• Aol

    • Up to 8Mbps (160 times faster than a dial-up connection)
    • 10GB download limit
    • Free wireless router worth £50
    • Free for one month then £4.99 a month for two months, £14.99 a month thereafter
    • Call 0800 954 0306 for broadband enquiries
    • As part of its service, AOL offers:
      • Email accounts
      • Anti-virus email scanning
      • Spam filters
      • Upgrade options available
      • Pop-up blockers
      • Parental control
      • Free online support
    AOL Broadband + Calls
    • 8Mbps (160 times faster than a dial-up connection)
    • 10GB download limit, no minimum term contract
    • Free wireless router worth £50
    • From £9.99 a month
    • Call 0800 954 0306 for broadband enquiries
    • As part of its service, AOL offers:
      • Email accounts
      • Anti-virus email scanning
      • Spam filters
      • Pop-up blockers
      • Evening & Weekend calls to UK Landlines
      • Free phone support
      • Parental control
      • Free online support

    Provider Information

    • AOL offers many services to the UK, including Internet dial-up, broadband and voice.
    • AOL UK is part of AOL Europe, which is a business unit of America Online Inc. This is the world’s leading interactive services provider.
    • 2.3 million members in UK.
    • Over 1 million members use AOL broadband.
    • The company is 10 years old.
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    26 responses to “Aol”

    1. Andrew Haworth says:

      Recently asked AOL for a mac code. They told me they would send it to my email address within 2 days. 9 days later I get in touch with them online and they tell me to phone customer services the following day between 9am and 10pm. I phone them shortly before 10pm. I am told that I didn’t ask for a mac code and that my account is being terminated. Once the request is processed to terminate they tell me I can’t be given a mac code. This means I am going to be without internet connection for weeks. I tell him that I didn’t request termination of account and that I was quite clear I wanted a mac code. He tells me I have to contact customer services tomorrow before 9pm. Why am I told that I will be given a mac code in 2 days then 9 days later I am told I didn’t ask for one? Why am I also told to contact customer services before 10pm then told to contact them again before 9pm?

    2. Lee Lewis says:

      I joined AOL in 2005 and since CPW Talk Talk took over I have noticed capped download speeds during peak periods. They also dropped my price plan for 8mb from 17.99 to 9.99, hmmmm I wonder why I’m now getting capped download speeds.

      I asked for a mac code and was refused, as they said I was in a contract (although the contract ended in April 2007). They said they will press some buttons (tech support) and change price plans to see if the price plan is affecting speed, so in affect they put me into new contract!

      So, after many calls to speak to many customer reps, I was told fine I can have mac. I received the mac code within 48hours, I then decided errrr my speed is normal now, and was fine for weeks, so I didn’t use it.

      Then, low and behold, problems started again! I spoke to AOL again, they said sorry, for a new mac code I’d have to pay out to end of contract. I said “Well why was I issued a mac code a few weeks back?” He said “Um err, I’ll check records. Arrr ok, that mac code wouldn’t have worked as it needed to be authorised!!” What the heck!

      Anyway, after I hung up I got an email with a mac code. Ok, I’m about to pay twice more for my internet but least (I hope) it’ll be reliable, BT Broadband. Bye Bye AOL.

      Oh, by the way, when they changed my price plan from £17.99 to £9.99 AOL said I would receive a screen when signing on to AOL to accept new terms and conditions, I must tick a box they said. I have never seen that box as I don’t use their software, so my question is: Am I, effectively, in a contract???


    3. Marie Maille says:

      I have had nothing but problems with AOL since getting wireless. The service is intermittent and now I can only get onto AOL via Firefox. I have had to pay out twice to individuals to come out and fix my problems to get onto internet. I also agree that when phoning AOL for assistance it is very hard to understand what their staff are saying.

    4. Stephen Ho says:

      This ISP used to be a very decent one. Although their customer service with technical support is hopeless 70% of the time, the connection speed price is very good.
      BUT ever since the “fair ugly use policy” was introduced it has gone from one of the top to one of the worst.
      THINK about it – if you go for unlimited it usually means you download a lot, which you are most likely to suffer not just half but they take away 3/4 of your speed if you download too much! Then what is the point of high speed internet? You might as well pay for a package like 1meg or 512k that is most likely to be cheaper. OR go for another ISP that doesn’t have an unlimited offer but have around 40gb-60gb allowance without a FUP torturing you.

      Fair Usage Policy is not what you should pay to get for unlimited!!!! It makes the deal of “unlimited” a scam.

    5. Stephen Ho says:

      This ISP used to be a very decent one although their customer service with technical support is hopeless around 70% of the time but the connection speed price is very good.
      BUT!!!!! ever since the “fair ugly use policy” were introduced it became from one of the top to one of the worst.
      THINK about it if you go for unlimited it usually means you download a lot? which you are most likely to suffer not just half but they take away 3/4 of your speed if you download too much. then what is the point of high speed internet? you might as well pay for a package like 1meg or 512k that is most likely to be cheaper. OR go for other ISP that doesnt have unlimited offer but have around 40gb-60gb allowance without a FUP bullsh*tness.

      Fair Usage Policy is not what you should pay to get for unlimited!!!! it makes the deal of “unlimited” a scam!!!!!!!

    6. Brian says:

      I’ve been running a BT voyager 105 usb/adsl modem without any problems on AOL. I’ve been trying to install a wireless router, Netgear DG834GT. It gets as far as stage 4 then keeps coming up with the error that it can’t connect to AOL. The problem seems to be that it can’t find the AOL server?

      Moved my telephone from BT to pipex/homecall last year could this have anything to do with it ?

      Any help would be appreciated.

    7. Angela Mcintyre says:

      phoned aol yesterday 12/4/07 to get my mac code , got sent to cancellation department and told i had to pay £124.95p to get it as i was in a contract with them , i didnt understand as ive been with aol for 2 years now , how did i know that when i upped from silver to gold that was in effect a new contract , anyways i ended up with no mac code and a young indian lady becoming rather abusive because i couldnt understand her so no mac code till august when this contract runs out hey ho what can you do

    8. Gracepotter04 says:

      aol is the worst ip ever all i want from them now is my mac which unsurprisingly ends in me being hung up on whenever it is mentioned they r crap

    9. Antony Doyle says:

      With Upto 8mb Platinum Package, the max I have had is 3mb downloads, due to Sh*t BT line.
      But recently speed has dropped to under 1mb.
      Took a full day on phone.
      AOL blame BT..BT blame AOL.

    10. Steven says:

      AOL…Loyal Customer for 2 years until they started knee capping download speeds during peak hours. Conveniently this occured at the same time that TalkTalk bought them out! Cant complain in the 2 years that i was with them on 512k and 1mb, fast speeds, no FUP issues but recently it definatly went to pot phoning useless tech support ‘level 1’s and 2’s for hours on end, hence the reason i am now on tiscali! I am waiting to see if this has been a mistake too! Oh, and btw, AOL do not stop you from using Xbox Live, just download a proxy server such as CCProxy and configure the Xbox to link to that, it worked for me!

    11. Gb says:

      For E Pole: AOL will eventually start to Bill you the higher amount for the “FREE” unrequested upgrade (the Gold package I think they’ve done you for) and they won’t let you go back down unless you end your contract and come back as a new user. Or, like me today, look for another provider.

    12. Thewakeupcall says:

      The software that you HAVE to use and KEEP OPEN all the time you are on the internet is very annoying an can slow down your computer immensly. You have to dial the internet, just like on dialup, except it doesnt have the buzz and you are dialing broadband. It is also VERY expensive compared to other services, such as Tiscali. I would reccommend Tiscali over this any day, if you buy a router with your Tiscali connection. Though I give 2 stars as I hear it’s pretty reliable.

    13. Paul says:

      I have been with AOL for 8 years
      I am now on the 8Mb package
      and no you don’t dial up with broadband and no you don’t need to use the AOL browser unless you are on dial up
      AOL software will only slow really old computers

    14. Paul Smith says:

      You don’t have to be afraid to request MAC code as your broadband provider must supply you the MAC code within 5 days according to the UK law. Have your home phone number ready or your broadband customer reference as the customer service will want to confirm your identity. Requesting a MAC code does not mean that your contract will be terminated. In fact, you should terminate your contract after you have arranged a new contract with your new broadband provider. In this way you will not have any major downtime on your internet connection.

      The majority of the UK broadband providers will send you the MAC code via the email in 24 hours. Once you have the code you can then switch to your new provider. I think the mac code is only valid for 30 days then it gets cancelled and you have to send for it again. I found this out on the net. I am with aol and have been for 4 years but there are that many packages out there now. I feel aol are losing the plot and I am looking elsewhere. Hope this helps some people.

    15. Brett says:

      Just tried to get my mac code from AOL I’ve been with then for years and have been getting 2mb at £9.99 per mth. I’ve been offered 8mb free with Toucan so decided to switch. They made me all sorts of offers but when I said no they said the system was down and to phone back. I’ve just phoned back and they tell me again the system is down and I can’t have my mac code unless I phone back tomorrow! I told them I would complain to ofcom and now they have promised to send the code within 5 working days! Result (I hope!)

    16. AYS says:

      I had been with AOL for 5 years and ever since it was taken over by carphone warehouse my experience has been a hell. I was only getting my full speed early in the morning and rest of the time it is dialup speed. I was told different story every time I rang them and to be truthful I should appreciate their creativity in telling stories and finding excuses for low speed. Avoid them like a plague. Do not get caught in their contract trap. I am now glad I bought myself out of their contract.

    17. Patrick says:

      Do not take up Aol’s wireless flexi package. They state in the terms that there is a one off set up fee of £30 and from then on for the first three months the price is £4.99 a month rising to £9.99 per month thereafter. I noticed that my first bill was £50! even though I was under my download limit. I’ve heard from friends that their aol bills included the random added charge now and then for no reason. Don’t go with them, their stated prices per month in my view, is only a guideline charge and they won’t refund you.

    18. Gordon Butler says:

      I am having exactly the connection problems with secure sites as described by Nic6. Can he tell how to change the router code to 1400 please.

    19. Pamela Wenden says:

      I had no trouble with aol for years until I accepted their broadband, line rental and calls! Since then nobody can contact me on my home phone line and finally had calls routed to my mobile. What that costs I don’t know. Calls to India are hopeless: each time you have to go through the whole thing again until you finally get to level 2 who say they know what the problem is – a cross wire-and will fix it in hours. Don’t believe them that was days ago!
      I have also had to move the computer near to the main phone plug which is not at all convenient. NO stars

    20. Martin Howell says:

      Been with AOL for 10 years but in the last year had nothing but problems, call centre is a joke after spending ages listening to poor music and robots you finally get someone who can’t help and blames your line provider and then says ‘is there anything else I can help you with’ when they haven’t helped at all. Take my advice and don’t bother with AOL. Soon to leave myself…

    21. Kimbo says:

      Rang AOL and was asked by their operative if I was interested in the Talk Talk unlimited calls package to which I replied NO.
      Five days later I received notification that this package would go live on 29/10/10 !!
      Trying to cancel by phone was a nightmare (4 DAYS at God knows what cost) To my horror I then discovered that they had cancelled my broadband package too !!
      When I requested that they reconnect me they said 10-14 days.
      Rang BT and what a difference, the call was answered immediately and the new deal was completed in 5 days,
      AOL – never again !!!

    22. L Hunt says:

      Been with aol for 12 years and to be honest i never expected a great deal. the service i recieved at my last address was adequate, but since moving ive had nothing but problems. All of the blame is directed at BT for their ancient exchange. This maybe so but why was i still promised a good service when with the information that aol had access to it told them that good internet was impossible. As for the tech help line its a joke, but only if you can understand them.

    23. Umbongo says:

      Seems Aol are now good at restricting comments if they upset the clinical bull**** of their bad service…… Aol are now stopping comments on forums without telling the person that pays their wages and operating costs.

    24. edie0803 says:

      I changed to AOL at the end of January 2010 when I moved, what a pain they are. i either get limited access or disconnected altogether. They used to be good which is why I went back to them, little did I know that their service had deteriorated so much.

    25. kane says:

      So i receive 10Gb download per month. AOL have no programmes that can tell me how much of my downloads i have currently used i have phoned countless “help” lines and nothing i submit that AOL needs to make it clearer on how to check my download limit status

    26. Dan ex-aol customer says:

      I used to be with AOL, 12 years of hassle free broadband service without hitch.
      One house move later and 5 telephone calls a week for one month, all of which were over an hour and a half in length has left my fragile mind in a fractured state.
      Be warned, this company does not have the word cancel or stop available to any of its staff either on the telephone or by email/post.
      I am still paying for a broadband and telephone call package service on a phone line that does not exist. I have sent all my information to the AOL complaints manager, the ombudsman and Trading Standards is now involved.
      Only join this company if you never have any intention of leaving, moving home, dying or anything else which would require any form of back up or assistance from the Lie Centre they call ‘customer services’.
      Possibly the worst company ever next to Datasharp Wales who even by AOL’s dismal standards fail on every level.

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