• Telewest

    Telewest have now merged with Virgin.net, ntl and Virgin Mobile to become Virgin Media. Virgin page for information about the services on offer.


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    1. Monkey says:

      monkey love

    2. Howard Wise says:

      For some reason the setting to my scientific Atlanta WebSTAR 2000 cable modem keep going wrong and I cannot connect so I have to spend time setting it manually and I’m not sure it’s quite right, IP DNS and all that. Please help.

    3. Kev R says:

      Major contention issues from my amp, 10mb service connecting at 512-2mb from 17:00 hrs onwards. Normal service restores itself during daytime hours.
      Telewest were very unhelpful and denied they had capacity issues (until they found out i was employed by them as a network engineer). Now they admit to it lets see if it the area is split and service restored. Prior to this i had superb service and would still rate them higer than all other UK isp’s. I just hope that the NTL way of running things doesnt rub off now they are one company.

    4. W Allsopp says:

      It’s OK, but I’ve had maybe a dozen connection ottages over 3 years – usually for a couple of hours. A disadvantage of Cable internet is that you are semi locked in in that you have a cable modem rather than an ADSL modem so they can afford to be less competititive on price for existing customers (though offer cheap deals for new customers.

    5. Y says:

      so what internet provider shll i g wit

    6. JeanThorold says:

      I do not want toloose my email adress. Can you get ridof th pop3 problem. I have spent twenty pounds on my mobile trying to get through to Virginmedia technical help. If my daughter and I loose our email addresses we no longer need your services and will switch to BT. 07914304791

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