• Talk Talk

    Broadband Essentials + Call Plan
    • Up to 24mbs
    • 40GB download limit
    • Free wireless router
    • One off connection fee £29.99
    • £6.99 + £12.04 line rental
    • As part of its service, Talk Talk offers:
      • Unlimited number of calls between Talk Talk customers for up to 3 hours at no extra cost
      • Unlimited number of calls to UK landline telephone numbers
      • 15MB of personal web space
      • 5 free email accounts
    Broadband plus + Call Plan
    • Up to 24mbs
    • Unlimited download usage
    • Free wireless router
    • On-off connection fee £29.99
    • £14.99 + £12.04 line rental
    • As part of its service, Talk Talk offers:
      • Unlimited number of calls between Talk Talk customers for up to 3 hours at no extra cost
      • Unlimited number of calls to UK landline telephone numbers
      • Unlimited number of inclusive international landline calls to 28 mainland countries worldwide
      • Calls to mobiles in the USA and Canada are also included at no extra charge
      • 15MB of personal web space
      • 5 free email accounts

    Provider Information

    • Talk Talk began to run its own landline network in 2002.
    • Now the company offers many telephone packages and broadband access.
    • It has now launched its free broadband package plus other broadband packages when you take out certain call plans.
    • They aim to provide free international call across Europe, creating the worlds largest free calls community.

    24 responses to “Talk Talk”

    1. nicola beckford says:

      I would like to join talk talk as I have been so unsatisfied with over priced bills from virgin media which does not provide value for money!

      • Chaya F says:

        Just warning you; DON’T BOTHER SIGNING UP FOR Talk Talk.
        We have so many problems we cant access google or iplayer or you tube. This is in a nutshell.

        • Matt says:

          Talktalk isn’t bad, you might just be in a bad area :/

          • Tom says:

            TALKTALK are the worst – we’ve also been having the worst connection and we’re right in the middle of town. Now its stopped working completely for the second time. 5 days in and they still haven’t fixed it. Worst service i’ve ever had with the most laughable excuses. I will be going back to BT. The extra cost is worth it.

    2. Jim says:

      Don’t go with Talk Talk, just don’t.

      My ISP was bought by TalkTalk and then the broadband become almost unusable (I use iPlayer & YouTube).

      Fair enough, I thought, maybe they are set up for email / casual surfers, I’ll just change supplier.
      I request my MAC, and they can’t find my account. I supply account numbers, line numbers, IP addresses (mine are static IP) and now I don’t get a response.
      So I send the Ofcom complaint letter, still no response.

      If I don’t get anywhere I’ll just cancel the Direct Debit, and be without broadband until things get sorted – but not good when I earn a living freelancing over the net!

      Don’t cause yourself the trouble of getting involved with TalkTalk, just don’t.

    3. Unhappy Customer says:

      All I can say is horrific service!

      Our subscription was being debited from a bank card which then expired. Instead of notifying us of this… they continued to send us monthly invoices, realised 4 months later that they hadnt had payment so cancelled the account (AGAIN without any notification), then continued to send invoices for another 3 months up until this day. Only after countless months of emails, phonecalls, rude and abrupt foreign customer services reps, have we finally been told why our broadband is not working. Avoid at all costs!

      PS: They are now asking for payment for the 3 months AFTER they cancelled the contract…. the mind boggles!

    4. jill.jones says:

      I cannot acess my emails . It says “undefined mail in your inbox” Help please

    5. johnaugustus mc caffrey says:

      i am and my wife is a customer of pipex now maybe talk talk still to be confirmed but we know nothing of any deals available from talk talk all we know is that we are being constantly hounded by one or the others finance departments for payments that we do not owe as we pay automatically through the bank it would be very satisfying if we could have a one to one reasonable conversation regarding these matters instead of a number of buttons and a previous recorded automated reply . we have been faithful customers since it was TOUCAN TISCALI PIPEX AND NOW TALK TALK we would like to stay with a company that we can rely and depend on but we are having doubts about the companies sincerity and reliability especially their FINANCE DEPARTMENT

    6. Gary says:

      I am a former Pipex customer, taken over by Tiscali (both very good connection speeds and unlimited) recently aquired by Talk Talk. my connection has dropped from just over 8 meg to 2.5 at a push. downloads are slow, pages take ages to open. I will be changing ISP’s very soon. DO NOT SIGN UP FOR TALK TALK! google for some other “happy” customers first!

    7. James says:

      Been with Toucan. Was very happy. Been shifted company to company. Now talktalk cap my download limit at 40gb without any warning from unlimited.

    8. R R JONES says:

      Keep away from this totally useless provider, they are a day late and a dollar short in every way.

    9. Barbara Ann Lyon says:

      Every time a bus goes past our house, I lose connection.
      On a windy day, connection is really bad.
      If I wish to watch certain programmes online (clean ones, obviously), I can NOT get a clear reception.
      The service is actually proving quite awful, in internet terms, and I am seriously thinking of switching.

      I don’t know if 1 or 5 is best, as the ratings don’t say, but I am COMPLETELY unimpressed. TV service is great, but I’d rather find a shop on Bedrock to provide up to date internet service, tbh.

    10. ROY MILLER says:

      Thinking of leaving BT and joining TalkTalk, any comments would be helpful.

    11. Tom says:

      I live in a rural area where the local exchange can only handle 1Mbps. I have Pipex. Last year I was getting between .48Mbps and .73Mbps. Now Pipex has been taken over by TalkTalk I’m getting .33 Mbps… it feels like dial up!, it is so slow.

      Spoken with TalkTalk and they said because I don’t use a modem/router provided by them there is nothing they can do to check the line etc. I asked for a MAC code and was offered a free modem/router to stop me leaving. I’ve accepted and will leave TalkTalk if there is no improvement in down load speed.

      I spent 53 minutes on the phone today. I’d prefer not to have an overseas call centre but the talktalk deal is ok… I just wish the speed was better.

      I wouldn’t reccommend TalkTalk just now. My speeds are much lower than previously and I don’t anticipate and increase with a router provided by them. It’s just a delaying tactic so I will probably ditch and switch.

    12. James McCann says:

      I’ve recently moved less than half a mile up the road and when I called talktalk to say I was moving they said I would have to sign a new 12 month contract, I was happy to do this as my speed was ok, it has now dropped from 2mbs to 0.4mbs, have spent hours on the phone to them and they even sent out an engineer which they charged for as they could find no fault and blamed it on the area I live in, they don’t care once your signed up!

    13. Dean Windass says:

      TalkTalk have just unbundled our local exchange. I never thought it would happen as we’re only a small village in North Wales. Must say, I couldn’t be happier with the service I’ve received so far, although I do go through a reseller, not talktalk themselves.

    14. Mick West says:

      Talktalk are just totally dysfunctional. Just left them after a year of crap broadband and useless service. Hopeless.

    15. Leonard marsh says:

      Since I transferred to talk talk I have never had the internet on constant usage. It breaks down every time I log on & so far I have been unable to contact talktalk. I shall leave as soon as it is possible as I have had more than enough frustration with this site.

    16. Ron Withers says:

      Having trouble with playback on Huwaeia box. Advised problem is error TV11. What is this; how do I resolve it. Getting answers fm T/talk is impossible

    17. Chris Thorley says:

      We have only been with Talk Talk a couple of months and it is horrendous. If the phone is plugged into the landline the broadband wont work. I have spend hours on the phone to India and have resolved nothing only that they will charge me £120 to send an engineer out!!!! I have also tried to webchat Talk Talk with no resolution. Had I known about the awful customer service we would have suck to Sky who are still crap but at least appear to know what they are talking about and do try to resolve your issues. I thought it was the telephone and have now take 3 phones back for exchanged as none of them worked.

    18. Alessio says:

      BT, even if they managed to cancel an offer by delaying the BT infinity service, was giving me a good service with 74mb connection but it was around 46 pounds a month… too expensive for me in this period
      Few days after passing to TalkTalk (and paying 120 pounds as advanced line rental) , TalkTalk sent me a sort of contract stating a not mentioned in the website 30 pound one off charge for Fibre -> first complaint as I have already fibre installed at home and there was no mention of this charge in their website or the order form received via email
      1 day before starting the service, I phone TalkTalk and I am told that the installation day I will receive an engineer to check the line -> none arrives
      During that day for more than several hours, I call them and a message is stating the service will be available in 5 hours I call the support and I was told someone is “manually” installing my services now
      I call them again to complain for a dead line and a rude lady agent tells me that as up to midnight I am not active customer and I cannot complain or escalate to team leader. I want to take part in the survey after the phone call and the agent waits for me to close the call, as she is not allowed to close the call before the customer.
      Day after: For their website, I have phone line but my fibre is a little slow. In the reality, my phone is silent like a fish.
      I call them to complain and before working on the issue, they want me to test by removing the plate at the master socket. I work 12 miles from home so no case logged up to 19h00.
      Eventually after voicing my deep disappointment in the TalkTalk forum I was promised a call back at 19h00 at 21h30 thy produces 2 rings on my mobile… not even enough time to answer but enough for TalkTalk to say they did call back
      Day 4 and still no service I call them to have an update (and their support start with usual script listing the problem I reported and telling me the BT needs to visit my property to test the line to see if I have any fault. So no phone on Saturday and obviously no phone on Sunday. I am more than unhappy, I want to speak with the cancellation department and I am informed that as they had no time to investigate the problem, I will have to pay a cancellation fee of nearly 300 pounds, but if stay with them I have not to pay for the BT engineer and I will receive 27 pounds compensation… not even enough to pay for the temp mobile internet solution I use and all the calls I made.
      Perhaps Monday I will have a BT engineer around that may or may not fix the issue and if it is not fixed the issue will go back to them for who knows how many day. So far, it is sure that on the 19th with BT I had phone and internet and from the 20th to the 25th or more no service with TalkTalk, I am not free to cancel with them and to move to another provider. My home phone rings somewhere but not at home. I prefer to avoid the description of their mainly Indian customer service and the knowledge of their support (the broadband password is written on the back of the router, they tell you without considering that on the back of the router there’s the wifi password, not the adsl credentials that are not needed with a fibre connection)
      However with my surprise after 4 days after the failed installation and still without service I logged in my TalkTalk account and I noticed that I was billed nearly 3 poundsfor the first two days of NO service

    19. Ian Gourlay says:

      Echo all the above. The only support they offer that’s worth anything is their support forum, and that’s gone from being pretty crap to being totally useless. I’ve had a thread going there for coming up a month or so and still instead of the 12mb/sec that they insist I’m connected at, I get to wait for every single page to load, watching the little spinner on the tab spin and spin and – reverse spinning direction. I sometimes feel I see more of that little spinner and the word “connecting” than I do of the pages I’m waiting on. My experience is now 4 years approx, and although they advertise the service I have at £2.50/month, once the contract lapses it goes up to three times that and of course they don’t let you know the contract’s finished, which of course is not in their interest. In my opinion Talk Talk is a dodgy operator with very dodgy business practice indeed. When I post this I’m off to go check on alternative suppliers.

    20. bob watson says:

      This has to be the worst broadband provider anywhere, absolute rubbish, and service centre from India is utter crap.

    21. Martin Todd says:

      Been with Talk Talk for over 4 years and had no problems. Then over the weekend my speeds dropped from 5mbps to under one. Chat back service kept cutting off. When rang back got no joy. And then I have to wait over to weeks for the engineer to come out. When put in queue(say no more) for complaints got cut off again!! Sham logic. Thinking of going to BT !

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