service!!! crap crap crap!! please people stay away from them and call ofcom.

    97. Ed says:

      I cancelled my Tiscali account in June 2008 and they stopped my direct debit. Until October 2008, when they re-activated it again without warning or without authorisation from me, In effect, they were stealing £60 per month from my account!

      I wrote to them, explaining the problem in detail, and eventually got a response which made it very clear that they had not read my letter.

      Happily for me, NatWest were very good about it, refunded me the money and took it up with Tiscali direct. NatWest told me that Tiscali are regular offenders in this respect.

      I still get the odd letter and phone call threatening to cut off my account (what account)?

    98. BOB W says:


    99. David says:

      Almost daily connection problems ranging from 10 minutes, to 2 in the past week of over 12 hours each. Lying call centre staff, of which I have now 4 cases of call centre staff lying to me. High level complaints team that don’t get back to you, and ignore complaints about there staff lying.
      Call centre staff that close non fixed calls, without consultation, presumably to meet SLAs set by tiscali. 2nd line support staff that don’t call you when they say. All done on the back of expensive 0845 calls to the staff in the Indian, Denver, London call centres that make monkeys seem intelligent. They close fault calls, sending you an email to phone them up again to reopen them.

      This is the WORST so-called customer service I have seen in my life.

    100. lisa says:

      Don’t touch them with a barge pole!! Worst Customer Services I have ever encountered. Something needs to be done about these rip off merchants! I’ve had nothing but problems with the TV service, since installation in August 08. They finally agreed to remove it end of Feb this year, then the broadband goes off also!! More unanswered emails and countless costly phone calls to people who I can only describe as idiots!! I’m now counting the days for the contract to end!

    101. Steve says:

      Don’t go anywhere near these people, they are either incapable or unwilling to help out their customers.
      I’d been with Tiscali for a couple of years on a 1Mb connection until the end of 2007 when I decided to upgrade to the 8Mb connection so rang them to get it upgraded and was given my date. I waited for the date to arrive with excitement the day after the date I ran a speed check and found out I was still on my 1Mb connection and the upgrade had never been done so I rang them to inform them that the upgrade hadn’t been done. They where most apologetic and gave me another date for the new upgrade, and guess what this didn’t go through either. This scenario carried on for nearly a year with me chasing them and getting new dates every time I contacted them to complain. In fairness I did manage to get a couple of month’s free rental out of them for messing me about.
      But in the end I’d had enough of their promises so started to look around for another provider. And in September 2008 I contacted Tiscali to request my MAC number and inform them that I had had enough of them messing me around. I was requested to leave my direct debit running as their bills are always behind the service provision which I did. I received my code very quickly and went live with virgin on the 20th October 2008.
      I then noticed whilst checking my bank statements at the beginning of this year that they had taken the last payment and rather than cancelling the direct debit they had then charged me for an extra month. So I quickly cancelled this debit so they couldn’t thieve any more money off me and then rang them to explain what had happened. They agreed and said that they owed me close to £55 and I would receive it within 28 days. The 28 came and went and the only thing that turned up was another bill for another months rental. I then contacted them and was told not to worry about this bill but they would now require either a Going Live letter or migration letter from virgin for my start date back in October 2008 to finalise my account and get my money back. (The rub here is virgin doesn’t send letter out all correspondence is via E-mail). Since this phone call I have sent them hard copies of the going live E-mail I received off virgin and my first Virgin bill E-mail only to be told that these weren’t good enough as proof.
      I have also still been receiving progressively more nasty letters regarding the earlier mentioned bill that I got at the beginning of this year which culminated in to two automated call to my mobile number yesterday threatening me with bailiffs if this bill isn’t paid. Today I sort legal advice and was advised to sort the bailiff threat separately from the other issue to maintain my credit rating, and a possibility of going to small claims court to retrieve my other outstanding money.
      But I for one am now totally fed up with the entire situation Tiscali has created but wont except responsibility for. So on hearing that they are in the process of going tits up with their shares being suspend on the stock market yesterday. I would like to say for anyone from Tiscali reading this is it’s your own fault you are going bankrupt because you have taken your customers for granted for too long and they have voted with their feet and take their business elsewhere. No star rating for this company.

    102. Peter McKillop says:

      Recently because of their bad phone service I didn’t receive quite a few of my phone messages. Two of which were for a well paid job that subsequently went to somebody else. When I told the so Customer Services about this and when they eventually got back to me, they gave the standard (please forgive us everything esp. our service) apology and offered me £10.00 off my account by way of compensation. Which I can say is nothing short of an insult and because of this I would like to join anyone that is bringing a court case against Tiscali as it is about time that this company was held accountable for its totally poor service towards its customers.

    103. Shayla says:

      Worse ISP in the UK you will ever use. By 8mb broadband they actually less than ONE MB and they constantly disconnect. I am quitting this ISP but by the sounds of it just quitting their service is going to be another story.

    104. mick says:

      Tiscali have gave me no problems at all. Been with them nearly a year now and no intentions to leave. Good work boys !!!

    105. happy-pup says:

      This is for the person who said tiscali are useless and they are happy with nildram, NILDRAM is owned by TISCALI. Who’s laughing now!!!

    106. Jane says:

      I have been with Tiscali for over 3 years, not all good I might add and very difficult to deal with. I have seen that my bills have progressively risen (no reasons actually given) so decided time for a change of provider. I got through, made the necessary noises and asked for my mac code to migrate to my new server. No problem there, got the letter in a couple of days, however, here’s the rub, they now want their router back or will charge me £114. I wasn’t aware that we ‘rented’ the router? In any event I have never used their crappy router as I use a wireless router which belongs to me. Has anyone else had this problem and if so how was it resolved? I don’t even know where their router is!!!

    107. John says:

      Interesting to read the reviews. After the experience I have had with Tiscali they are beyond belief. Been with lineone since about1995 then Tiscali since they took over. The comments regarding the happy customers I am glad for you, long it may last as you don’t know what may lie round the corner. If it all goes belly up then you are about to get the Tiscali call centre experience, and this has got to be unique. Doubt if anybody else that bad. Best advice is get out while the going is good, they virtually drive you to destruction. My 0871 call bill (and the calls are with Tiscali) came to £18 to try and resolve their problem and it never got resolved. Never been so glad to get away from a company. The Watchdog file probably just the tip of the iceberg.

    108. Hils says:

      Do not touch Tiscali with a barge pole. Dreadful, dreadful and three times dreadful, appalling and incompetent. I cancelled my broadband service last May, and telephone service in December 2008, and am still getting bills! A bill from a Debt collection agency arrived last week demanding payment for a service I have not used for over 4 months (telephone). Don’t bother with the email they give you for ‘complaints’ dept, as you just get an automated response, which leads no where. The MD is called Mark Lyntsell based at Tiscali UK ltd, 20 Broadwick Street London W1F8HT, you could try writing to him (I have and am awaiting a reply, if, in fact he is a ‘real ‘ person, and not just a made up name). If you are contemplating switching to Tiscali, DON’T!!!! I am sending copies of my letters of complaint to the MD, the Debt collecting agency, and Trading Standards. Watch this space! I only put 1 star as you cannot post a comment without giving it a star!!!

    109. Mark Burnett says:

      Tiscali are without doubt the worst company i have ever dealt with. We had unlimited broadband with them at 14.99 a month but changed our direct debit to around 24.99 a month (to include home calls) which we dont have. Despite having phoned around a dozen times to complain about this, no refund has been given. In the end we cancelled the direct debit, now we are being called contantly by some strange automated tiscali service (we put the phone down each time, if i cant speak to someone in person, i wont respond and is it to much to speak to someone with English as their first language? Tiscali are a disgrace of a company and deserve to go out of business, which i expect wont be too long given the fact that everyone i know have moved from tiscali due to there rubbish customer services. i They dont even deserve one star.

    110. Paul says:

      Has anybody got a copy of the T&C’s for tiscali which are dated from December 2008? I would like to compare those T&C’s with the current version as shown on the Tiscali website. If you have, please could you post a note to advise, and I shall provide information on how you can forward a copy to me.


    111. Steve says:

      Absolute crap.


    112. M. Duncan says:

      Tiscali can be summed up in two words UTTER DISGRACE.

      What they’ve done to me is tantamount to attempted theft. My anger is too great to go into detail but I’ve never been connected to tiscali broadband and they’ve been threatening and demanding money from me for a year…. Needless to say they will never get a penny.

    113. G Kumar says:

      I run a small internet retail site. I have used Tiscali BB for 3 years. Recently over the past 5 months I have had problems connecting, the first few times where sorted after one phone call, but recently they have been rude, they hang up on me, or give me contradicting information (it’s your PC – it’s your router), I’m quite confident it’s neither because I have a small network that runs through the router and it’s fine! The customer support is frankly horrific, with staff who understand little or no spoken English making it a nightmare having to phone them (they even seem to get upset with me because my name clearly shows I’m Indian but I don’t sound it,) I ask to speak to a manager/supervisor and they hang up! Time to switch suppliers.

    114. Chris Bowman says:

      5 stars for debt collection owing to them? I am fed up ignoring letters with increased amounts of monies owing to them. They write to me via a dbt collection agency and say ‘confirmed resident’ and add a further 15 pounds search fee – which they have not obviously completed – simply because their company so so inefficient they had not even noted my name correctly – so the person to whom they write does not exist? Yes simply: I wish I had not had any dealings with them. But can anyone advise how I get them to stop writing to my address?

    115. David says:

      Fair play to Tiscali, I was a customer with them for 3 years, and the service they provided was usually fairly good. Well that was because I never had to speak to them or their customer services dep.

      It is hellish difficult to cancel the service with them, and they use all sorts of excuses, blaming it on bt lines and the like. 5 months after telling them via e-mail and phone that I was moving from the property and wanted to cancel my account, it is still not done. I think I am up to 35 phone calls, 5 e-mails and 2 registered letters now.

      They are good as long as nothing goes wrong, and you never want to leave them. if either of these things are important to you, i would recommend going somewhere else for your broadband, anywhere else would be better.

    116. Thadeus says:

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    117. tom says:

      As an ex customer of tiscali, I joined them in 2007, 2mb package at £14.99 per month, at first it seemed ok, I more or less got the 2mb, then 6mths later they started traffic shaping, it was supposed to be p2p only, but every speed tester recorded very poor results such as 120kbps and lower, so even browsing was painfully slow, call after call to their overseas based call centre on the 0871 number costing a fortune (time on hold average was 30mins) a joke just like tiscali. The tech support is a total waste of your time /money, nothing gets resolved, they have been bought out by talk talk, but nothing has changed as yet, it probably won’t. My advice do not sign up to them, they may be cheap, but the service you get sucks big time, should you play online games, hope you like lags and dropped connections (that’s if you can connect). My rating ZERO

    118. Andy says:

      What a complete nightmare. No outgoing calls for 10 days after no broadband, the staff can’t speak English and the email responses are bordering on rude. Final straw 40 minutes on hold to get a mac code. Good bye and good riddance!!

    119. Hazel says:

      We’ve only been with Tiscali for about 3 weeks, and already we’re at our LIMIT with them. The service was intermittent and then cut out altogether. 6 days without internet and no technicians available. We finally got an appointment for a Monday, then they rang back 5 minutes later to say they’d double-booked us and a technician would be out on Tuesday. The helpline people barely speak English and are just plain rude, and even AFTER a technician has come out to us, the service is still cutting out every few hours! We cannot wait to swap companies, and are seriously considering contacting Ofcom. If you are considering going with Tiscali, please, PLEASE do not. I would give 0 stars if I could but I have to put 1 to post this. Yes, Tiscali are cheap – but for a damn good reason. Please lets get them shut down! It’s borderline theft!

    120. Sue says:

      This company should carry a Government health warning. They have no concept of customer care. We simply wanted to transfer our existing broadband and phone service when we moved. Ended up without either. Have spent hours and hours on the phone at considerable cost over 4 months so far first trying to get a service and since trying to cancel it and get rid of this awful company. We are normal, hard-working professional people – can’t believe how a company can get away with such diabolical service – so much for competition!!!

    121. MaoTou says:

      I am writing to complain about the AWFUL service a big communication company like Tiscali had responded when I requested to terminate my broadband service due to a change of address. I am happy to pay off any outstanding payments as a result from the cancellation but Tiscali had taken it’s time to send the final bill to my new address; a very difficult task as I had to make four long frustrating phone calls to the customer support centre (08712223311) to make that happen. In addition, I have still not received the cancellation letter that Tiscali had promised to send me, but was instead sent a letter from the credit collection company.

      Here are the details of the calls that I have made:

      1. I first called on 20th July 2009 to request the cancellation of service and the phone call took approximately 40 minutes (including waiting time). The phone operator identified himself as Sam and I was allocated a reference number for the cancellation. I informed the operator that I will cancel the direct debit payment to Tiscali and would like to pay Tiscali by cheque or credit card for the last payment if he can arrange to have the final bill sent to my new address. He told me that Tiscali will send me the cancellation notice and final bill (£35.07) to my new address which will arrive in 4-5 working days so that I can pay it off. However, I did not receive anything in 4 weeks from Tiscali.
      2. I then called on 14th August 2009 that took 38 minutes (I have been told to wait for most of the time). The operator told me again that I will be receiving the cancellation and final bill in 4-5 working days. But I did not receive anything from Tiscali in 3 weeks.
      3. I called again in 2nd September 2009 that last for 28 minutes. I was informed again that a letter bearing the cancellation and final bill will be sent to me in 4-5 working days to my new address.
      4. My final call made on 16th September 2009 lasted for 32 minutes; this time I was told by the operator, whose name Divine, that the cancellation letter and final bill will arrive in 14 working days.
      The four calls I made accumulated to a total of approximately 138 minutes of wasted time and effort as I have yet to receive the items that I have requested – the cancellation letter and final bill. In addition, the calls to the Tiscali’s customer service centres have cost me more than £13 of unnecessary phone bills. While I am now still waiting for Tiscali to send me the above letters, Tiscali had taken action against me by sending my details to a credit collection agency, Creditlink Account Recovery Solutions (C.A.R.S), who threaten to submit a default notice on my credit file and take legal action against me. I have paid what was termed an “overdue account” of £35.07 to C.A.R.S on behalf to Tiscali, but I am frustrated that this had happened as I have still not received the cancellation letter and final bill from Tiscali. Therefore, I request Tiscali to:

      1. explain how my cancellation was processed after I called in on 20th July 2009 in detail;
      2. clear my credit file if it was wrongly marked;
      3. send me the cancellation letter and final bill that was promised before.

      I want to register my utmost dissatisfaction to the way Tiscali operates and I would not recommend anyone to take up service with Tiscali if such awful service persist.

    122. WORST says:

      What is this bad service Tiscali are providing? It’s decent, but now – for the past 3 weeks, my internet speed has been soo poooooor not even words can describe. Have contacted Tiscali through various emails, they have not solved the problem, blamed it on bt and our package speed, when we have selected the largest package available!!!!! Useless. At tech support helpdesk, the accents are clearly not from the UK, they are from India, they tell me the basic things which I already know otherwise why would I be calling helpdesk?!!!! They don’t care about their customers. JUST DON’T MAKE THE SAME MISTAKE.

    123. M Rees says:

      Back in September I rang for a MAC code. Been with Tiscali for 4 years or more and not really had much trouble. Anyway was tempted into taking out a better package, tiscali talk and line rental plus wireless. Haven’t been able to connect since 11/9/09. Technical Support have cut me off when they get to the bit they can’t help me with. After reading all the comments, am now frantic, don’t want another 18 months if this is how it is going to be. Already sent two letters off one to HO and one to Birmingham, plus email with automated response which is useless. What else should I try – does anyone know. When I rang to complain to technical support they cut my phone for a few seconds as if by punishment or am I being paranoid! There must be something or someone who can help!

    124. Kash says:

      Similar experience as by M Rees forced me to move to another provider. Basically I upgraded my 2mb connection to 8mb but this resulted in my actual broadband speed dropping from 1.5mbps to .5mbps!! where is the logic in that. Tens of e-mails (some very irate) and many phone calls later I decided to pack it in. As a protest I cancelled my DD so that they could get their finger out but instead they passed my file to their debt collectors!! It’s not worth wasting your time with Tiscali. If you are with them and happy with the service then don’t upgrade and leave everything as is. It appears most of the other providers are just as incompetent. Share pot luck.

    125. sarah Ferguson says:

      I got a bill in from tiscali for £387.69. I do not have a account with tiscali. I enquired about broadband 2yrs ago but decided not to go with them as they set up dd before I was even connected. I have tried to phone which cost me I was 19.40min waiting to be answered.

    126. Jim says:


      Several weeks after moving away from Tiscali we received an automated phone message saying we owed £2.37. No invoice, no reference, no client ID, just pay up? I was convinced that this was a scam so I called Tiscali to check. The person I spoke to couldn’t see anything owing against my name and suggested we ignore it.

      My wife received three further automated calls spanning the next six months, the last threatening our credit rating and the bailiffs. For some reason (why I don’t know?), she decided to pay the invoice using the call’s automated phone system, where you tap in your card details!!! I went mad when I found out as I was convinced that our account would by now be cleaned out. Surely no reputable company would demand money in this way? The more I thought about it, this sounded like a phone version of the phishing emails – therefore we’d been scammed!

      After an urgent call to our bank they confirmed that Tiscali had indeed taken £2.37. By 9am I was on the phone to Tiscali to find out what was happening. It seems that the amount owing was NOT against my name, the account holder but against my wife’s name. As far as Tiscali were concerned the phone part of our account had not terminated until the 5th of the month and therefore had incurred five days’ worth of call charges. Being unable to debit the amount from my terminated Direct Debit account, they opened a new account in my wife’s name. When they couldn’t get payment from that they started to make these threatening calls.

      This is so wrong on so many levels. I am the account holder. They should chase me if they have a problem. How can they open an account in someone else’s name? Why demand demand payment via an automated phone message – what’s wrong with a phone call? You call yourselves a communications company – communicate!

      Worst of all – how long is it going to take the scammers to figure out that they can ring up Tiscali customers, demand a small payment, gain access to your credit/debit/bank account and clear it! As an aside, I’m not sure your bank will reimburse you either. After all, you freely handed over your bank details?

    127. Gray says:

      AVOID AT ALL COSTS. Been a suffering member for years – yet they say I’m in a 12 month contract and want to charge me £90 to leave having just increased their prices by 25%.

    128. SteveBa says:

      I paid Tiscali (now TalkTalk) in full for my phone and broadband then left a forwarding address and telephone number in case of any issues. One and a half years later I get a text message from a debt collection agency demanding £17.

      I call Tiscali and paid them, but I wanted to complain that they took this route instead of writing or calling me direct. I asked to speak to a manager, but no that’s not allowed. They have a 72 hour backlog of complaints! I ask for a name of a manager, no, no names. How do I complain? I have to write! I can’t email or phone. What a terrible customer services idea. You can do anything you want as long as you don’t complain!!

      Avoid Tiscali and TalkTalk, they are the worst company I have ever dealt with and very unprofessional.

    129. Peter J Nash says:

      Tiscali are the worst company I have ever dealt with for anything. Thieves and liars comes nowhere near describing their dishonesty.

      Like others I was forced to pay a bill for a non existent service. Later my line speed dropped and so did the connections, up to 20 times a day. My final call to the helpless line in Pakistan resulted in the female operator disconnecting the call. Unknown to me, she also permanently disconnected my service 3 days later with the result that I lost all my Tiscali emails and addresses. Further, Tiscali said they could not issue a Migration Code for 2 weeks so for two weeks I had no service at all. Fortunately, to date I have not received anymore bills from Tiscali but they have left a small problem for me in that periodically (probably 30 times a day), a message pops up from Tiscali saying my broadband is disconnected. When I close the message normal connection is resumed but I cannot find the code that is giving me this message.

      Don’t subscribe to Tiscali unless you want to be ripped off big time and spoken to by their helpless line staff like an imbecile. Ignore the rating, it’s actually minus a million stars.

    130. Ben says:

      Pathetic. If I could give it a lower rating I would. Customer service, unhelpful and pointless, connection below poor, download speeds awful, overall speed below awful. All I can say is don’t buy it if you don’t want to spend your life on the phone to customer service.

    131. Don Clarkson says:

      I received a letter last month from a tracing agency as apparently I owe Tiscali over £300 – which was a major shock particularly as I left Tiscali in 2005.
      To be fair I spoke to Tiscali and discovered the charges relate to monthly charges from July 2007 to November 2009 which I suggest was just before they were taken over by Talktalk.. Tiscali have confirmed that there was no usage for the period they are charging me for. If this was a genuine charge what about the months from 2005 and 2006 that I didn’t pay cos I had already left them, they had closed my email account and never written to me before. I have sent them proof that I had moved away from the area since June 2007 – all of which makes them not look good.
      My stepfather was threatened with legal action as they claimed he owed them money – he sent them bank details showing payments taken from his account but still they refused to accept he had paid. He took them to Court and yes, he won.

    132. margaret says:

      I had Dial Up for a few months, with Tiscali, then decided to have Broadband again with Tiscali. Keeping my BT line. I received a telephone bill for over £400.00 as Tiscali had left Dial Up running for 3months or more. I’m currently receiving letters from Debt collection Agencies as BT are saying I owe them £162.00 for Tiscali’s error. I have been threatened with Bailiffs and Court proceedings due to the fact I have refused to pay the outstanding money. I have spoken to BT and Tiscali regarding this matter, as yet it isn’t resolved and this is from early 2009.

    133. frustrated dave says:

      was with Tiscali for broadband and Talktalk for phone. Was sold a combined package for less and assurred that it would be a seemless process
      After a couple of months receive a non-itemised bill for £25. Eventually establish its for internet with Tiscali at a time when I’ve aready transferred to Talktalk ( despite it bein the same company) I then have to provide a copy of my account because Tiscali cannot access Talktalk accounts.
      Whils tis is being done I then get letter from credit agency threatening court. Write to Tiscali, Talktalk and the credit thugs and send all a copy of account – net result i further letter from the credit thugs.
      I’ve told them to take me to court and am looking forward to putting inmy legal costs when I wi
      nAvoid this company they have the worst customer relations of any company ever

    134. audrey says:

      quite frankly I dont fined tiscale all that good I got messet about to many times by them I gave tiscali my change of phone no lost october 2009 only to fined myself being discanectet with me having no broad band for over 2 months

      when I phoned tiscali over why I have ended up with no broad band all I got from tiscali and that there is a tag on the line you need to contact b.t so when I phoned b.t they tell me there is nothing wrong with your line its all clear youneed to contact tiscali

      when I phoned tiscali I got by another person that there is a marcer on the line you need to contact b.t to get it removed of the line before we can reconnet so when I phoned b.t up they very kindly told me that there is nothing wrong with your line its all clear you need to contact tiscali

      I would not wrecomend tiscali to any won they or just a wast of space

    135. June Alderman says:

      Was with them until today hence email address. What a load of rubbish, been with them for several years taken over by talk talk and treated terrible, don’t give them a go you can’t get through to anyone, when you do, they promise you everything and do nothing. Service is bad, directors ignore complaints. Not worth a rating, rubbish rubbish rubbish.

    136. elizabeth stefaniak says:

      Changed over to sky broadband on the 20th June 2010 from tiscali, but tiscali are still taking payments. Spoke to one of there staff and was told that they still providing us with broadband and that I have to tell them again I wish to cancel. Since I joined this mickey mouse company I’ve had nothing but hassle. Will be glad to see the back of them.

    137. Marianne Burton says:

      I agree that the cancellation policy of Tiscali is a disgrace and very very upsetting.
      How can a so-called reputable company be allowed to carry on openly demanding, and obtaining, money not owed to them by such appalling harassment?
      I also feel that this is a black mark against the consumer watchdogs. They have been told endlessly about Tiscali’s activities and let them carry on. Why?
      The amount of sleep I have lost over their appalling extortion!

    138. waynewilliams says:

      Never ever had a problem with tiscali until today now they have been taken over by talk talk short for rip as many people off as you can, they have phoned us up and said for £19.99, which they say we were paying, which we know we wasn’t, they will give us free for 3 months then we must take out an 18 month contract for the same price, fair do’s if it was a mobile phone contract they would give me a free phone so where is my free computer and monitor, never mind life’s to short to be ruled by companies that are greedy, I might try the post office, best deal at the moment got to give a rating minus 100.

    139. colin says:

      I agree tiscali are the biggest con merchants going, they seem to make their own laws. If you don’t toe their line out come the debt collectors letters. I am on 2nd company of debt collectors. I stopped tiscali in June 2009 still they are chasing me for money I do not owe.

    140. sian stokes says:

      we were fine through tiscali until talk talk took over. now our broadband only works when it wants to. internet speed is so slow it takes 35minutes (timed) to load one you tube video. we were given one month free because of them changing the bill date from 30th to 20th,(having to pay for both dates) with out notice and we were left short of money (with a baby to provide for). we were then told to contact them when we found a new package to switch to. i phoned this morning because they’ve just billed us and now i cant get through again as it says they dont recognise my number. i am disgusted with their service and the way they expect to treat people.
      so just so you all know, i am going to take this to trading standards, watch dog and everyone else i know and i’ll make sure i get out and NEVER EVER EVER go back! they dont deserve one star…

    141. paul says:

      tiscali/talktalk are the worst company I have ever dealt with.
      I have been in business for over 20 years and I would sack every person that works for this ‘crap’ company, our so called ‘continuous high speed broadband’ disconnects every 2 minutes ans never runs any faster than ‘dial up’ speed, and then they have the audacity to charge for an engineer to call and do nothing because he did not have a replacement wireless router on his van to replace a broken router, so what was the point of attendidng, especially as the faulty router had already been diagnosed over the phone prior to the appointment being made. Everyone who is being ‘duped’ by this ‘pathetic company’ should get together ‘en-masse’ and phone ‘terminations/disconnections’ on the same day and ALL cancel the useless accounts, maybe this would give them the ‘kick up the arse’ this company needs.
      Its obvious that the statement ‘THAT THE CUSTOMER IS ALWAYS RIGHT’ does NOT compute with anyone at tiscali/talktalk, not even their ‘high level complaints department’ members of which still need educating on how to use the telephone. I wont even give them the satisfaction of a star rating as a ‘rating’ means that you ‘rate’ the company and I certainly do NOT rate this company.
      it seems that you can NOT post a comment without leaving a ‘rating’ so I will have to give a 1 star so I can leave this comment, although I am ashamed to even give a 1 star

      • Angie says:

        I agree with you Paul. After 6 years of crap service I just cancelled my direct debit as they took out money unauthorised by me, from my account for a call out that no-one told me I would have to pay for. I am just going to leave them hanging and see what they come back to me with.
        Meanwhile I am looking for another service provider.
        By the way, while writing this, my TV picture froze yet again for the 10th time in the last 15 minutes and it will probably take about 10 minutes to send this message to you!!!!!!!

        Hope you can get up a hate campaign against this company.

      • Ali says:

        I had the very same issues with this company a few years back and ended up paying over £100 just to cancel the contract. would never recommend them to anyone. dreadful customer service too.

      • Lynn Wigglesworth says:

        Exactly the same has happended to me. You write, emal and spend hours on the phone trying to solve it and get nowhere. I was charged £100.00 when it was a fault at their end but they are refusing to refund me. They also took the amount from my bank account without notification. I have told them to cancel my contract and still they take no notice. The company is a shambles. I refuse to pay them any longer they a ripping people off.

    142. Will says:

      DO NOT USE TALK TALK. Read on: We left Tiscali for Orange in May…so we thought. We had a confirmation from Orange in June to say that they had meoved all our services (broadband and telephone) so we assumed we had to do no more. When we got our July statement there was a little outstanding so assumed it was the final account and paid it. We are now in November and Talk Talk (now) as still charging us for something we no longer should be paying for. I wrote a letter on the 22nd October but no response.

      • Steve says:

        Talk Talk is such an inapropriate name, ‘No Talk Talk would be much better. I was, and still am, with Tiscali when Talk Talk contacted me re a new package which I agreed to. What they failed to tell me was I would be allocated a new ‘phone number which is not viable given my partner & I run a business from the existing number & all letter heads etc. would need to be changed. I only found this out when the engineer had been and at the end of his visit he gave me my new number!!! I had to contact Talk Talk who were less than useless and get the account changed back to the Tiscali account. Five months later & twenty two hour in total calling Talk Talk I am still getting bills for an account I never used. I have not paid them a penny & am now expecting debt collectors to call for Talk Talks’ money. Retarded monkeys with only one functioning brain cell would probably have been better equiped to deal with my problem than the people who staff their call centres. My advice to anyone thinking of going to Talk Talk is simple; DON’T even think about it {+_+}

      • claire says:

        hi does anyone else have trouble with payments,they keep billing me twice,and deny it even though it is on my online banking

    143. bob smith says:

      I can only agree with what Paul wrote on 12th. My tiscali/talk talk broadband just disappeared for a month and I found the ‘help’ line incomprehensible and totally unhelpful.
      I didn’t get one of the many promised call backs until I told them I was going elsewhere. Even when they phoned they were still hopeless and unhelpful.
      I had read that they were bad, but facing the standard of incompetence, corporate speak and attempted bullying was a shock.

    144. John says:

      I too would sack everyone that works for Tiscali/Talk Talk..they employ people who cant even speak the basic English word let alone understand the needs of the customer.
      I recently left Tiscali for BT due to poor service. However I am now chasing them for a £20 refund after they overcharged me for a service that was cancelled.

    145. malcs says:

      I totally agree this company is cr*p I have had my broadband disconnected within 12 hours of receiving a MACode. despite numerous telephone calls they refuse to admit it. I understand from BT that there is TAG on the line and I have to get the removed. Who by ? Yes you guessed it talktalk . Lodged two complaints with ofcom they are not much help either

    146. helen says:

      I have used tiscali email for years literally as it was free and I though it was a good service until spam started. After they transferred to talk talk and put spam filters in, in the process I could not access my emails and was on the phone to them for nearly an hour. The person couldn’t help so put me to another no. which did nt reply and it just became a cycle of incompetence. Now they want my account details to “bill” me..but what for? I only used them for email..no other sevices from them. All my friends know my new email address and isnt tiscali! I think they seriously need investigated for gheir poor inaccurate communication skills. I hope someone can do this before someone is seriously injured by this faceless unhelpful company

    147. A Wright says:

      This company is a complete joke. they owe us pounds. Still charging me for a sports channel we had on last May for only 3 weeks.. They keep promising to pay us back but never do.
      They need to give this company away to someone who can run it.
      Everybody who works there, (well go’s there) should be ashamed of themselves.
      This company is stealing of us !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    148. Mr John Gibbons says:

      I never received notification that a migration to a new server would be taking place and that during this time be able to access my e-mails. When I rang technical support (17/10/10) to ask for urgent help as I get most of my bills via e-mail, and would need access one by 19th Oct. to claim a CASHBACK of £38. I was told that I would be back on line in a day or two, and I would receive a text on my mobile if there was a delay. If there was a further delay someone would call me. I heard nothing. I rang back a week later only to be told that I am one of many and would be connected by the 30th Oct. I asked if I would be getting a refund on my account for the loss the loss of service cost of my phone calls and the loss of my £38 CASHBACK. The operator told me to send in my complaint by e-mail when I was connected on the 30th, and would not or could not answer my questions, but repeated himself like a recording. I asked to speak to a manager. After some time he put someone on who claimed to be a supervisor (No Name). After a few seconds of my stating to explain my problem, the phone went DEAD. He had hung up.
      You now have to add this to other problems that I have recently had. Firstly I was sent a letter exhorting the fact that I would be getting an upgraded service to 8MB (which I already had) but would have to pay an extra £7 for. Then I had to buy a laptop that came with Windows 7 but and could not connect to the internet. After a little over a week and a couple of phone calls to Talk and Microsoft, I was told that the Tiscali modem was old and out-dated so not supported on Windows 7, and I would need a modern wireless modem, that would have to be sent out. During this time I had no Broadband for three weeks.
      Here I am in 2011 and still cant log into my account and only get my most recent mail via Microsoft Explorer. I still need to access my old mail for information, bills and reciepts still held on my Tiscali mailbox and saved files.
      As you can imagine I am not happy with the service that I had been given by Talk since taking over from Tiscali and now looking for an alternate provider.

    149. NEVER USE TALK TALK says:

      in reply to all…. and specifically Will (Nov 12).

      I disconnected from Talk Talk a few years ago due to the ridiculously slow speeds and frequent disconnections. I went with Freedom2surf. great service, great customer service, great speeds.
      Problem I had was that I forogt to cancel my Talk Talk Direct Debit, and even though I had my MAC code from them, and I HAD moved over to a new provider, they took their payments out for a further 3 months ( before I realised !! ok I am an idoit but hey ho).
      It took me approx 19 hours of phone calls to customer services and supervisors (when they were available) and 4 letters over 9 months to get my money back and a hard fought £10 goodwill gesture for the excessive phone calls and stress caused.

      During all this THEY sent me a Final Demand letter claiming I owed them money for the 6 months AFTER I left them.

      what a complete shower of incompetents.

      Now I hear that Freedom2Surf has succumbed….and guess what…. I AM BACK WITH friggin Talk Talk !! and as they are the only provider with LLU in my exchange, I am screwed.

      My speed has already gone from 10-12Mb before the Merger/buyout/selout to a constant 7.5Mb which some people may think is a great speed, but it’s not what I was getting and I am paying for up to 24Mb.

      So I want to start a campain to get another isp provider to get their LLU equipment into my exchange…but how…?

      again, 1 star being given cos I HAD to give at least 1.

    150. edie0803 says:

      I was with Tiscali about four years ago, but one month their direct debit reached my bank a couple of days before that month’s salary, we have all had that haven’t we? Anway they just disconnected me and the hassle I had getting reconnected even after paying the outstanding amount was diabolical. I received an e-mail from one of the customer service staff telling me that the reason for my disconnection was due to ‘insuffishant’ funds…….yes that really is their spelling. Think that says it all about the people who work there!

    151. Andy says:

      I agree. Their service was hopeless while we had them, and they continued to charge us after we moved house and they had collected the equipment. Several phone calls later, we still haven’t received the promised refund. When we moved house even our 5 year old son begged us not to use Tiscali in the new house.

    152. sara says:

      This is the worse company ever.They have poor customer service that is if they understand what you ate talking about. The broadband drops ever 2 minutes. I have requested informatin from thius company and months later I am still waiting.
      I got my mac codimng and willbe moving. This company seriously needs investigating.

      MY RATING IS 0


    153. rodfullwood says:

      I agree with Bob Smith. I had exactly the same experience; rubbish ‘help’ line and no call backs. Lots of promises but no delivery!!!

    154. Rita Sumner says:

      Last time I tried to get help for my most awful service it cost me about £20. for the phone bill and it still wasn’t sorted.
      I have started the process of moving to BT but already I have had the phone conversation cut as soon as he could no longer persuade me to stay.
      I will be trying to contact Tiscali to inform them but I expect this to be a far from easy task.Tiscali broadband use has always been a service that I rarely expect will work.Does anyone have an address to write to them?

    155. Trudy/Jason says:

      I can totally relate to all of the comments/complaints made about this company. I have been left without landline outgoing calls and internet since December! They would not speak to me as my husband was the account holder and was working out of the country After waiting two hours on a mobile phone, my husband was finally able to get some assistance to restore the landline, they said we owed them money but did not send any correspondence to this effect and didn’t even know that talk talk had taken over tiscali. We still have no broadband. We are changing over to another company!

    156. Hilary Mee says:

      I have been disconnected from my broadband for 6 days now and they seem incapable of dealing with the problem. Should I ever get reconnected I will be changing. I can’t remember ever being so frustrated by a company!

    157. val fairclough says:

      I agree tiscali/talk talk are absolutely useless having reported a fault with router and gone through checks with so called help line for 2hrs they said my computer was at fault not the router,paid to have computer checked and there was nothing wrong with computer it was the routerl. After another 2hrs on phone to them they agreed to send new router within 5 working days, that was on the 28/2/11, I still haven’t received it. They now tell me the system wont allow them to order it until after the 18/3/11 AHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! What is wrong with these people, needless to say I am cancelling.

    158. William Eastwood says:

      Talk Talk just switched my broadband off despite me being a long time Tiscali customer who always paid his bills.They did not contact me before hand so i thought there was a fault and wasted literally hours calling their premium lines to sort out their actions. The uk call centre people were arrogant,ill informed and contradictory however the Indian engineers were superb. Turns out it was an arm twister to get me to take line rental as well.. They are completely useless at customer care or providing a serviceand uninterested in anything but taking your money.Definately the worst company of any kind i have ever dealt with.AVOID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    159. Irani says:

      I WILL BE REPORTING THEM TO THE Office of Fair Trading and all similar organizations that have the powers to fine this Mis-managed Pathetic Company.
      They are a company that have taken over PAST GOOD COMPANIES like TISCALI and OPAL and NILDRAM etc. without having in place the ‘take-over’ or ‘merger’ Systems and Procedures. Its like the left hand not being aware of the right hand.
      TALK-TALK are capable to do everything WRONG that is possible.
      From CEO OFFICE to the S.African Call Centres, THEY ARE ALL RUBBISH.
      Can not explain all of their fiascos.
      I will place them as ZERO on any scale for any department.

    160. joan quiddington says:

      I can not get on line it queries my password and user name,
      can you sort this out please before I change to another provider.

    161. mike says:

      i faced the same problems as people above,so i can confirm that this is true.

    162. Nigel says:

      signed up with homecall/pipex 5 years ago.
      no problems. Now owned by talk talk and they are doing some work at the exchange. Been offline for 6 days. Have requested MAC code I’m off to BT, fed up of resetting router and waiting 24 hours.

    163. Margaret Fidler says:

      I have had no email for over 48 hours. My password (always dialled up automatically) is being rejected. URGENT – I have important messages waiting in my email, which I need to have. Please either give me a new password or do something to restore my email.

    164. alison says:

      I have had nothing but trouble since talk talk have taken over and it’s useless trying to talk to some one as they keep passing you over to another person am thinking of changing my broad band but who i don’t know yet but good bye talk talk you had my money and not given me the service. with tiscali i had no trouble

    165. faye hackling says:

      Paul 12th Nov, U can’t sack everyone at tiscali. The people at the bottom only do what the people in the middle tell them to do and the people in the middle on do what the managers/people at the top tell them to do. So if u are going to sack anyone them sack MD’s etc!

    166. S.M.J Jones says:

      Either poorly trained, or incompetent. Three days of phoning resulted in the phone being answered by an actual person on the third day, only for him to cut my off before I could fully explain what I wanted. Despite having ascertained by home number and other account details the call was not returned. Talktalk unwilling to provide a telephone number for the complaints department, in fact I was told by three people that I could not have this number, eventually another person at tiscali gave me an address. They asked me why I wanted to go elsewhere, and gave the impression that my having to wait three days for a person to answer the phone was quite normal

    167. irene whitson says:

      I reported a fault 10days ago and still not fixed. No info on what is happening and no e.mail available to contact, please help, I have no phone or computer and cannot get any phone contact other than india and they pass you round and round

    168. Jo DONEGAN says:

      I tried joining Talk Talk in Sept 2010. Ater having to place the order 5 times, and each time being assured it was all going through, but everytime it apparently got ‘stuck’ in a queue. After 5 months of arguments and broken promises – INCLUDING a £30 credit for phonecalls! – I finally gave up and am now with BT. STILL WAITING for the promised cash to cover the 0845 etc calls………
      If anyone asks me for a BB comppany I make a point now of warning them to STAY AWAY from TALK TALK. Shocking service and rude, incompetent, lying staff and managers!

    169. barry wiggins says:

      18th November we have had no webmail and cannot dial into tiscali or talk atlk websites but can get everything else, I have just lost the last hour and a half of my life trying to get through to their technical guys. I have never experienced such an inefficient uncaring non customer focus company. I will be changing to BT tomorrow and suggest that everyone else does the same so you hit this mickey mouse company where it hurts, IN THE POCKET. They really don’t deserve to be in business!!!!

    170. Doug miller says:

      Has anyone got problems with e-mails through bulldoghome.com domain not being accepted by the server?
      Not been able to get onto my e-mails now for 3 days. Done nothing to my laptop, so it can’t be anything to do with that. Tried accessing through the Pipex webmail portal which normally lets me access them, but that hasn’t updated since Thursday, so obviously that is not working either.
      What number or moreso, who do we bulldoghome.com customers ring now for any problems. Tried the Pipex number and waited for more than 45 minutes listening to repetitive music and the same recorded message advising that “I was in a queue and my call would be answered shortly”!!
      Then got through to Talk Talk who are supposed to have taken over Pipex. The Talk talk customer service guy tried his best to help but could find no record of my phone number, name or account details on any of his Talk talk database.
      Where or who do we ex-Bulldoghome customers call? Can anyone help me, please?

    171. Shaun McCarthy says:

      If you rely on your email connection for business do not ever consider tiscali/ talk talk. They simply cannot deliver a service for grown ups and you will end up embarrassed by constantly texting clients to say you haven’t the capacity to answer emails. If talk talk were car dealers they would be selling clocked motors from a railway arch.

    172. Alan Grant says:

      I joined Tiscali a few years ago (seems like 20 years) and they were great, no problems whatsoever. Then Talk Talk took over and everything went tits up – shocking service, no internet for days on end, unable to understand 75% of the staff who answer the phone. When you complain they offer a new scheme, cheaper than the last one – pity none of them work properly.
      I wonder if the Ombudsman could do anything about it?

    173. Dr Helen Peck says:

      I’m another legacy tiscali customer who used to have an email service, but has noticed the post-talk-talk decline. It much worse now – increasingly impossible to access my email. Don’t waste your money. Use another provider.

    174. Steve Kerry says:

      Tiscali was terrible, TalkTalk is even worse: download speeds as low as 0.2 mb/s, slow email, inability to send large emails, constant contract renewal “offers” with figures they apparently pick out of a hat, Indian call centres with polite but incomprehensible and non-empowered staff. Beyond dreadful – I want OUT!

    175. Greg janes says:

      I have tried to find a phone number for tiscali and cannot. I desperately need my password with tiscali to retrieve lost e mails from my laptop. If I do not speak to someone within 24 hours the e mails will not be important anymore. I will have lost lots of money and will definitely change my broadband supplier because I will not allow this to happen again. Broadband with tiscali is expensive and unworkable. The dd will be cancelled.

    176. Howard Evans says:

      Agree with all the above. Have just had 3 weeks without Email with no information and enthusiastic but helpless support staff.
      Thank God for mail2web.com !
      I can´t understand how they get away with it.
      The problem is that I´m ´trapped´ since all my cyber world is based on the tiscali ISP.
      Advice anyone ?

    177. Sarah says:

      Agree with all comments above – inconvenient in the extreme and complete lack of willingness to help. I now have to change my email address after 13 years or so as they refuse to give me a new password.
      How on earth do they get away with it? Totally frustrating.

    178. L Perkins says:

      Talk Talk is a tin pot e mail provider and I have struggled to use their service as my mails very rarely open without opening and closing the page several times… I’ve had enough of this rubbish.. I’m off!

    179. Sandy says:

      Tiscali / Talk Talk is down again!!!
      What a useless incompetent service they are. When it is working the emails you get are corrupted and the speed very slow. Do NOT use this service!!!

    180. John Stolarczyk says:

      I agree with all said. worst is the lack of English from the call centre.

      I was with lineone, then tiscali, they have lost my business for ever.

      Talktalk do you read these? – you should!

    181. sean white says:

      Totally agree with all comments above–why does it take me so long to get into talk talk e mails then I always get thrown out after 10 mins every time–thank god I am a private user and dont need talk talk to run a business

    182. E. Thursfield says:

      I have been with Tiscali a number of years since Talk Talk took over it has been a disaster. I have been trying to get my e.mails for over two hours. Useless. I am considering a change. Paying for a non-service.

    183. j yates says:

      Like E Thursfield above I have been with tiscali since the wanadoo days been steadily getting worse especially since talk talk took over, seems we now get a second class service, I am also going to change ISP come March. Just throwing good money away, so glad I am not running a business.

    184. Paul H Birch says:

      Nothing but problems since Talk Talk took over.

    185. Perthbiker69 says:

      The worst company I have ever dealt with. Avoid at all costs. Unreliable, pathetically slow speeds, expensive and more chance of winning the lottery than getting into your emails first time round. 10 days without my internet yet it only needed a password reset. Iv changed to Plusnet. Gave me an unbelievable deal, so polite, straight through to an assistant when you call them and so far, the internet is 4 times faster than talktalk. HIGHLY recommend Plusnet. AVOID TALK TALK AT ALL COSTS.

    186. Ivan Atanassov says:

      I made a grievous mistake to link my bank account to my payment bills from Tiscali. NEVER DO THIS no matter how they explain it’s cheaper this way – this only gives them chance to ROB YOU. Now I was ROBBED 235 Euro and I can’t even find the way to contact them without being charged for more. They give you only two (not sure for the second one though) options for contacting them – call a paid phone they don’t bother to answer after they pick it up (so you can be charged for just waiting them to answer you and then no one will ever answer) or go directly to their office (the nearest one is 50 km away so I haven’t checked it yet). Anyway, dear fellow customers – AVOID USING THIS COMPANY and if you are a foreigner like me – AVOID them even more (they don’t speak English on the phone too)!!!
      Rating? ————— 00 ————– !

    187. So sad that Tiscali is no more says:

      Can’t believe they got bought up by talk talk…also why is everyone leaving spammy comments all over this? I came to leave a serious comment about Talk Talks acquisition of Tiscali only to find that this page has been trolled to death!

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