• Freedom 2 Surf

    F2S Lite
    • Up to 24Mbs
    • 10 GB download limit
    • Free WiFi router
    • £13.99 a month, no set up fee with a MAC code
    • Call 0871 230 9311 for technical support between 8am and 7pm, Monday to Friday.
    • As part of its service, Freedom 2 Surf Broadband offers:
    • 200MB of personal web space
    • 20 email accounts
    • Free transfer from your existing provider
    • Additional GB download limit available at 99p per GB
    F2S Pro
    • Up to 24Mbs
    • Unlimited downloads
    • Free WiFi router
    • £16.99 a month, no set up fee with a MAC code
    • Call 0871 230 9311 for technical support between 8am and 7pm, Monday to Friday.
    • As part of its service, Freedom 2 Surf Broadband offers:
    • 200MB of personal web space
    • 20 email accounts
    • Free transfer from your existing provider
    • Additional GB download limit available at 99p per GB
    F2S Premium
    • 24Mbs
    • Unlimited downloads
    • Free WiFi router
    • £22.99 a month, no set up fee
    • Call 0871 230 9311 for technical support between 8am and 7pm, Monday to Friday.
    • As part of its service, Freedom 2 Surf Broadband offers:
    • 200MB of personal web space
    • 20 email accounts
    • Free transfer from your existing provider
    • Add 50GB to your download limit for an extra £6 per month

    Provider Information

    • Freedom 2 Surf was launched in 1997 and is one of the UK’s leading internet service providers.
    • The company provides many internet services including broadband access, internet privacy and security.
    • Freedom2surf is an associate member of the London Internet Exchange (LINX), enabling them to provide high speed connectivity in the UK.


    23 responses to “Freedom 2 Surf”

    1. Deborah James says:

      We have never had any trouble with f2s. Have been with them a couple of years now, even had a house move in the middle of this and move was done smoothly, didn’t even have a problem there.

    2. Owen says:

      I have been with freedom2surf’s lite broadband service for 2 years now and I have always found it to be a great service even though there has been some downtime (normally for about an hour or so) but all in all I would recommend it for the price.

    3. Rmcnaughton says:

      I have used F2S for over 2 years, which was brilliant at first. Over the last few months, I have difficulty connecting at peak times, between 6-8pm, that’s now 6-10pm. After these times, the services flies. Trouble is, I don’t like staying up that late! The help desk suggested the normal stuff – reboot, power downs, borrowing someone’s router. As an IT professional myself, I carry out all these as routine, and other diagnosis. All pointless as the service kicks into life late at night. I will now be looking for a new contract with another company.

    4. Ben Shepheard says:

      I’ve been with F2S for the past 3 or 4 years, and although I have had ocassional loss of service (who doesn’t?) I’m very happy.
      Their Cascade Plus package is great value, especially when you factor in that you can upgrade to a 100GB limit for an extra £6, while other providers often start charging £1+/GB over 50GB.
      I’d rather have guaranteed limits than a fair usage policy any day. Great value and good service!

    5. Erin Byrne says:

      We signed up 6 months ago and we had no problems until 6 weeks ago, since then we have been able to receive no service and no one on the switchboard/ technical advice/ sales team has helped us. After 3 weeks of expensive phone calls we finally got someone in the sales team who apologised and promised ot sen dus a new ‘test’ router, but after a week nothing arrived and we called only to find out ‘that was the REAL’ sales dept and they dont offer that service- so, 6 weeks on no internet but we’re still paying for broadband. terrible.

    6. Tim Weller says:

      Have been with f2s for many years and have had no real problems. There have been the very occasional loss of service, but these have only lasted for half an hour or so. The one lengthy loss of of service turned out to be at the local exchange and was experienced by other ISP’s users as well. There website is very informative, and customer services were very helpful the one time I had to call them!

    7. Kevin Scott says:

      I signed up with F2S about 3 years ago, and haven’t a single complaint. The service has always been faultless, and the only time I needed to use the helpline, (after we cocked up all the internet settings!) they sorted us out with no problems at all. I’d reccommend it to anyone.

    8. Sjmcloughlin says:

      Reasonable service but have had major problems recently with failure to forward emails to my personal address and their customer service is a joke – spent hours on the phone.

    9. Alan Higgins says:

      Decided to go for freedom to surf after it being recommended to me by a friend. I was with orange before and had endless problems with them. I can honestly say this is the best isp i have ever been with, was trold my line could take 2meg but my actual speeds are nearly double that. I have no problems in recommending this isp to anyone.

    10. Ken Termie says:

      I have been with F2S for quite a few years now, but the service has been getting worse and worse, as they load more people on with out increasing their capacity. We are currently in the middle of a major disruption, the service being up for 6mins, then down for 4mins, repeating. I have tried different modems, microfilters etc, trouble is their support doesn’t do weekends, so we’re stuffed. Never mind the loss of business, we all rely on the internet for so much. I am changing ISP as soon as I can.

    11. Anthony says:

      I have never had such a bad service from any company for any product. They have cost me fortunes in lost sales over email problems. Completely unbelievable how a company can be this aweful. Will be changing as soon as possible. Please, please, please use another provider.



    12. Annie says:

      Mostly f2s works ok but when there are problems they take a long time to sort them out. I have been unable to access my e-mail for six days out of the last four weeks. Customer service are hopeless and only work Mon-Fri.

    13. Adam says:

      Been with F2S for over 3 years now and never had a single issue. I’ve lost connection with them twice in this period, one was when the whole of Manchester went down a couple of years ago and the other was when the local exchange had a power outage – neither were the fault of F2S and then phoned me the second it was back online.
      Switched over to the new PRO package a few months ago when they came out – £19.99 pm, unlimited downloads and stayed on my monthly contract. I download in excess of 200GB per month and have never had any speed caps or anything like that. Speed is very good too, get upto 1200kbs downspeed and upto 120kbs upspeed.
      Excellent customer service and tech support. Never have to wait more than a couple of minutes to get through.
      HIGHLY RECOMMENED!! One of the only true UNLIMITED ISP’s around.
      10 STARS!!!

    14. Pete says:

      I’ve been thinking about changing from F2S for cost and connectivity reasons. I’ve been with them for about 3 years but recently the connections seem to be up the creek and I thought there would be better alternatives out there. However, I’ve been looking around and found that many of the other ISPs are no cheaper or seem to provide a worse service than than F2S according to the reviews. Hmmm… maybe I’ll stick with the devil I know for now..

    15. Bump says:

      I’ve been with f2s since 2003, move house in that time, not had any problems at all with them. Just started looking around at other ISP’s, as I’ve had a few fliers through with the post, it would appear that they are still one of the better ones out there. OK so support don’t work weekends, but I haven’t had to call them once!

    16. Colin says:

      I have been using this ISP since it was first recommended to me about 4-5 years ago (after Tiscali refused to tell us whether or not we could get service from them unless we actually paid up front for the service to be installed…!). Since then I’ve rarely had a problem, or so I thought – occasional drop outs of connection, nothing that restarting my older router didn’t fix. Except in the past year, its become a more and more frequent issue, resulting in me forking out for a brand new router (tested on a friends broadband line, works faultlessly)…for a few weeks there was faultless connection again, but lo and behold, I am now getting frequent drop-outs and partial drop outs. This is not such a problem for general surfing, although occsaionally numerous router restarts doesn’t even fix it, but for any kind of gaming which I and others often do, its no use! Another friend of mine has had a similar problem with 2 routers, and after phoning the customer service on their behalf (and oh dear god does it cost, with the huge amount of time I spent waiting) decided that I’d probably get further solving the problems myself, which I did.
      On the few occasions that service has been outed for a REASON (or the email servers) I was never warned beforehand, even though I kept my details updated. Even the RSS feed isn’t 100% reliable (who can pick up RSS when their internet is down…!)
      HOWEVER…they’re one of the few companies who gives me *just* internet for a reasonable price, with free email accounts that I can use with O.E, uncapped download capacity (which is necessary with my family) and don’t try encourage me to use bad hardware (take your homehub and insert it, thanks…I’ve tried it and I’d rather spend extra for my own hardware) or force me to get my TV and/or Phone bundled in.
      All in all, as one person said, better the devil I know…but by god I wish they’d clear up the service a bit…its even had me looking at BTinternet for gods sake…!

    17. Alan C says:

      Been with F2S for over 3 years with no problems – I got the maximum 8Mb bandwidth and use over 300Gb a month with not complaints from them about my usage. Within a day of F2S being bought over by TalkTalk I am now capped at 2Mb and have trouble downloading files over 200Mb. It’s such a shame because I have recommended this provider to many friends over the years 🙁

    18. tom says:

      I’m not a customer of freedom2surf, but would like to point something out that most people (customers ) don’t seem to know. Freedom2surf is a tiscali company or was until tiscali recently was purchased by talk talk, so just a brand tiscali, if you have had a good service (there are bound to be a few) then you are very lucky, and good luck to you, but for the majority there is nothing but chaos.

    19. R Smith says:

      F2s were excellent when we signed up about 4 or 5 years ago but the last couple of years they have been getting slowly worse – support pretty non-existent on the weekends, long waits for telephone help …. and it has just taken me 3 months and 7 communications to cancel my account with them – NEVER AGAIN, wouldn’t touch them with a bargepole!!!

    20. Febman says:

      Agree with last post. Been with F2S for nearly 10 years, but service has become slower and has been problematic over the last x number of weeks. Virtually impossible to get through to Tech support and charged 10p per minute for the privilege of being kept waiting to speak to nobody!!! Have emailed them to start the cancellation process and move to a company that looks after their loyal customers.

    21. G Hall says:

      I too am having trouble cancelling my Freedom2surf ADLS service. I can’t help suspecting this is on purpose. Cancelling the associated BT line was extremely easy.

      f2s used to be good but have got progressively worse even as they have persuaded me to upgrade over the years. My connection slowed right down and a couple of times I couldn’t use iPlayer because it thought I wasn’t in the UK. This suggests some sloppily managed engineering works were going on at f2s.

    22. Steve Gee says:

      Horrendous customer service. Website, internet access and email suspended with no warning and for no reason. On hold for twenty minutes before speaking to anyone everytime at my expense. Eventually took a full day before access was restored. Promised call back re: email still being blocked and website not accessable but still down 2 days later. No reply from complaints. Been with f2s for 7 years, but customer service appalling. Do not even contemplate going with this company if you value having your website available.

    23. Gamer says:

      I have F2S Premium and I did not have any problems

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