• Be

    • Up to 24 meg ultra-fast broadband and up to 1.3 meg upload speeds
    • Unlimited usage
    • Free wireless Be Box modem
    • £17.88 monthly and £24 connection fee
    • For 24/7 support hotline call 0808 234 8570
    • As part of this service, Be offers:
      • 1 free static IP address
      • Be home email and webspace (£2.00 per month)
    Be Value
    • Up to 8 meg fast broadband and upload speed up to 1.3 meg
    • Unlimited usage
    • Free wireless Be Box modem
    • £13.79 monthly and £24 connection fee
    • For 24/7 support hotline call 0808 234 8570
    • As part of this service, Be offers:
      • Be home email and webspace (£2.00 per month)
    Be Pro
    • Up to 24 meg ultra-fast broadband and up to 2.5 meg upload speed
    • 24/7 unlimited usage
    • Free wireless modem
    • £21.97 monthly (inc. VAT) and £24 connection fee
    • For 24/7 member support call 0808 234 8570
    • As part of this service, Be offers:
      • 1 Static IP free, up to 16 available
      • No download caps

    Provider Information

    • Be are part of O2.
    • Be are based in central London but their 24/7 call centre and technical support are based in Bulgaria – which they ensure keeps costs low and waiting times to a minimum.

    12 responses to “Be”

    1. Thomas Fry says:

      I recently signed up with Be and politely pointed out that I was only getting 4MB download speed. I asked them if they could fix it or reduce the price. They rudely told me I was getting 15Mb and outlined the ways I could leave and closed the ticket.
      They are arrogant and don’t care. There’s a three month contract and you have to pay £45 to reconnect to another service provider’s equipment after you leave. Tellingly if you pay £50 you can leave faster which means they know people would be willing to pay to leave.
      After giving them notice that I was leaving I was informed by email (exact wording) “If you have any questions or if you’ve realised the error of your ways and would like to renew your Be service, please call us at any time on freephone 0808 234 8566”.
      So what are they saying here? That it’s my fault that I’m leaving after being treated with contempt. Maybe I should be sorry for not being happy with 4Mb when BE’s adverts state up to 24 Mb. Stay away from BE. You can get a better value service elsewhere.

    2. James says:

      I am about to migrate to these when it becomes available in my area later in the next 2 months, I have heard that they are good providers and hope to have a great time with them!

    3. Smokersroom says:

      Just migrated in. Very fast, very friendly customer service. Painless activation.

      They rock so far.

      Much better than the dreadful horrific plus.net.

    4. Joanne Swancott says:

      BT customer service is appauling. I have had a fault for three months and it is still not rectified. The departments do not communicate and pass me back and forth. I would not advise anyone to use BT.

    5. A. Pierre says:

      Having such a fast connection speed is strange as it is not often that you will come across a website/server that can utilise the bandwidth to the max.

      This comes from expecting a phenomenal change when you are connected that just is not there. But this could be down to the websites that are visited are just not optimised to push data at this bandwidth.

      Downloads tend to max out at 2-3MB’s per second, but it does make you wonder ‘What about the rest?’

      P2P downloading of course is greatly improved, but its the same feeling, as if the file you want is on a slower connection 24MB is not going to make it any faster! Also it would be very rare to receive the posted 24MB, as the connection speed is determined by your distance from the exchange.

      Customer Support is dealt with efficently and quickly by Telephone and email, through the Be member website. They also have a freephone number. Technical Support is based in India, which has made some issues when dealing with some problems, but overall its polite and the problem is generally resolved.

      Payments are made quartely in advance (24GBP) with a 24GBP connection charge.

      Overall a excellent ISP which has minimum downtime and good customer service contacts.

    6. Paul Isaacs says:

      I have been with Be since just after they went live. I had been told by my old provider that I would not be able to receive more than 1mb on their service, but with Be I get between 6.5 and 7mb. I feel they do try hard to help with any problems, but I an very pleased to say they have been few and far between. After reading another review on here I have to say that as Be are only a Broadband provider so some things are outside their control.

    7. Mike H says:

      Have been waiting for months for BE to enable my exchange. Eventually they did, and I was told BE broadband will only work up to 5.5km from the exchange, and at 5.5km my speed would be dial-up equivalent !!! and they wouldnt consider trying . If at 5.6km anyone not living next door to the exchange must be getting rubbish service too. Only awarding one star because it’s not possible to give none.

    8. Bill says:

      BE has got to be the best ISP I have ever been with. After suffering with Pipex’s miserable attitude and crap speeds, Be Broadband are a breath of fresh air. As far as I am concerned they are unBEatable…

    9. Krayol says:

      BE will not suit everyone. BE are not the typical corporate ISP aiming at the lowest common denominator mass-consumer market. They are real down-to-earth people who understand what many enthusiasts want: a fast, virtually contention free, stable network. Their communication is always friendly and helpful IMX. Their system allows you to configure connections balancing stability versus speed, optimising for gaming, static IPs, etc. Their support is excellent; their staff interested in making sure you are happy; they are not the typical indian call centre that has gained such a poor reputation here. After a year with them, I cannot see how they could improve. Highly recommended.

    10. alby says:

      After a disasterious time with orange broadband i switched to Be broadband. And WHAT A DIFFERENCE!!! absolutly perfect !! double the speed on the same line, orange said was faulty ,Customer service that know what to do, and make sure after you are satisfied . Superb connection that is NEVER !!! down. Without doubt Be makes orange look like the ugly sister . Be Broadband have got me forever Thank You Be !!!

    11. matthew says:

      BE are exceptional.

      Customer service is there to … serve customers – not excuse the corporation.

      Speed? currently connected at 13.6Mb/s down 1.2Mb/s up – 2km from exchange

      Value – not the cheapest but far from most expensive too – for what you get: no 1 customer service, polite staff, real help and the best your line can do, then BE can’t be beaten.

    12. Dave says:

      I migrated from another LLU isp, due to it being closed , after a bungled attempt to connect me to be (by bt openreach) & several days without phone & adsl , the service is no where near as stable as it had been for several years with my previous isp,
      i have reported this and they reply with some lame excuse saying that disconnects are normal , to add they have some serious issues with peering and routing, and peak time congestion affecting some of their customer base, so not a good choice if you are a online gamer

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