• Aaisp

    • Up to 24Mb/s Max service where available*
    • Supplied pre-configured ready to plug in router
    • Setup charge £49.99
    • Call the PBX Sales number on 033 33 400 222 or check the website
    There are a choice of broadband services available from AAISP, you can choose either a standard or premium service and between the Max-A and Max-F packages depending on your speed and download requirements. The tariffs can be seen at a glance below, check their full tariff page for more details.
    AAISP Broadband pricing
    Up to 24Mb/s where available* Setup cost: £49.99 inc. VAT
    Standard (monthly)
    Basic (1GB) £17.95
    Pro (2GB) £20.95
    Pro (4GB) £26.95
    Pro (6GB) £32.95
    Pro (8GB) £38.95
    Extra Line £11.95
    Premium Service £10.00
    Enhanced Care £10.00
    *ADSL2+ where possible which allows up to 24Mb/s downlink and up to around 1Mb/s uplink. . When not possible we provide using ADSL1 which allows up to 8.128Mb/s downlink and up to 448Kb/s uplink (832Kb/s with the premium option)
    • AAISP’s home service includes:
      • Pre-configured ethernet router ready to just plug in
      • Your own personal UK domain to give you a real email address
      • IP and IPv6 addresses
      • Quality monitoring
      • Choice of tariff
      • Standard or Premium service
      • Choice of router/modem
      • Splitter/microfilters for phones
      • VOIP services
      • Fast download and upload
      • Friendly tech support with no-nonsense policy – contact – Sales contact number – 033 33 400 222 | Support contact number is 033 33 400 999 | Email: support@aaisp.net.uk
      • Direct Debit monthly payment and 30 days notice on most tariffs

    Provider Information

    • AAISP was set up as a limited company in 1997 after years in telecoms. They launched as a ISP in 1998 offering dialup ISDN and analogue with fixed IP and SMTP mail delivery.
    • They now offer premium business and home broadband services and aim to be the first choice for technical and professional internet users at home or work.

    5 responses to “Aaisp”

    1. John Mitchell says:

      Have been using them at home for a couple of years and can not fault them.

      They provide a fixed IP address that means it’s much easier to log into servers that I run in the big wide world and have restrictions on the IP address used to access the SSH client.

    2. Chris Watkins says:

      Superb reliable service. AASIP prides itself on a no-nonsense support service, should you ever need to contact them.

      The 1 gig monthly limit doesn’t bother me, because it only applies between 8am and 6pm. I download heavily after 6pm until 8am. Highly recommended!

    3. Paul Maunders says:

      I now use AAISP as my home broadband provider. They provide an pure internet connection as it was always supposed to be, with some great features such as:

      – Public IP addresses (great if you want to access services in your house from outside such as IP CCTV, web servers etc..)

      – No restrictive rules on usage. It’s your connection you can use it to run servers, peer-to-peer file sharing, fon hotspots or whatever you like.

      – They allow you to share your internet connection with neighbours

      – Unlimited off peak bandwidth use. Download as much as you want in the evenings and at weekends.

      – Great pricing, 8mbps ADSL max connection from £18.99 a month.

      – Bonded uploads / downloads – you can join multiple connections together to give you much faster uploads/downloads (great for office products).

      And that’s just what I could think of off the top of my head! Definitely worth switching.

    4. Jon Shanks says:

      Overall a really reliable and efficient service. Compared to other providers they may seem quite expensive but as someone who is self employed and works from home, I need a reliable and fast connection to the net that never goes down. With Andrews and Arnold I get this.

      Along with the 5 GB of peak bandwidth you get as many static IP’s as you require and a user interface you can log into to monitor your usage.

      Bad points would be the high price and also the web interface is quite ugly and badly designed. However these are minor negatives.

      Would fully recommend A&A to a small business or home worker.

    5. Colin Samson says:

      AAISP (Andrews & Arnold) is definitely the fastest and most reliable ISP I have ever used. They have RECENTLY REDUCED THEIR PRICES and ADSL/ADSL2 broadband now starts at £17.95 per month. If you just want the very best broadband provider in the UK, at a reasonable price, THIS IS THE COMPANY!

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