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    Choice Packages
    • Up to 8Mbps (160 times faster than a dial-up connection)
    • Chose from 1GB, 2GB, 15GB or 30GB download limit
    • Free modem with no set up charges
    • £13.99, £14.99, £18.99 or £24.99 a month, depending on which download limit you choose
    • Call 0808 156 4776 for sales and support, available 9am to 7pm, Monday to Friday and 9am to 2pm, Weekends and Bank Holidays.
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    • As part of its service, EFH offers:
      • 10 email accounts
      • Virus protection and spam filtering
      • Monthly contracts
    Freedom Packages
    • Choose either 2Mbps or 8Mbps
    • Unlimited downloads
    • No set up charges
    • Either £18.99 or £24.99 depending on the speed you choose
    • Call 0808 156 4776 for sales and support, available 9am to 7pm, Monday to Friday and 9am to 2pm Weekends and Bank Holidays.
    Order Now
    • As part of its service, EFH offers:
      • 10 email accounts
      • Virus protection and spam filtering
      • Email support
      • Monthly contracts

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    9 responses to “Efh”

    1. Lindalee Mccall says:

      The previous notes comfort me! I’m not alone! I’m trying to get a MAC code to move to Sky, the day after I requested the MAC code, they cut my braodband off! Last year they took a double payment, then said I still owed them, and cut me off. I can’t get to speak to anyone, I’ve been to CAB who suggest a solicitor. So I’m still without broadband, a MAC code and see no end to this tale. Avoid this company at all costs!

    2. Oli Saunders says:

      If there was a way to describe the complete level of incompetence below blithering bafoons, I would use it! Short of swearing non stop for about 30 minutes. Totally and utterly rubbish. I have been with the company from the start – Mailbox. Sure some of you would have heard of this company run by Steve Dyer. This was the best company I had ever used. they they were bought out by 186k and things just got worse and worse. I have running disputes with them for over a year now and I have taken legal advise and am in the process of taking them to court. I have so much paperwork and emails to back up my case I am actually looking forward to the process immensely. They had actually managed to get to a level where they send an email to me requesting payment. I replied immediately attaching prove of worldpay debits for the domains in question. They replied with a snotty mail saying that they weren’t asking for prove of payment and would I clear the outstanding balance!?!?!?!?!!?!? They then proceeded to cut my dns services off a about 10 days later!?!?! I had to phone them up anonymously and call the first person I spoke to a blithering bafoon and the next one “are-you-stupid” every time he tried to say something! Didn’t get anywhere obviously but boy was it satisfying! Anyway – avoid like an angry wasps nest that your friend just whacked festering by your ear!

    3. Dan Evans (efh2445) says:

      Avoid EFH at all costs. They used to be excellent; support was offered by a UK call center who 9/10 could help you there and then and did an efficient and competent job.

      That was then… since 186K took them over they have become as much use as a chocolate teapot. They didn’t tell us that our payments hadn’t gone through for 6 months due to a system error and when they upgraded and found the debt, they just cut us off and didn’t bother to apologise. Instead, I had a sudden unexplained debt and no broadband.

      Their customer service doesn’t exist – the call centre can’t understand a word you say and when you ask for a manager, they tell you there isn’t one available (so presumably the call centre is completely unsupervised). Their accounts department is incapable of doing their job properly, or responding to call back requests.

      I finally found out what the problem was after a fortnight of waiting for them to do something by ringing their payments line – and a kind customer service agent finally apologised for the inconvenience. I paid the debt to get rid of them and I will be leaving for a new provider ASAP.

      Don’t bother with EFH or 186K – any company that can’t be bothered to bill you and then cuts you off for it isn’t worth bothering with!

    4. J2bad says:

      Finally started court action against them yesterday (26th July) for the recovery of money they took after migrating. Shame they didn’t pay attention to my emails or letters – let’s see if the court papers being served soon make any difference.

      What a shame to see this company sink so low.

    5. Walter Gabriel says:

      This is without doubt the worst ISP on the list.
      The phrase “Customer Service” is not in their manual. If you are thinking of joining them, DON’T!
      If you are still with them, GET OUT NOW!

    6. David Rose says:

      Words fail me!!! Before they were taken over by 186K, EFHBroadband were excellent – customer service was faultless.

      But now what an utter pile of rubbish. Customer service is appalling with lies, un-answered e-mails etc. I’ve been waiting for over 3 weeks for a copy of my invoice for March which I need to send to my employer – despite sending e-mails almost every other day and numerous phone calls I’ve received absolutely nothing.

      If you think that’s bad my friend has been without broadband for the last 5 weeks since 186K ‘transferred’ all the EFH customers to its own infrastructure.

      We’re now both so fed up we’ve got our MAC codes and are waving a very welcome ‘goodbye’ to EFH/186K.

      How 186K has managed to flush what was a very good ISP down the pan so quickly is quite an achievement.

      Steer clear of this bunch at all costs…YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!

    7. Mike Alm says:

      A complete load of rubbish now before efh was taken over the service was was great cusstomer service was great altough i only called them once about a late payment never needed to call them otherwise, sice 186 took over i have no internet service for nearly 3 weeks and when you can understand cusstomer service they tell you wait till tommorow it should be ok then 7 times in 3 weeks ive been told this, i was advised by a bt engineer about this new company and how bad it is so my advice is steer well clear of 186k !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! im still trying to get mac code…

    8. Christopher Wood says:

      Unlimited Broadband is actually 1GB a day apparently. Internet speed is meant to be high rather at 56kps and never works when you want it to. As soon as I can get hold of the customer service I will be terminating my contract. This is the most useless ISP in existence, I would be suprised if this comment even gets posted.

    9. Matt says:

      I have been with EFH for over a year, what a waste of money: Their “fair use policy” is anything but, the customer service was polite but ineffectual and the connection speed was variable and far, far slower than advertised. In short I do not feel I got value for money with this provider. I have now changed and receive speeds that you would expect from a broadband connection, speeds that EFH didn’t manag on a good day and even better the connection is consistent.
      The ISP is so bad a reliable dial up connection would be preferable.

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