• Mistral

    We regret to inform you that Mistral Internet are no longer in trading please try another provider

    4 responses to “Mistral”

    1. Mark F says:

      Used to be first class till Kingston purchased them and merged mistral client son to KCOmms network. Now miserably slow!! Avoid.

    2. Karl A says:

      Mistral used by Utilities Warehouse. The Broadband is same as Dial-up from about 2 in the afternoon until midnight.. so slow and cant wait to change provider. All systems have been checked and they can’t do anything else.

    3. Simon says:

      Used through utility warehouse. Abysmal performance. I get double the speed on my GSM modem. Stay well away from this company. Zero competence.

      I wish I could give them zero stars.

    4. James says:

      Used through Utility warehouse, it’s now 22:18 a Thursday night and my internet speed is 0.07 Mbps. Yep, thst’s about 8 times slower than dial-up. Although 2 be fair the speed reaches 5Mbps about 13:00 but even at midnight it is shocking. I’ve checked everything, changed my router different computers and operating systems. Can’t wait until January until I switch to Virgin media.

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