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    NTL have now merged with Virgin.net, Telewest and Virgin Mobile to become Virgin Media. See the Virgin page for information about the services on offer.


    4 responses to “Ntl”

    1. Dalmaine Dewgarde says:

      Everytime I try to send an email I am told that POP3 and SMTP is not my server could you please do something as I pay for a service that you also want me to pay dearly if I ring for help and as I ave not always asked for help I think that you owe me that.
      Dalmaine Dewgarde

    2. Bernard Kelly says:

      NTL is not trustworthy…..I was a customer of NTL dial up….was offered broadband from them which included a free web-cam. Two years later and numerous e-mails to them I still hav’nt got my free web cam. As for them being a provider…I have no complaints about their service.

    3. Angus Macintyre says:

      Must admit NTL are the only provider I have used. Been with them for 6 years. Overall service is very good. On the couple of occaisons I have had to call Customer Services are a nightmare but the technical sevice was excellent.

    4. David James Beswick says:

      Best of all the rest……. Most expensive but best speed and service from someone who speaks English!

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