• Plusnet

    Essentials Broadband
    • Up to 16Mbs download speeds
    • 10GB monthly usage
    • Free wireless 4-port router
    • From £8.49 a month
    • Call 0800 432 0200 for technical support.
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    • As part of this service, PlusNet offers:
      • Activation fee from £25 one-off payment
      • Unlimited overnight usage
      • UK-based customer support 24/7
      • Plusnet Protect powered by McAfee security package for £2 a month
    Unlimited Broadband
    • Up to 16Mbs download speeds
    • Unlimited monthly usage
    • Free wireless 4-port router
    • From £12.49 a month
    • Call 0800 432 0200 for technical support.
    Order Now
    • As part of this service, PlusNet offers:
      • Activation fee from £25 one-off payment
      • Unlimited usage
      • UK-based customer support 24/7
      • Plusnet Protect powered by McAfee security package

    Provider Information

    • PlusNet is an Internet service provider founded in 1997.
    • They provide a range of broadband and dial-up services for homes and businesses in the UK.
    • PlusNet now have almost a quarter of a million customers.

    41 responses to “Plusnet”

    1. Marcel Read says:

      following the above comments from Mand, I emailed Plusnet as I am about to migrate.

      This scheme is going to be introduced as we informed all customers of back in January (if you view Service Notice: SN38327156 as a reminder) however this hasnt been implemented yet, we expect that to be implemented within the next month when our product refresh and new broadband products are released.

      However if your account is cancelled before then due to your migration then those charges you will still be obliged to pay.

      I even emailed Mand, but she has not replied.

      This site has ratings 1 to 5.
      Is there any way to rate lower than a 1??!

    2. Mark Armstrong says:

      I signed up when there website had the words FREE SETUP all over it. Now i have to pay £67 after a year and a half to cancel! Had lots of problems getting them to fix a line issue in the past. Also unlimited bandwidth – don’t think so. They slap bandwidth restrictions on you all over the place. Even if they are removing the setup costs now its only for new customer and i bet you will have to pay one way or another

      STAY AWAY!!!

    3. Mand Beckett says:


      My name is Mand and I work for the Comms Team here at PlusNet.

      I’d like to clarify a few things surrounding deferred fees.

      When you sign up to our service we give you two options in terms of the setup cost; pay it upfront before activation (£47 for the ADSL connection +any hardware costs) or defer it on your account. Any deferred fees reduce by 20% for every year you stay with us, reducing to zero after the five years.

      It’s important to note that these fees represent the costs we incur on your behalf (every provide order we place costs £47 and hardware is supplied by a 3rd party retailer).

      You are not required to pay 5 years subscription fees at any time, and can leave at any time with 30 days notice provided the fees are settled.

      That said, we are currently in the process of replacing the deferred fees scheme, and offering free activation and hardware provided you stay with us for one year.

      Existing customers who have been with us for more than one year will have the fees waived.

      If anyone has any further issues, or would like to discuss any of the above you can contact me directly by email (mbeckett@plus.net) or you can visit our discussion forums:

      Kind Regards
      Mand Beckett
      PlusNet Comms Team

    4. Rob Mcgeown says:

      Plus Net are appaling. Had i known about the hidden charges sprawled across their T&Cs i woudl never have signed up.

      I was sucked in by the FREE setup and FREE house move, now when i want to cancell i apparently owe £94. This isnt even a year contract, jsut monthly.

      Whats more, i changed my package…which cost me £14.99. Nice.

      Plus Net are an appalling waste of time and money.

    5. Matt Ernshaw says:


      1. lie to their customers
      2. change the terms of the product on a whim
      3. have a virtually unusable network due to under capacity
      4. are quite simply the worst ISP i have ever had the misfortune to be involved with.


      you have been warned

    6. IAN says:

      I actually don’t have any complaints and think that plusnet are pretty good. All ISP’s are rubbish at some point, but I have been with Tiscali and pipex and they are the worst companies ever, pipex was terrible. I like the one month contracts and the price is reasonable, but their acquisition by BT did scare me but it looks like BT have not sent the call centre to India just yet, when they do I will kiss them good bye and move on!!!!

    7. Robert says:

      Excellent products and support.

    8. Chris says:

      Recently joined Plusnet after being with AOL and moving home, excellent so far. Ordered online, router came within a week for free although email stated something like 10-14 days. An it took me 5 mins to set up before I was surfing away. I haven’t contacted a customer service person so far as I haven’t had any issues. 5 star rating so far.

      My question is why would you stay with an ISP for 8 years on and off then complain, you should leave an ISP straight away and never go back if your not happy.

    9. Giorgio says:

      I moved house in Oct last year and when called they explained all except telling me that my speed would have dropped to 500Kb. When calling back they pointed out info at Samknows saying that 8Mb is speed at exchange and this drops due to distance (I’m 2km from exchange). This is just ridiculous. Unwilling to escalate to BT that the copper to my new house is just a piece of crap. BB now has gone down twice. It’s taking longer and longer to get fixed. I am locked with them until Oct otherwise I need to pay 40 quid. I will leave asap after that. Not worth spending 20 pounds per month for 500Kb.

    10. Max Russell says:

      Really poor customer service – they don’t actually answer the question put to them. Also, actually getting to ask a question is a nightmare as the website does everything it can to steer you away from raising a ticket. Forget phoning them, unless you really like queues.

      Speed wise, the service has dropped and dropped over the years I’ve had it. Their answer ‘upgrade’. Unsatisfactory overall. Giving them a star, only because this site won’t allow me to give less.

    11. gord says:

      Service ok since I joined 6 months ago. Today too slow can’t watch youtube video. Hope it’s just a glitch.

    12. Graeme says:

      Utter garbage. Insulting technical answers to poor connection speed issues. Generic switch it on for 3 days suggestions for router issues. Bitterly disappointed and will be leaving as soon as possible. 160kbps and falling…AVOID!!!

      • Peter says:

        After a few years not using PN (because of change of situation and moved home) I rejoined them in March 2010.

        For some weeks I had “OK” speeds of 500 kbps to 1000 kbps (in a village where lots get the same sort of speeds).

        From May to August I was getting only 250 kbps and less, and it went down to 160 kbps. If it rained, I lost broadband AND voice calls (in or out).

        If you are getting only 160 kbps for connect speed, then I suspect a problem with the phone line.

        Openreach would have charged me for some of their visits (tried to charge 125 quid twice), but in the end found the poor insulation on the dropwire from gutter to the hall. Engineer replaced the dropwire and installed a new master socket for me.

        Connection speed to exchange now is 2750 kbps to 3125 kbps and I have downloaded up to 150 GB a month using the “night time traffic is free” option.

        Excellent value for money ISP in my view.

    13. LR says:

      We were with TalkTalk for over 18 months until one morning our broadband wouldn’t connect. Extremely inconvenient and no-one at TalkTalk could sort it or call us back so we moved to Plusnet. That was 2 months ago and we’ve had no problems at all.
      Unfortunately you only realise how bad/good your ISP is when you’ve got a problem – and then you’re probably stuck in a contract.
      If ISPs want to keep customers, they need to improve their customer service.

      • Anne says:

        I also have had nothing but trouble with plusnet, I can never get on line, I have tried to phone for help but cant get an answer.
        All I want is the mac code so that I can go to a company that provides a service.
        This is not fit for purpose!

    14. Helen says:

      So far I have had nothing but hassle with Plusnet and I would recommend steering clear of them. They were supposed to supply me with Broadband on 23rd July. It is now 5th August, and the service was promised for 3rd August after a technical hitch which they say is not their fault but an external supplier. What happened to responsibility for good customer service?

      I rang them to chase and told them I expect compensation and advised them to send the router to me so that I wouldn’t have to wait any longer. But now, having tried the router, I have no service. Making my life and work frustrating at the moment and I am taking this further. Plus net should be renamed Minus net.

    15. Rich the Plumber says:

      After being with Plus Net for 3 Years, and yes if the system is working it fine. However if its not its not their problem its yours you are doing something or not doing something. Then you have to disconnect your phones so they can run tests (great if your self-employed).
      However this is not the part that gets up my noise the most when you decide to leave and go with another supplier the day the new supplier asks for the MAC they reduce the speed of you connection to 200kbs. I suppose this is too encourage you to go back if the new supplier is worse than PLUS NET. The product is not bad the service you expect is SXXT. You have been warned.

    16. Tony says:

      Don’t touch them if you want Customer service. 2 weeks and counting and they have yet to restore my broadband and no expected resolution date. Every engineer I speak to insists "check your router" even though we (1) know BT disconnected the broadband equipment at the exchange in order to give us a voice line and (2) you cannot hear the bband signal on the line when no microfilter in place. Every time we speak to them they can’t do anything in less than 3 days, and after waiting the 3 days and that fix not working we’re quoted another 3 for the next thing. Bloody useless.

    17. Chris says:

      I reported a fault with my Internet connection on Thursday 7th of this month October
      I was advised it was a fault with my modem
      I purchased a new Belkin modem at a cost of £80 still no Internet connection
      I phoned you and was told that you do not support Belkin modems so I phoned belkins to make sure that it was set up correctly still no connection
      I then had to purchase a Internet dongle £26 for my on line banking as I had bills to pay which I could leave no longer
      Next phone call to you I was advised to have one of your Thompson modem which you support at a cost of £4.95 postage plus a 12 month contract with you or a charge of £40
      Still no connection
      Finally spoke to Luke who said it was probably a fault on my line and he would report it
      I had a phone call at 9.40 am Thurs and was told that it had been referred to BT and at 10 25am my Internet returned
      This took you one week to sort out and a total cost of £110.95 to me plus hours of phone calls and inconvenience which was totally unnecessary
      Then after all of the above I was told that they had test modem that they send out a bit late in the day for that

    18. Steve Walker says:

      I was quite impressed with Plusnet until I moved house. They charge you £25 to cancel your account even when you are at the end of your contract! I wouldn’t recomend them to anyone.

      • Peter says:

        The 25 pound fee is charged by BT. It did not always charge for the ‘cease’ of service, but did charge a lot more for the ‘connection’.

        Most ISPs pass on such charges, and overall ON has some of the lowest charges, so cannot be expected to cover the cease fee.

        If you transfer when moving they will cover the costs if you don’t move again within 12 months.

        • rob says:

          Ye but it is a rip off, they don’t tell you that when you sign up.

          11/2011 just moving to different line and bband provider and plusnet wants to charge me 25gbp for changing phone line provider… I don’t care that BT charges them.. that is their stuff… I ain’t gonna pay their fees…

    19. John Turpin says:

      Absolute Rubbish as a provider, I signed up 24/11/2010 and have yet to have a properly functioning connection. They suffer from ;ittle box’ syndrome and pass you from dept. to dept. until you give up in disgust. Technical knowledge is woefully lacking and the Thomson Router provided seems to lack range and stability. DO NOT EVEN THINK ABOUT THEM AS AN ISP>

    20. Peter white says:

      I understand that Plusnet is wholly owned by BT. That might explain a lot. Like BT they treat their customers as a resource to be exploited. They are not really interested in good customer service. It’s a marketing company which sells Broadband and phone services but is not committed to its products.
      My experience of speeds is in line with other’s comments, and the service is always dropping out.
      I am a Plusnet customer but when my 2 year contract is finished I will be moving.

    21. Z Evans says:

      I must admit I’ve been with Plusnet for over 10 years, through 2 house moves and no problems. I guess the problem is that for every unsatisfied customer there might be hundreds happy ones who don’t post – I don’t generally post a review when I’m happy with a product!

    22. Christine Harvey says:

      I left talktalk as they kept mucking up my bill
      so changed to Plusnet 2nd Dec 2010
      on the change over day I had no telephone or Internet, Cost me £7. on my mobile holding on the line for 30 mins… which is not unusual for them to be told the Engineer had not connected me at the Exchange properly. 3 days later I was conected !!! Then I found I could not connect my printer to the WI Fi Router and could only connect 1 PC at a time To be told that Plusnet had sent out 28000 faulty Routers. Go in and read what other members say !!!!!!! I phoned back and was told try changing all the channels, they emailed me how to do it.That information was useless had to go on the web to find out how to do this,
      I phoned them back after doing this and they said they would get me out another router. which i said well why didnt you do that in the first place I have had enough you have not lived up to your side of the contract I want to cancel. They cut me off their and then and left me with no phone or internet, that was 3 weeks ago, and still have no line got to wait till Feb 25th to go back to talk talk as they have now got to set me up from scratch and give me a new telephone number, By the way plusnet are charging me a Cancelation fee. I have contacted OFF-Tel about this dont even go their they are the worst company ever

    23. Me says:

      Be warned.

      Must be very careful working with Plusnet. They are not very professional. Support team is a joke. They will apologize for their billing errors but will never recompense you. Very disgusting behavior.

    24. Neil Fraser says:

      The service is poor to say the least – very disapointing. I need this bband connection my living – not sure if any other supplier sare any better – but the response is always anything but resolve the issue. Even if you prove the issue is upstream they are very unwilling to resolve the problem. In short if you don’t want to end up stressed out with your blood pressure up and ready to kill anything that moves – avoid plusnet – the service is poor.

    25. saleem says:

      I’ve jus joined plusnet and in all honesty I can’t fault them, delivered everything they promised-very fast connection and no signal dropping at all-value 4 money-a very happy customer-thanx.

    26. Peter says:

      Do not get broadband from plusnet.
      Have had low download speeds from day 1.

      Fobbed off with bull**** about leaving router turned on all the time.

    27. landman says:

      Here is my review of my recent experience of this once fledgling company (Plusnet) which has now garn down hill. Here is a quick summery of my issue.

      I have had a concurrent complaint in their system now since 7th April 2011. My connection went from a Home Unlimited Plan which gave me a very respectable 7meg down and 544Kbps up i was then told due to a usage change of my bb i would need to upgrade to a business package so i did and here is where my issues started. When switching from home unlimited to business unlimited i was told the price but when i was billed it was wrong. Then it took them 3 weeks to refund me the difference. Then a PSTN (phone fault) was found by plusnet so they dispatched an engineer to fix this issue. Then came the connection stability issues. It went from 7.5Meg down to 2.5Meg and then this week it went down to 1.3Meg and then today it went to 269Kbps to nothing this afternoon. When i phoned plusnet they don’t seam to know what is happening so just sound like a bunch of robots. Here below was the email i resorted to sending them in complete anger after 3 weeks of pure hell and stress.

      Here goes…

      “plusnet, i have had just about enough of this service from Plusnet, After all this time and all the engineers that have been sent out to fix this issue, ITS STILL NOT FIXED. I still have no internet, and at the moment no business as it relies 100% on a stable internet connection. I would like to say this maybe how plusnet like to treat their customers, but condatory to this comment i actually have a degree of care and also value my customer base, and they are an incredibly valuable commodity to my business. And like i will maintain as im sure i have told you in the past, without customers i would have no business. And at the moment this connection is cutting myself and my team off from the outside world and likewise its stopping my customers from being able to contact us. I think its about time that plusnet pulled their fingers out their asses and get this issue fixed – AND FAST!. I am now requesting my MAC key as i now have a new supplier waiting to take on my business. I tried to call the business CSC centre this evening but they told me that im to wait until Tuesday morning when customer relations are back in the office. Now i want you to pull out all the stops and do what you can to get me this MAC code, AND I MEAN TODAY NOT NEXT WEEK!, my business has taken a real hit in the last 3 weeks. So unless you want a damage loss recovery case on your hands for loss of earnings i would like to see you deal with this during your shift today. As i can not continue on with all the bottomless promises of a possible fix and also the horrific time frames it appears to take for plusnet to rectify pretty much every issue weather it be billing, faults or otherwise. You name it, i have had it with you guys. I have had excuse after excuse, and promise after promise, and nothing actually improves. Plusnet are technically dumb, customer care stupid and PR obsessed. And i do not want to be a part of this somewhat horrendous organisation anymore. I think plusnet have tried to fill/grow their boots far too quickly and you have over-sold your products and are cramming far too many customers onto your already bursting at the seams network. I expect a result today plusnet not tomorrow, not next week but today please. If you don’t comply with my request my next stop will be CICAS as you have exceeded what plusnet consider themselves as a satisfactory time frame to complete faults (7 to 10 days) you have now had 3 weeks to deal with this issue and its now getting worse not better.”

      So if you looking around for a new supplier and you are attracted by the prices, please don’t even go there, avoid them like the pelage. They will make your life hell. Plusnet are technically dumb, customer care stupid and PR obsessed.

    28. Liz says:

      I must have been with Plusnet for over a year now. It has been so easy to order, set up and continue using broadband without any problems. One phone call sorted out some trouble I was having going wireless. Very helpful and no frustrations.

    29. gareth angel says:

      My plusnet broadband which is supposed to be 8mbs is now running at less than 0.8 mbs.
      This is an absolutely disgusting ripoff.
      The helpline is polite if not slow to respond but they always suggest that the router is giving problems or needs a software update. I have checked everything and it is ok except that I am getting near dialup speeds for a service that should be very fast for the money I am paying. I seriously cannot recommend Plusnet to anyone unless they do something pretty radical to improve their service.

    30. Arthur says:

      I paid £50 to get out of my contract with plusnet, service is non-existent, if you email a query all you get is a automated response referring you to faqs on the website, when I paid the termination fee they disconnected my broadband even though I still had a month to go and refused to re-connect it. AVOID Plusnet at all costs

    31. MarkE says:

      I also am being stung with the £25 charge (I have already set up broadband at the new place so no transfer). This seems to be a hidden cost. It can be avoided if you transfer with a MAC code, but a sharp practice in my opinion

    32. David Hampshire says:

      Has anyone else experienced missed sold from Plus net.
      I was offered free mobile and land line calls but when i received my first bill they were charging for the mobile.
      I have called 4 times and no one has been able to sort out the issues.
      Am i to assume the ”good honest’ advert only extends to broadband?

    33. kathleen Barrett says:

      Why is it so hard to get through to Plusnet on line?

    34. Gary Lennon says:

      I have been trying to get broadband since january, firstly with sky who let me down on their promises and then the same by talk talk, I called Plusnet yesterday and told them about my problems……I now have fast broadband and calls all within 18 hours of my initial call to them, they have simply been amazing… they do exactly what they say they will do with no problems……they are not the cheapest but in my opinion you pay extra for the best.

    35. Mick West says:

      Joined Plusnet a few months ago and so far so good service wise. The broadband speed is far better and more consistent than Talktalk’s and you can phone them and somebody actually answers – fantastic!
      Only thing is they have twice “accidentally” overcharged me – seems to be their standard procedure – so watch those bills.

    36. Jayne Kneale says:

      I was due to go live with fibre optic broadband 19/8/13. But nothing happened. A BT engineer arrived 24/8/13 and installed the open reach box and router. Still no connection. Rand Plusnet 3 times ( total of 2 hours waiting to get through) told the “concentrator not reachable” message is a know. Fault that they’re working on bit no idea when I will get online. Asked to cancel and told “systems are down” and they would call back two days later. Waiting for call now. Anyone know my rights? They said as my account was activated I am now in contract but I’ve not yet had any broadband connection???

    37. richard hoyes says:

      DON’T they are just not worth going near, I have just been shafted royally by this company. Migrated yesterday, old broadband went down, engineer didn’t turn up to fix in new so now I have nothing and new engineer will not be in for two weeks and I cannot leave them.

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