• Bt

    Option 1
    • Up to 20Mb download speeds
    • 10GB monthly download allowance
    • Standard Wired Router
    • £15.99 a month with a 12 month contract
    • Call 0800 111 4567 for 24 hour technical support. Call 0800 800 150 for the BT Broadband Contact Centre (between 7.30am and 10pm, Monday to Saturday, and between 9am and 6pm, Sunday)
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    • As part of its service, BT offers:
      • Basic online security
      • Inclusive UK Evening and Weekend calls
      • 5GB FREE secure online storage with BT Digital Vault Basic
      • 250 WiFi minutes per month
    Option 2
    • Up to 20Mb download speeds
    • 40GB monthly download allowance
    • Wireless BT Home Hub with optional BT Hub Phone
    • £20.99 a month with a 12 month contract
    • Call 0800 111 4567 for 24 hour technical support. Call 0800 800 150 for the BT Broadband Contact Centre (between 7.30am and 10pm, Monday to Saturday, and between 9am and 6pm, Sunday)
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    • As part of its service, BT offers:
      • Home Hub with optional BT Hub Phone
      • Norton anti-virus protection
      • Inclusive UK Evening and Weekend calls
      • 5GB FREE secure online storage with BT Digital Vault Basic
      • 350 WiFi minutes per month
    Option 3
    • Up to 20Mb download speeds4
    • Unlimited download limit
    • Wireless BT Home Hub with BT Hub Phone
    • £24.99 a month with a 12 month contract<
    • Call 0800 111 4567 for 24 hour technical support. Call 0800 800 150 for the BT Broadband Contact Centre (between 7.30am and 10pm, Monday to Saturday, and between 9am and 6pm, Sunday)
    Order Now
    • As part of its service, BT offers:
      • Home hub with built in firewall
      • Norton anti-virus protection
      • Inclusive UK Evening and Weekend calls
      • 5GB FREE secure online storage with BT Digital Vault Basic
      • Unlimited WiFi minutes per month

    Provider Information

    • BT is one of the leading communication providers in the world.
    • BT descends from The Electric Telegraph Company that was established in 1846.
    • BT now has over 20 million business and residential customers in the UK.

    51 responses to “Bt”

    1. Michael says:

      I was previously a bt broadband customer and after many years of high charges £28 pm for not a lot of speed, I switched to sky, which, touch wood, has been great and a lot faster for only a fiver a month.

      Despite switching many many months ago I keep receiving bills for broadband talk(which I’ve never ever used!) for numbers which I’m supposed to have called for 3 seconds or less! I must say that customer service is atrocious and I’ve spent hours, and I mean hours, trying to find out why I’m being invoiced for calls I haven’t made. I’ve been promised investigations, account closure etc. and still the bills arrive. Today I received another bill and after getting passed around the world for nearly an hour I finally managed to speak to someone in England who dealt with the issue there and then. Woeful, truly woeful, minus zero would be apt.

    2. Anthony Mosley says:

      “Remember the old saying, ‘the squeaky wheel gets the oil’, so…………. complain-complain-complain!!!” Wow, that’s like NASA scientist sacrificing astronauts to get a bigger budget.

      Basically the service which BT provide in terms of broadband is acceptable, the hub connected without fuss and has stayed connected for months. Excellent… that’s a no-brainer really and thankfully human error free…

      Human error, that brings me to their service departments… The help section of bt.com is I think deliberately designed to send you off whimpering from frustration. Add to this cocktail any call to BT to take minimum 30 mins on hold and sometimes led off to a dark dead end to drop the line.

      Basically I would pay double the price of the top priced service of BT to have a accountable service provided with answers. It took over 1 month for the router to arrive for total broadband but they did helpfully provide me with the username for it.

      The Indian call centres are fine but redundant unless you forgot your email password or something… they have no influence over anything financial or to do with distribution. They apologise very well but, apologies don’t fix things… in fact at BT very few things fix things.

      Should have stayed with Eclipse which didn’t have a phone number to call but you didn’t need one.

      Only in the UK could a company like this function without the CEO being kidnapped ransomed and then murdered.

      And yes that is an over reaction… but the only people who will think so aren’t BT Broadband customers yet.

    3. Brian Madden says:

      I have had problem with bt vision, told it was easy to set up, and trying to sort it out with them from 21st Dec 2007. They said it would be done on the 24th because my line wasn’t strong enough, now being told it’s not happening till the 3rd Jan 2008. They always say u hang up on them, more like the other way round.

    4. Anon says:

      Quite simply. If you get BT, you will not be able to play online games. That’s all.

    5. Mr. D. A. Bailey says:

      I have just spent 1&1/2 hours complaning about my BT bill witch is wrong, still no answer as to why, also i was complaning about my broudband witch i now find someone had altered the contract from 12 months to “18 month”, when the 3 peaple could not give me a answer why this had happed thay just hung up on me, il stop the payment and see if then someone will have a answer, then i will AVOID BT like the plague never again.

    6. Rob Rihani says:

      I have had months of being messed around by bt broadband; every time I ring up to try and sort out internet connection, the problem never gets fixed and today I got to the end of my tether. I want to cancel the contract and they want to charge me for canceling it. They’re not providing a service so why should I pay for it? Bt is a joke, I’m going all the way to the top now coz they don’t want to listen to complaints so I’ll make sure they will listen.

    7. John Vee says:

      I thought I was on my own and had given up the will to live.
      So it’s not only me that can not tell what they are mumbling.
      It’s not only me that’s paying for an 8meg connection and been told 250kbps is acceptable!! Do BT read this site? BT do not care, do not sign up with them ever!

    8. Carol Borrer says:

      All I can say is I am utterly sick of them. One year of being with BT has yielded:

      – Disconnection from Broadband completely out of the blue (disaster, since I use it for work every day, 8 hours a day).

      – 5 day delay in reconnecting it, meaning I had to scrabble around finding somewhere else to work at very short notice.

      – Total incompetence when moving house and transferring broadband service to new phone line – it was like I was the only person in the history of BT to have moved house. Yet another delay of a week before that was resolved, due to complete confusion on their part.

      – Now just found out I’ve been paying for 2 broadband Talk phone lines, over the course of a year, instead of just one. They are refunding me the money.

      – On top of all that, the ridiculous amount of key pad options when you call up to talk to someone; finally getting through to someone who can barely speak English (3 attempts to spell my name) after being on hold for 20 mins every time; then getting hung up on in the process of being transferred from pillar to post is like modern day torture.

    9. Jon Stubbings says:

      BT Broadband… I keep having connection / drop out problems, numerous phone calls to BT India to someone I could hardly understand, had the long line team out to check my connection… Still nothing… drops out after 15 mins and takes 45 to reconnect… Wouldn’t recommend to anyone, can’t wait till my contract expires… BT Total broadband… BT Total waste of time would be more appropriate, my rating: MINUS 10!

    10. One Angry Customer Aka Vishka (Oxford) says:

      Should have a minus rating here for BT broadband (more like BT elastic band). Customer service? Better response from my local Indian take-away. STAY AWAY from BT, crap speed crap service. I have 6 months left to run on my contract, seems like I am being punished for my sins in a previous life. Going to check out the new virgin broadband up to 20meg. But after the shafting BT have given me I am not holding out much hope. Have a good day all and keep smiling 🙂

    11. Bubba says:

      BT are utter shite.

      After spending over 2 hours in a phone box, I eventually got through to make an order for phone line connection.

      I was promised an engineer to come in 2 weeks. I waited in all day but he never showed.

      I sent a complaint via their website. No response.

      I spent *hours* in a phone box trying to get through to their ‘customer service’, but eventually gave up.

      BT are one of those shite companies who simply do not care about customer service. Despite the opening of the telecom sector, they still have a near monopoly when it comes to telephone services and they exploit that fully.


    12. Mitchell Sykes says:

      I’ve had BT total Broadband for a year and a bit now. I was originally told that I had an 18 month contract with them.

      I am on BT total broadband option 3 with unlimited downloads.

      Up to 8Mb downloads my tookus! I live 1 mile from the exchange, my line is great quality and I’m only on 4mb. WHAT A PILE OF CRUD!

      Anyway, back in August when I signed up for the package I phoned BT about my speed decrease and constant connection drop. this happened at around August.

      I asked how long left I have in my contract and they told me THAT IT WAS ALREADY OVER! WHAT!?…I cannot help but wonder why my speed has dropped when my contract has ran out..

      I’m now going with Sky broadband max package.

      £10, 16mb and unlimited downloads – Great! Fair enough, the reviews are bad due to continuous connection drops but that is due to the firmware on the router they provide, just hack into the router they give you and get your username and password and use another router of your choice.

      I would not even bother giving BT a rating because my tookus has a better rating that it.

      I give it 2 stars.

    13. Adam Clark says:

      I’ve used BT broadband for a while and it’s expensive at £130 – £140 for 4 months. Anyway, my argument isn’t with BT it’s with the UK broadband in general.

      8 meg does NOT mean 8MB, it means 8Mb (little b) which is a lot slower a 4Mb connection is = to 512k. So 8meg is actually equivalent to 1MB in the terms everyone believes they should be getting.

      I live about 2-3 miles form my exchange and I get 6mb (around 768k which is the standard in most places).
      Mobile phone companies do this now as well so beware.

      I also have a home hub. I didn’t ask for it, don’t use as I got a netgear dg834pn. Sure this model has had a lot of faults in its time but after the last upgrade they all went.

    14. Bob says:

      Call centres are utterly unhelpful.

      I am paying for an 8mb package, which is
      running at 250kbps. Dropping connection ALL THE TIME which for online gaming is awful.

      The 5 star reports are probably from BT Staff and Advertising….or clueless 1st time users.

    15. Gavin Underwood says:

      BT Option 3 has a download limit, even though its advertised as “unlimited.” I’m now on a 18 month contract and can’t get my mac key to change to someone else.

      The best advice I was told by the BT team was the reason I wasn’t getting my download speeds was because I didn’t have enough RAM !!!


    16. R. Clarke says:

      I’ve had BT option 3 for nearly 3 months now. When I first got it I was pleased with the speeds but then they started dropping. Over the past 2 months I’ve been on the phone to India more than you could imagine, but apparently every time I call there’s been a problem at the exchange, and every time I’m told it will be fixed within the next 10 days. Each time they ring me and say your problems sorted, your speed should be ok now. Today was the last straw; a supervisor rang me and said sorry for all the problems, you won’t have any more, well, well, well, would you believe it? Nothing’s changed.

    17. Nigel Mulligan says:

      Problems with frequent dropped connections after “upgrading” from 2Mb to 8Mb connection 3-4 months ago. Customer support is very poor, with standard emails asking me to repeat the same things multiple times (eg removing nearby EMI sources such as microwave ovens). All customer support through India. BT are very quick to take your money but don’t expect any help when things go wrong.

    18. Ricky says:

      I’ve been with BT Option 3 for about 5 days. I download at about 600kbps when my home hub isn’t hanging and not responding at all. Tried to contact customer service over the past 5 days and have been on hold for a total of 14 hours – I still haven’t spoken to anyone.

      Cheers BT.

    19. Jim says:

      it aint BS!i work for BT Tech Support and im in Belfast!

    20. Alastair says:

      After months of poor speeds, phone calls to India (utterly useless) and then onto ‘higher complaints’ I am still suffering slow speeds. I am still waiting for someone to call me back!

      I am not bothering anymore because quite frankly I’ve wasted enough of my life on this. When my contract runs out in October so does my involvement with BT. Full stop. Do yourself a favour – don’t use BT.

    21. Eamonn Murphy says:

      I have bt42 hub connection and phone, keep losing online connection have to reset power to hub to get back online.

    22. Richard Fearnhead says:

      I have an old BT Voyager 2110 and a Home Hub
      Plug in the voyager and I get a sync speed of 2Mb and throughput of about 1.5Mbs.

      Connect the home hub and the sync speed drops, first to about 1.7Mbs then to about 0.9Mb and then sometimes as low as 0.3Mb. The throughput is lucky to hit 0.5mb. It also disconnects frequently.

      So after 3 weeks of agony to their “help” Desk and line tests the engineer confirms it is the home hub. They send another home hub and it has exactly the same problem. they refuse to admit this is a design fault and have offered no further assistance regarding this. Other than to use my old router. They have sent me equipment not fit for purpose and I suggest anyone who bought the same package (Total BB Option 2) and has similar issues post here so we can all contact the regulator and prove these aren’t isolated incidents.

      I am very angry because now I have to choose between a slow connection speed and free evening calls with the hub, or no free calls and an acceptable internet speed.

      I am also getting tired of BT employees posting on these boards that it is end users that are the cause. For a start I take issue with the person who suggested we follow the instructions that comes with the kit. In my opinion you are more likely to reduce the performance of your PC and increase security problems by following their advice. The only thing you need to do is turn your firewall and DHCP on and off you go. Why do we need a browser from BT? I’ve already got IE7 and Firefox and last I heard BT were a Telcoms company not a software development company?

      That said I guess they must be pretty stupid, after all this is the company that tried to claim intellectual copyright for the hyper link.

    23. John Jamieson says:

      I had been thinking about changing to BT ADSL. The reports from existing customers are alarming to say the least. When I tried to order Option 1 online the system informed me that I already had a broadband connection (I have never had a broadband connection) and insisted that I enter a MAC code (whatever that is). I agree with the earlier comments regarding the folk in Bangalore: perfectly charming but no authority whatsoever to get anything done.
      Two stars because I have found the top managers (once you get through to them via the special high level complaints line) to be very responsive.

    24. A. Gill says:

      “If a customer really follow few steps advised by the desk advisor, most of the problems can come to a definite solution but customers do not have patience to listen and to do the steps.”

      If that were true we wouldn’t have so many people with issues. I’m a network manager and have worked in IT all my life.

      I moved to BT Broadband when I moved house in August 06. From then until Feb 07 I had great connection speed and received a service where I could download at around 600kb/s. Unfortunately in Feb/March my connection started to drop out and my speeds would drop to under 100kb/s for downloads. I spent literally 5-10 hours on hold or talking to technical support agents in India who have no idea what they are talking about, one even told me that the speed of my download, as in the actual transfer speed, would depend on the size of the file I’m downloading, obviously getting himself mixed up with the time it would take to download…

      Now and then I get my full connection speed / download speeds but most of the time it seems capped at 60kb/s.

      I’ve tested my connection on multiple PC’s so the issue IS NOT with my computer, yet the help desk ignore this and want to remote to my PC and do it for me.. Sorry but no one configures my computer but me.

      I can’t cancel my connection as I’ve been told the technical support team would have to flag my account as not receiving the service, otherwise I’ll have to pay for the full term of the contract. So right now I can’t leave, but really don’t want to stay due to poor service and no help. The only time I’ve actually been transferred to a UK based tech team I was cut off before they even answered…

      BT have seriously lost the plot…

    25. Anonymous Coward says:

      Suffering upstream latency and/or speed issues. Technical support unable to support, and are not at all technical. Refuse to escalate the issue, and any complaint to BT goes straight back to that department. Technical support seem to be a law unto themselves. They even close support tickets when they are unresolved, because they cannot find the fault.

      I’ve tried different computers, different routers, different microfilters, different servers in Telehouse for speed testing .. the problem is definitely somewhere between my house and my servers.

      Now looking for another provider after using BT my entire life. Goodbye Bangladesh Telecom.

      I now recommend people not to use BT, after having recommended them for so many years. Not even worth 1 star.

    26. John Morris says:

      I have had A very, very bad experience changing to BT Total Broadband. I signed originally with AOL on Friday 2nd March but cancelled my order with them less than 24 hours afterwards as I found out that they didn’t support LINUX.
      I was originally told by them that I would not need A new mac code as my code I gave them had not been registered, so on Saturday 3RD/2007 I decided to sign up With BT TOTAL BROADBAND, option 3using old mac from EZEEDSL .. I continued using my active connection with EZEEDSL the one that took over from E7Even when they went bust. Incidentally I AM using xp to set up BT Internet.
      On Tuesday 06/03/07 by Internet went down, I phoned customer services at BT that assured me this was in preparation for my new BT service, (line speed testing etc) and that this procedure was totally normal A few days before migration. By the evening the light on my old router was back on adsl I tried to cone ct and as I couldn’t get a connection I presumed it was Bt testing the line.I phoned back on Thursday just to check and was told every thing was going smoothly, and my connection would be up and running the next day. I waited in anticipation as my connection day for BT TOTAL drew near, and on Friday 9th the agreed day of activation my new BT hub arrived. Afternoon passed and I connected my router up but no messages came in email to inform me of activation, so by tea time I decided to go ahead and turn on. The lights flashed and stabilised with a flashing adsl light, so I phoned bt to find out when I could be expecting connection. I was told by A man in India on the technical services line there had been A problem, with my line and I needed to be detaged as I have an active connection . I was given the phone number of the detaging department, this I phoned and was told I had an active connection with AOL I was advised to get A new mac key from AOL before they can cone ct me. After tea I phoned them and was told to check my mail in 24 hours for new key details. Saturday 10th March (today) I received the mac code in my mailbox. with this I phoned BT customer services, the one in UK.A lady with Irish accent,t Denise I believe she said or similar name told me I didn’t need the mac code as my line went live with BT yesterday. I tried to tell her what the detaging department had told me, but she insisted that every thing was fine and I should talk to engineer who she would conect me to. I held the line and eventually A man from INDIA came on ( I believe his name was Stuart or similar) . My Suffolk accent and his strong Indian one didn’t aid communication too well, but we struggled to understand each other and he pointed out it was quite normal not to have service in first ten days as further tests would routinely be applied but he insisted that I go ahead and set up the computer with installation cd , which pretty well goes against the quick start guide given with the hub. It says DO NOT proceed with installation until you have A green dsl, and green Internet light. this I pointed out,t but he insisted all would be well if I just followed the simple steps lay ed out in the software wizard, but of course it was not. I tried rebooting router many times to see if I could get lights up to no avail. I then decided to ring detaging department once again just in case there had been A change but was told more abruptly this time that my adsl was connected to AOL circuit id cbuk25363169 and I should give my mac code to customer services not her.
      I rang customer services straight away and after long wait I heard voice”Denice speaking how may I help” I opened my mouth to say “I have mac code” but she hung up straight away on hearing my voice, which is really recognisable.
      I redial ed hoping not to get the same operator again, and to my relief A male voice answered after about 20 minutes. I started to explain, but he insisted my connection was active, I said YES BUT NOT WITH BT, with AOL. He told me to hold the line and he would get an engineer to speak to me, I held on…..on…..and on but nothing apart from that wretched tune. A man asked me if I would like to continue to hold, I said yes and waited further 10 minutes after which I just gave up.
      The technical staff that I spoke to have A very basic technical understanding, and try to fob you off with less information than is available in instruction book. It may help if they tried reading it!
      I’m sure if every thing goes as planned and Internet connection was there it would be very easy. almost automatic setup.

    27. Jewels says:

      Well iv moved to sky all 3 package much cheaper and i get my sky tv…

      Nothing wrong with bt apart from it dropping once a day or so…
      But the indian tech help support….

      I was on for 1 hour and half as couldnt get my email…

      i said to him what if i restart my computer he said no it is probably something else.

      He couldnt help he gave me microsofts number.

      I shut my laptop down restarted it and voila hey ho hum….my outlook was working fine….

      Just try and get away from bt heafty charges…..and virgins same…

      Bt will try there best to keep u there any old excuse….lol
      will tell u u cannot have the MAC code when u can!!

    28. Neil Ellis says:

      As per my previous post on the 30th Dec, my issue has now been resolved finally. It was arranged for them to call out on the tuesday, but have a guess what, they forgot!! i then asked them for another appointment which they then arranged for the thursday, today. So this morning at 8:00am an engineer turned up and spent two hours replacing the cable from the telephone pole to my house, only then to discover that it hadnt made the blindest bit of a difference. he then checked the home hub and said it was that causing a short circuit on my line, which had caused a device back at the exchange to cap my service at 0.5mb, i just laughed at this. anyway he gave me another hub and said to me that it could take upto 3 days for the exchange to reset itself in order for my speed to resume normality. I just think that bt equipment their engineers, well everything about BT is isdiscraceful, considering their supposed they are the people who lease out adsl lines to other companies. cant give a zero so will have to be a 1!!!

    29. Ian Snowball says:

      Ive been with bt since April. Their care of the customer stinks to high Heaven.

      Over 25 calls were made on their 0845 number. Still I have gotten no where with this so called caring firm.

      How can the firm deliver 8 meg speed on twenty year old copper telegraph wires.

      Like Ntl did, BT NEED to invest in a new Network fit for the 22nd Century.

    30. Shaun O Malley says:

      I have had bt broadband for about 15 months now and every thing was fine until the last 6 weeks or so.I keep losing the connection now and the advise line is useless.They asked me to disconnect my router,connect it to my main socket which is in my hallway and sit there for 4 hours to see if i lose the signal.Great help i dont think so.BT you are useless.ONLY GAVE 1 STAR BECAUSE THE IS NO SMALLER.

    31. Roger Jones says:

      After many happy hours surfing and using BT broadband working from home my connection finally gave up. Eventually got through to help desk (not really that expensive) and tried all of their fixes – there is not really a lot you can do over the phone. Had a new BT main socket installed by a very helpful engineer (now that is what I call expensive). Tried two different computers with Speedtouch modem directly into main socket – still “no dialling tone”. Bought a new modem for £10 and everything was fine, I would not have expected the help desk to work this one out from their script.
      Ordered a BT Total Broadband option 2, it arrived when they said it would and worked perfectly although slowly on my USB connection. Contacted helpline again to get my BT talk phone number and password, very helpful, put through to BT Talk help desk – UK based, again very helpful. Bought a Belkin Ethernet PCI card and reinstalled the software, very happy with the results.
      The cost of Option 2 isn’t so bad if you take into account the router and Norton software as well the reduction in cost of of my BT landline package.
      PS You can’t access the online protection untill your connection is activated, approx 1 week after delivery of router etc.

    32. Rich Tame says:

      I’m only rating BT as 1 star as There is no minus rating…
      I signed up to bt’s 8mb service 2 1/2 months ago. I have received speeds no greater than 2200kbps, which I was on before.
      They are now holding me to a contract ,
      even though they have not supplied anything like what they are advertising.
      I’ve been fobbed off, so often now I’ve nearly given up.
      (bear in mind I only live 200 meters from the exchange, with no problems since 1998 with bt)
      They are now telling me to contact my computer supplier. How the hell will that help…
      There customer service is appalling..

    33. Lee Foster says:

      BT was told it’s the equipment and they are IT people explained that I did all the usual tests and they said I would have to confirm the steps before they could test line.

      People have complained about the speed and nothing as been done surely this is a legal matter and they should be investigated for misleading customers.

      I will not be renewing my contract beware if you are thinking of going with BT.

    34. martyn says:

      BT wont like this but the facts are simple. BT never upgraded to fibre optic lines, cable did. BT’s current technology cant handle the amount of people all connected at once. when you go with sky etc it still uses the BT exchange so IF you suffer from linedrops you only have one option, to swop to a fibre optic service. Bt Brodband only guarantee voice (56k) so if you can talk you have all your paying for. however they cannot afford to admit it. Being a telecoms engineer I had no problem proving it but they put so much pressure on me verbally most people would crack and fold. I didnot fold I kept all my refrence numbers as proof, stood my ground, survived the heated arguements and moved to my local cable provider and got a full refund with cancelation of contract. Its tough but if you are suffering from linedrops and off line more than on you have a case. I only signed up for 4 meg with cable and this was cheaper and faster than up to 8meg BT. after 2 months I also got a free upgrade to 10 meg. The best part of all this, NO LINE DROPS. my 10 meg is tested by me to be 9.98 meg as of this evening Cool.

    35. Lewis Horton says:

      I have just cancelled my contract with BT after 18 months of replacing the home hub every 3 month. The last straw today when the internet connection was terminated. It 24th November. We have paid for our internet until DECEMBER!!!!
      So i called the help line please can i have an internet connection as i work from home they replyed Sorry sir the connection has been ceased and you will have to place another order to get it back. And this could take upto 5 days.
      If you hired a car for 7 days and after 5 days the company took it back without replacing or refunding it you would go mad! Apparently BT feel not. At the end of the day we have paid for a service and they are choosing not to provide us with that service. Very Very Very disappointing? I would strongly recommend NOBODY use BT internet

    36. Darren says:

      I’ve had BT total Broadband Option 1 a little over 2 months since moving to new home. I think actually the advert from BT was spelt wrong it should of read BT Total BS. The max speed to date I’ve managed is a little over 2Mbs, nowhere near the 20Mb max promised. Spent last 3 weeks trying to work out what the the Indian support person is saying – then they tell me my line is a max 8Mbs profile as the exchange isn’t able to provide 20Mb – and as I’m too far away from the exchange the best my line will get is around 1.5Mbs ??? (I live 800mtrs from exchange – cmon BT. My next door neigbour is getting a nice stable 17 Mbs from his BT line, which he transferred across to Talk Talk 6 months ago, pays a lot less but – it runs via the same BT exchange. So I’ve called them and they have tested my line and say that I can get a good 12Mbs from the exchange and they can boost up to 24Mbs same as my neighbour – so its a no brainer – less to pay, free up to spec wireless N router, optional service boosts, anytime calls, free 0845 and 0870 numbers all for £25 – I’m paying BT £30 – BT are so quick to take your money, pants support, total lack of care for its customers and a damn right embarrassment in my opinion. AVOID LIKE THE PLAGUE!!

    37. adrian brown says:

      BT are total rubbish. Late Dec 2009 and a half of a meg connection. What a complete waist of money! Took me 6 hours to download flash player, so painful. Looks like the only solution is to move to a hell hole so i can get fiber optic from virgin.

    38. Diean Elbourn says:

      I understand from press reports that BT are in the process of moving some of it’s call centres back to the UK. We all can put the flags out for this wise move, if it happens. Will we ever get a UK call centre, if we phoned? Currently in a long battle with BT over slow broadband speeds. Every time I phone up and complain, they say it will be put right, for the following 36hrs, get best speed possible for the line, then drops right back and keeps going slower. Today phoned up and insisted that the IP Profile be set to a static IP Profile of 2000Kbps (which is the top end of the range for the line), as on an exchange 8.6Kms from the exchange instead of being on the exchange that is only 1.8Kms away. BT say that they can’t move over to the closer exchange as the line dose not reach this end of the village. I say just keep on at them and don’t let them make you submit to what they tell you. I will be taking the matter further, as I was miss sold my BB package.

    39. sumer says:

      Hi everyone, I was going through the views people have expressed and I am happy to know that there are problems you people have with BT. I work with BT and I always try to get close to our valuable customers to find their needs and problems. Well I agree there are times when we cannot satisfy everyone, but what ever you people have expressed will not go unnoticed. If you people have some issues please also try to give a suitable solution that what would have been done to make you feel better by BT contact center. By the way we always try to go by BT values and that is why we are proud to say we are here to stay. Since 1846. Thanks and regards.

    40. Richard Hanrott says:

      Have been battling with BT for two years about our slow broadband speed. 150-250 kbps. Have made / received around one hundred calls over this. Have had 6 enginneers visit with no joy. The Indian Call Centres are useless and can quote their lines verbatum I am going to take personal responsibility for this problem I am escalating the problem to the enhanced team etc. I complain, the speed goes up to 3mb for a couple of hours and then drops back to 150-250 kbps. I don’t think this nightmare is ever going to end as I unfortunately renewed another years contract on the basis that they would sort out the issues. I will never user BT again.

    41. Jim.Smith says:

      Ordered package plan from BT June 28th, now July26 and still no broadband service, confusion whether or not original deal will be honoured as delay solely due to BT, have told BT if no broadband by July 30th at agreed deal to forget it and will contact Sky.

    42. John Russell says:

      Had two lines with BT because originally broadband needed own line, needed to save money and asked BT if I could keep my original number and lose one line: Problem starts here and lasted 4 weeks. Rather than swap my number to the broadband line they swapped the b/band to my original line, speed dropped to 90kps on average. I tried everything, disconecting sky, phones but no better called India first of many told the line would settle after 7 to 10 days. No of course it didn’t.

      Endless calls to India on hold telling me I could watch their little video for help, some chance. Before this we could run 4 PC’s no problem access I player without delays. Promised call outs, never turned up, lost 2 days money self employed. Then lost my rag and demanded an engineer came out, being a qualified electrician and working on Military sat coms for 3 years two little wires were not going to cause me a breakdown. I told them it was either 1 – My house wiring(very old); 2 – Their cable to my House; 3 – Problem at exchange.

      I was promised that BT would contact me and arrange appointment, despite endless speedchecks at a max of 135kps by them and me they had not a clue what the problem was. I told them a BT engineer would have it sorted in minutes.

      I filed a formal complaint, this was my diary of events, amazingly next morning I received a call from a UK Bt person who was concerned at my problem and arranged for an engineer the next day. Apparently India cannot do this despite lying to me.

      Engineer turns up hooks up my original line, carries out test and wow 5500kps (5MB) then we switched on PC and BT Video still took 10 seconds to load each 1 second burst. He said I know what they have done, they have capped your line at 135kps to force it to get faster, but have not monitored it, after a couple of calls to Walsall and India the cap was released in India, believe it or not and 2 hours later all PC’s were running like rockets. Note BT have to pay Openzone for engineer visits so their policy is not to arrange one and use the scripted fault finding process with people who do not have a clue and just keep apologising for the inconvenience. Next stop compensation for two days lost income as I had to stay home and 10 hours wasted on phone to India plus non existent broadband. See what happens.

    43. Paul says:

      Pure Rubbish. Broadband speed was 125k(!) for ages. Idiot engineer came out several times and eventually told me my P.C. was at fault! And to insult to injury they have been charging me for a year for Excess use!! At 125K?????? Eventually resolved it myself by taking apart the junction box and cleaning the connections and re-seating the connection properly (which the BT engineer should have done first time round). Now runs at 1.9m…. not great but at least usable. Got all my charges back and significant reductions only after screaming at them and threatening to take it up with ofcom. Absolutely a ZERO rating from me!

    44. Nigel Davenport says:

      BT broadband are so staggeringly pants that I don’t know how to rationalise their existence – for over £380 a quarter I have not access to internet. Have a WEP 20 mbps account that was delivering 500 kbps to 1.2 mbps and they couldn’t sort it out blamed everybody else. The exchange, talk talk who hold the line etc… then they managed to turn the account off and can’t turn it back on again. They say they have escalated this and to the highest level and given me specific individuals to handle me who just apologise and say they have never seen anything like this before but apparently I cannot leave them with a WEP code until they have sorted the account.

      I am so frustrated nobody involved will tell me where they live or where their children go to school and I am not sure what to do as a next step.

      I have an account at home with plusnet. They were clear about what the line can handle, sold me a cheap and suitable deal and never looked back. Any odd glitch with router/line etc sorted in literally 1-2mins on phone.

      BT been unstable for over 3 months.

    45. Geoff says:

      Just hopeless, in every respect.

      I’ve had 5 YEARS of constant problems with the BT line and broadband.

      Oh, and the excess usage charges – what rubbish!?? I can’t even get over 80 kbps!! This is undoubtedly some money making scheme that they try on regardless… AVOID!!

    46. stephen livingstone says:

      I am unable to get over 120 kbps. I dont see much alternatives because virgin media is not available in my area unless you use a bt line which is awfull. I used to live in an area with virgin and with basic package. internet was great. Ive tried everything bt have told me to and now I just give up. Awful service and product.

    47. wayne says:

      Ordered broadband TWICE and twice when phoned to ask about delay was told by a barely understandable Indian gentleman that there was no record of my orders and that I had not placed an order… If they treat a new customer this poorly god help existing ones… I will stay where I am.. AVOID AT ALL COSTS.


    48. trai says:

      BT’s customer service is appalling.
      When you pay for business services, you expect a certain level of professionalism, respect, and competence from your business service provider. In my experience BT business broadband services completely fail on every count. For the passed six mouths or so we have had little or no broadband service at all, only after a whole series of phone calls to the broadband department ,all at a cost to myself and eventually paying for a independent technician at £25 an hour will bt admit we even had a problem .

    49. Kelvin Bromley says:

      Well there’s me thinking that BT were just picking in me until I found this site. My experience has been much the same, I am now on my third attempt to be connected to broadband having been cut off by BT for no explainable reason in the first place.

      From what read obtaining services through another provider dies appear to be the only way forward. A great shame and can only reflect the ineffective management and no wonder the share price is where it is!!

    50. paul drew says:

      Bt cut my phone line due to bad workmanship and did not restore it for four days. Any advice for claiming compensation for that and loss of earnings as I work from home.

    51. d Thorp says:

      Ordered 12th February, still waiting for connection, even the bt helpline operators admit this is appalling service. Still ongoing 15th April.

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