• Pipex

    Pipex is now Opal and now only has a broadband package available for businesses.
    If you’re an existing customer you can visit this website to log into your account.
    Office Broadband
    • 24Mbps
    • Unlimited downloads
    • £10 + VAT a month
    • For customer services call 0800 996 1324.
    • As part of its service, Pipex offers:
      • Free email address
      • 50MB of personal web space
      • Free anti-virus
      • Free firewall
      • Backup dial up service

    Provider Information

    • Pipex Internet Ltd. began in 1991 and is part of the Pipex Group.
    • The company is one of the largest and most respected broadband providers in the UK.
    • The offer phone and broadband services throughout the UK.

    4 responses to “Pipex”

    1. Brian Mackay says:

      About Pipex Support.
      When my telephone landline failed late December 2010, I contacted BT. They sent an Engineer who managed to restore the landline but not Pipex broadband. He said the fault lay in the broadband equipment which would need replacing.
      I contacted Pipex Support and relayed this information not just once but several times by phone and letter. They ignored what I had told them and tested my router for a fault, they even sent me another router to test.
      Finally they concluded the fault was in the line somewhere and referred the matter to their specialist Network Engineering department. For nearly three weeks following this they set up five “appointments” when an Engineer was supposed to contact me and sort things out. None of these appointments was kept. Eventually I got so angry with them that it produced the reaction that the matter “had been escalated to a Senior Engineer”. A few days after this I was contacted by a BT Engineer who visited my home and tested the line. His conclusion was that their was no broadband signal on the line and went back to the telephone exchange. Within two hours he contacted me and said he had replaced the faulty Pipex broadband equipment. I was back on line 28 days after the fault occurred.
      It had taken Pipex 28 days to fix a fault that was cleared in less than two hours.
      My actual opinions about Pipex Support are unprintable. They use foreign call centres who’s staff seem to operate from a script from which they must not deviate, so no discussion can take place. I also could barely understand their strong gabbled accents. Contact through the Pipex website was also unsatisfactory as they took it in turns to send unsatisfactory replies to my contacts.

      At present I’m trying to find an alternative broadband provider that has no connection to the Pipex/Opal/TalkTalk Company and is reliable with a British based Support set-up.
      Reading about customer’s reports of other providers makes me doubt if there is one!
      From my experience, beware Pipex! On the rating assesment I assume 1 is the lowest rating so that’s what I’ll use, though I would have preferred zero.

      • Paul says:

        I used Pipex for around 6 years and they were the best online ISP I ever dealt with at the time, that was until they were bought out by TalkTalk or as I would call them crap.
        Once they bought out the company things changed for the worse, my 8mb connection dropped to less than 1/2mb, talking to their crap call centre was useless, so I dropped them completely and moved to O2 which had UK call centre.
        I’m now with Virgin for the fibre optic 100mb.
        Pipex were a good company until they sold out, now they are nothing but useless, my advice, look elsewhere, don’t have anything to do with TalkTalk, they are cheap for a reason, because they are crap.

    2. Daniel Arbib says:

      I have an ancient e-mail address as above and though I can receive I cannot find the setting in Outlook Express to send and need advice please.

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