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    uSwitch claims customers paying excessive broadband fees

    August 10, 2011 at 1:55 pm

    uSwitch recently announced that we are now paying a combined £2.7 billion too much for our broadband, a headline-grabbing figure if ever there was one.

    This combined total means that the average consumer is currently spending £140 too much on broadband a year, and uSwitch is pretty clear about what we have to do about this: switch providers.

    It turns out that there are cheaper deals out there, but that too few of us are taking advantage of them.

    In fact, according to uSwitch, 12 million broadband customers have not changed their package in the last year, and five million have never changed it. All this means that broadband customers are continuing to put up with deals which are uncompetitive.

    However, according to the comparison website, it is possible to get broadband for as little as £2.99 a month, and there are a total of six providers who are offering it for £10 a month or less. The most competitive deals tend to be for new customers.

    Despite these low figures, prices for broadband are generally rising. The research shows that the annual broadband bill is 5% more than it was last year. In 2010 the average annual cost was £167, whereas that has now gone up to £176.

    Ernest Doku at uSwitch said that customers who are coming to the end of their contracts should invest some time looking at other broadband deals to see if they could actually be paying less.

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